10 Haircare mistakes that damage your hair

10 Haircare mistakes that damage your hair

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Hairstyles can make your hair look dull, brittle, and frizzy. These tips are from dermatologists to style your hair without causing any damage.

We often damage our hair in our search for beautiful hair. Hair that is damaged tends to fall off. Frizzy hair can result in unhealthy-looking hair. Hair damage can lead to thinning hair and even bald spots.

It’s possible to prevent hair loss by making simple adjustments. These are 10 hair care mistakes that can cause hair damage and some tips from dermatologists to help you stop it.

  • Apply shampoo to your hair and wash it.

These are some ways to prevent hair loss: Massage shampoo into your scalp. Rinse the shampoo off your scalp and let it run down the length of your hair. Do not rub it in.

  • Do not use conditioner.

Use conditioner after every shampoo

  • Use a towel to dry your hair.

To absorb the water, wrap your hair in a towel. Let your hair air dry.

  • Brush your hair when it is still wet.

Are you a straight-haired person? Allow your hair to dry before gently combing it with a wide-toothed comb. Are you the one with textured or tight curls? Use a wide-tooth brush to comb your hair when it’s damp.

  • Use a hot comb, a curling iron, or a blow dryer.

Allow your hair to air dry as soon as possible. Use the lowest heat setting. Reduce the amount of time you let a hot comb or curling Iron touch your hair. These tools should be used less often, with a goal of using them once per week or less.

  • Use styling products with a long-lasting hold.

You can try a different hairstyle without this product.

  • Pulling your hair back tight, such as in a ponytail or bun.

Keep your hair loosely pulled back. Rubber bands that are specifically designed for hair styling can be used. You can try a new hairstyle that doesn’t pull at your hair.

  • A weave or hair extension.

Use light weaves and extensions to avoid pulling. Hair extensions and weaves can be done at a salon that specializes. You can wear a professional hair weave for up to 3 months. When wearing a weave, hair extension or other hairstyles, keep your scalp clean. You can switch hairstyles so that you don’t have to wear a weave or hair extension.

  • Color, perm, or relax your hair

When the air is dry, try to extend the time between touch ups. Winter: Try to extend the interval between touch-ups by 8-10 weeks, or more. Only one service is required: a coloring, relaxer or perm. You can have more than one service. Perm your hair first and relax it for 2 weeks before you do your coloring. After shampooing, apply conditioner. Protect your hair from the sun by applying a zinc oxide-based leave-in conditioner or wearing a wide-brimmed cap.

  • You can style your hair by brushing it 100 times a day, or pulling at your hair.

Only style your hair by brushing and combing it. Your hair doesn’t need 100 strokes per day. This is a myth. You can use a wide-toothed comb to gently comb your hair. Do not pull or tug on your hair while you style, brush, comb or style it. Use a moisturizing conditioner to gently remove tangles.

When should you see a dermatologist?

A board-certified dermatologist may be able to help you if changing your hair care doesn’t make your hair healthier. You may not have a problem with your hair care. A dermatologist is a good choice if you have concerns about hair loss or thinning. Many causes can be treated or stopped. The earlier you address the problem, the better the results.