TOP 10 Swimsuit Styles For Women 50+

TOP 10 Swimsuit Styles For Women 50+

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It’s always a difficult task to buy a swimsuit. The suits that we see online are often too small, trendy or downright boring. It is difficult to try on suits in a shop or at home. The mirror is the most critical person on the planet and is constantly chanting “Next!”

1. A halter can really lift you up

This suit is the one that makes grownup woman smile. By lifting our breasts up and taking them off of our rib cage, Halters can do amazing things for our breasts. Our torso instantly looks larger and more toned, our breasts appear firmer and more shapely, and any separation or droop disappears quickly. Styles with empire seaming give lift-off control and are always better than preset hook closures.

2. Swimwear

A swimsuit that can be worn with untucked tunics or tops is the perfect match for you if you are comfortable in your own clothes. Avoid “granny” swimsuits that are too bulky or do not suit your body. The best swim dresses are those that have a fitted top with a flattering neckline and a bust-flattering silhouette, then swooshing to an a-line finish. Wraps such as the Old Navy V-Neck Wrap-Front One-Piece Swimming Suit Dress for Women in Corazon or the Miraclesuit Sanibel Swimming Dress in India Ink have sweetheart necklines and adjustable straps, with flirty thigh flashes. The Dolfin Aquashape Colorblock Wrap Front One Piece Swim Dress in Black White has a V-neck, crisscross top and a very modern ombre color block.

3. One shoulder

Strapless suits are still popular. But a one-shoulder suit can give you the same confidence-boosting flair (and everyone has fabulous shoulders, regardless of their size or shape). This means you don’t have to worry about your breasts being on top of your waist, or checking for a wardrobe malfunction. You can make a statement with a color-blocked suit such as the Lands’ end Women’s Plus One -Shoulder One -Piece Swimsuit in Paradise Aqua/Lemon Lime or a floral suit such as the Kona Sol Women’s One Shoulder High-Coverage One-Piece Swimsuit in Multicolor.

4. Texture can enhance curves

Shirring. Ruching. These terms are interchangeable and refer to fabric that is strategically gathered in small folds or draped at one’s front. It is used to hide jiggles in smooth suits, blurring the clingy fit and improving the bust. This is the toga for swimsuits. You should look for a heavily-ruched style such as the Sonnet Shores Women’s One Piece Swimsuit Plus in Blackwhite ($86 at, with molded cups.

5. Update your tankini

This duo is loved by many, and the number seems to be growing. They love the ease of two-piece suits and the freedom of movement. But, like swim dresses, loose, billowy tanksinis can look dowdy or matronly. They can make it seem like there is more to be hidden than there is. An updated top that conceals and suggests a shape is a good choice. Next, choose a bottom that suits your needs — bikini or short. You can also try ruched suits. See tips 6 and 9 for more information on tankini.

6. You can opt for bra-enhanced tanksinis

Underwire bras can be worn by people with larger chests and a greater difference between cup and band (like G cups, 32 bands) all summer. They can also be worn with everything, from tank tops to floaty dresses and T shirts. Things get more complicated when it comes to swimming suits. Mix-and-match is a good option. This includes bra-sized two-piece swimsuits. Look for tankinis that feature adjustable stretch straps, underwire cups, ruched tops and multiple hook and eye closures or a double strap over-the-shoulder style. It is difficult to find bra-sized suits, but tankinis are once again proving to be a great choice.

7. A V neckline top is a good choice

Wide-set straps, that span a wide V neckline and are known as “the transformer”, will power up your upper body. This is a key suit detail for people with what we used the term “pear” shape before body positivity. For an hourglass appearance, the inverted triangle neckline gives the illusion of sculpted shoulders. It balances width at the hips with thighs. Begin by restricting suit browsing only to V necklines. Then, choose the style that suits you best. This could be a simple suit or a more feminine ruffle-trimmed look, or a bold print.

8. Rely on your wrap

The swimsuits are just as flattering as the wrap dresses. This suit is perfect for women who want to conceal extra weight quickly. The crossover detail reduces waistline, firmes the middle, and makes extra curves an asset. You should look for a design with a color-block theme and stripes.

9. Change to a high neck suit

A high-neck swimsuit is the best choice, regardless of whether you are looking for modesty, sun protection, or swim-ability. If you’re an athlete, skip the sleek-as a-seal styles. Styles with a high neck that incorporate fashion details and an inner/extern body-friendly construction are a better option.

10. Your basic black swimsuit is now trendy

Some of us feel that updating our black suit is enough to make a difference. Black suits are still more flattering for women than prints and colorful styles. These are all good reasons to keep it.

Final word

Many readers are dissatisfied by the insufficient number of models for swimsuits over 50. I’m also concerned about this issue. While some of us may spend a lot on sexy styles and extra features, others will opt for low-cost suits that have all the necessary updates to make them feel like a mermaid. Your body is important. Never criticize your body, the suit or the photo.