10 Steps to the Best At-Home Mani/Pedi

10 Steps to the Best At-Home Mani/Pedi

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It is already possible to have your nails done at a salon, but many people aren’t yet there. Cote, the beachy, airy and heavenly clean salon in LA, is now open for supplies, but not services. Mary Lennon, cofounder of Cote, says that she wants to be sure that clients will come to her when she does start accepting clients. “The salon has a great patio that will also be used,” says Mary Lennon. But, it’s possible to do a good manicure or pedicure at your home with these tips from Lennon as well as from Cote cofounder Leah Yari. Below you’ll find their tips on how to keep your hands steady, prolong the life of your polish, and protect your nails against yellowing.

Clean Polish Remover really does work!

Lennon says that many people insist that non acetone nail polish removers are not effective. “If they don’t work, it’s usually due to user error,” Lennon says. Hold it for a few seconds and then wipe it off. This allows the remover to penetrate the skin and separate the pigment. It can also strip nails and skin, and leave fingers and toes covered in chalky residue. Cote’s dedication to cleanliness (both the salons and all formulas avoid ingredients known to cause harm to your health) is evident in their polish remover. Lennon says, “It had got to work first. And leave your nails hydrated and healthy. We use the liquid remover that is scented with rose and geranium essential oil. To-go wipes made with orange oil smell so fresh I took polish off of an airplane with them. No one noticed.”

Mom-of-three Yari says the clean formula is better overall for her family: “My youngest child is six years old, so it’s great that Cote Remover is easy to wipe off my oak floors. It doesn’t remove the finish.”

Do not cut, clip

No matter if you color your nails or not, trimming your nails will make them look fresh. It protects against bacteria and dirt buildup under longer nails. Lennon states that you can choose to trim your nails in a square, curved or round shape. Clippers allow you to trim precisely and are easier to use at home. You have more freedom and less chance of making mistakes with scissors.

Hangnails can be prevented

“Avoid ragged cuticles or hangnails. You can moisturize the cuticle to make it easier to push back with an orange stick or a nail file. The hand and foot massages you receive at the nail salon don’t feel just good. It’s moisturizing,” Lennon says. She adds a few drops to her hand cream before she gives herself a home massage. Make hand and foot massage a part of your home ritual. Do it yourself, or have your spouse do it. You’ll feel better about your hands and feet, and it’s a great way to relax.

Get Rid Of Every Last Drop of Moisturizer

If you start with oil-free nails, your chances of getting a good polish job are slim. After you are done moisturizing and massaging, use remover or rubbing alcohol to clean the nails. Lennon states that oil is the enemy of polish and basecoat. “Neglected nails can cause premature chipping or peeling,” Lennon says.

The Base Coat is Everything

It’s worth spending a little extra time to apply base coat. Cote’s basecoat is made with lavender and ginseng root. It leaves nails shiny, smooth, and nourished. Yari says, “I have been on a colored polish break during COVID. I only do a base coat and love the shine and smoothness it gives.”

Keep going light until you’re sure-handled

Yari recommends that you choose a more pale color so you have some flexibility if your work goes beyond the lines. Choose a soft pink shade like the bestselling barely noticeable peach.

You can rest your painting hand against something

It is much more effective to anchor your hand while you hold the brush on a table than to let it float around in the air while you paint your nails. Lennon says that it gives you more leverage to avoid wobbles. “You’re aware that everyone has a difficult hand. This is especially true for the hard-handed.”

Layer (and wait)

Multiple coats will make polish last longer. Lennon says that a base coat is necessary. It dries faster than pigment and can be applied in a single application. You can apply the first layer of nail polish once it has dried on your last finger or toe. You should wait five minutes between the first and second layers of polish. This helps prevent pressure dings later. It will last longer if you allow the polish to dry between layers.

Keep Polish Layers Thin

You need less polish to make a difference. Lennon states that you should apply a moderate amount of polish to the brush. Wipe off half of what the brush picks up against he rim of the bottle. She suggests that you apply the polish in a single, narrow stripe along the middle of your nail. Next, without dipping, pull the same dip across the rest of your nail. It seals everything in and a quick horizontal swipe across your nail tip will significantly reduce chipping.

Do not keep polish in the bathroom

“Polish can get gooey quickly if it’s kept in a room that heats up every time you wash your hair or blow-dry it. Then, it cools down. It’s like wine storage,” Lennon says. It should be stored in the bedroom, not in the bathroom or kitchen.