10 Tips and Essentials to Travel As Luxury Travellers

10 Tips and Essentials to Travel As Luxury Travellers

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Even though we love holidays, sometimes it can be difficult to get there, even for those who travel in the most luxurious cabins. It takes a lot of planning and often packing is left until the last minute. This article will help you to reduce stress and make your long-haul flight more enjoyable by providing a comprehensive list of essential items for your plane.

We’ve separated our essentials for planes into categories to make things easier. You can simply select the area that you require assistance from the list below, and you’ll have everything you need!

Before you start packing

Let’s get to the essential stuff. This is a list you can make sure to have in your bag so that you are prepared for the day. These may seem obvious but they are often overlooked by busy parents who have to balance a career with a family. This list will not only remind you of them but will also provide useful travel tips and recommendations you will wonder how you ever survived without.


Although we are all guilty for thinking that we don’t need it, you should always ensure you have travel insurance before you board a plane. There are many reasons why this is an essential travel requirement. For dramatic effect, let’s look at an example. Although you may feel tempted to trust your airline for cancellation coverage, your airline will not provide insurance for force things such as a snowstorm or gale force winds in the Caribbean.

Travel insurance covers you for any unexpected events, such as an accident, illness, theft, cancellations, or other unforeseen circumstances. World Nomads can provide a free quote if you are still not sure.

Lonely Planet and National Geographic recommend World Nomads. This is travel insurance that was created by travellers for travellers. It has a strong belief in freedom, safety and connection.


This is not the best option for everyone. Others may prefer to drive or take the public transport to the airport. A reputable company can make your life so much easier, even though there may not be any other options. You don’t have to worry about arriving at the airport on time or leaving home late if the car is booked in the right time. I am a perpetually late-flying person who has missed quite a few flights. It is clear to me that there is no need to worry about getting there on time when a car is available outside.

You can also avoid the hassle of driving or finding parking upon arrival. Parking can cost more than an airport transfer, so it is worth considering. Skyscanner is a useful tool that allows you to compare airport transfer costs from any location.


At the time of booking your flight, make sure you have all your travel documents. Check that your passport does not expire before you travel. Also, make sure it is located. It wouldn’t be my first time traveling, but I can’t remember where my passport was last. Although it is irresponsible to admit that there are times when the most obvious things seem the least important.

Make sure you keep your passport safe and verify the expiry date after booking your flights. You can also find reliable websites such as CIBT that will help you determine if you require a visa to enter your destination. You can set a reminder on your smartphone to remind you to get your passport out the night before you fly. Also, place it wherever you’ll see it when you return.

You will also need your passport. You may need foreign currency depending on where you’re visiting. This is especially true in Uzbekistan, a developing country. As more places accept card payments, this is becoming less important. You can withdraw cash from ATMs in situations where cash is required, however, it’s much cheaper than before. Revolut makes it easy for travelers to withdraw cash from ATMs.


You can choose to bring either your carry-on luggage or your check-in baggage depending on which flight tickets you have booked. It’s up to you and the ticket to decide how many items you want to check-in. Some people prefer to check in everything, even small carry-ons. Others prefer to just bring everything and keep it all in a bag.

Whether I travel with checked luggage or my own carry-on, I prefer to check-in my bag. Because most airports have such a fast process of getting luggage out, I prefer to carry just the essentials. (more on this later) I don’t need to worry about how much liquid is in my bag. These are my top luggage picks that should be in every traveller’s bag, regardless of your preferences. Although some pieces are more expensive than others, a good piece of luggage will last for many years.


Lay out your travel clothes the night before to reduce stress and anxiety on the day. It is a good idea to travel in comfortable clothes that make your journey more enjoyable. My advice? Wear what you like. I’m comfortable in flip-flops or high heels and have been on both sides of the aisle. It is more comfortable to fly in heels in higher cabins where the airline has slippers and pyjamas for you to change into.


New apps are continually being developed and launched in modern technology to enhance our lives. These are five apps that I recommend you download, for both before and during your flight.

  1. TripIt: I don’t know how I traveled without it in the past. It is simply brilliant. It syncs with you inbox, extracts your travel information and organizes it into a simple to digest itinerary on your smartphone. It’s gone! No more searching through your email to find the information you need, and panicking when the service stops … TripIt does all that for you. It won’t cost you anything!
  2. LoungeBuddy is a great app for those who travel on economy tickets. LoungeBuddy offers detailed information about over 2,500 lounges all around the globe. After you enter your flight details and airline status it will tell you which lounges are available to you. If there is none, it will give you a list with lounges where you could purchase a day pass.
  3. Audible: The well-known app that lets you download and listen audiobooks. This app is great if you don’t have a Kindle or an actual book. You just need to download the audiobook and bring your noise cancelling headphones. Side note: If you are heading to the beach, make sure to read our article about the best beach reading for this summer.
  4. DuoLingo: Because there’s no better time than long flights to learn a language, especially if it is necessary for your country. You only need your phone and noise cancelling headphones.
  5. Facial Yoga Guru: If you are stuck on a long flight and have little to do, try facial yoga to tone your skin muscles and increase blood circulation. This app will show you how to do simple exercises on your neck and face so you’re ready for the flight.


  1. Mobile phone and charger: This is a obvious one. My boarding pass is almost never printed and I keep it on my phone. My mobile charger is always with me in my bag. A lot of newer planes now have USB ports and sockets, even for short-haul flights.
  2. Laptop and charger: I love plane rides! You can rest assured that my laptop and charger are packed in my bag, no matter how long-haul.
  3. Outlet Splitter: An outlet splitter is a great option if you have to charge your phone, tablet, or other device while on the flight. This is a great tool to have at airports as well as on planes. I know I’m not the only one who says there aren’t enough sockets in airports and lounges.
  4. A water bottle: Plastic bottles are a bad idea. You can use the marble water bottle instead. Then refill your water bottles at the airport. You might even get a steward to refill it onboard the plane.
  5. Chewing gum: This will protect your ears as you land and take off. You can save plastic by choosing a chewing gum made from biodegradable gum. Chewy is an excellent alternative. It is non-GMO, vegan, gluten-free, soy free and nut-free, and it is also dairy free. A winner all around!

These two items can be used to ensure that your table and seat are free of bacteria on long or short-haul flights. This is a common practice, but it is especially important now that the pandemic has passed and we can travel again.

Antibacterial wipes: You can picture that moment when someone touches the touch-screen TV and picks their nose. You know what it is like when someone uses the bathroom and realizes that they can’t have washed their hands that fast? Since no one wants to have traces of another person’s urine on their hands, grab the antibacterial wipes as soon as possible and get in your chair. All surfaces should be wiped. Wipe the arm rests, in-flight remote controls, top and bottom of fold out tray, screen (if necessary again), and any other surfaces you may need to touch. These wipes are biodegradable, antibacterial, and kill all forms of allergens, including E.coli, salmonella and E.coli.

Antibacterial Hand Gel: Make sure you have antibacterial hand gel with you. You will need to pack this along with any liquids. Make sure your bottle is not more than 100ml.


This will depend on your cabin class, but economy passengers should only use the first plane in this list. You can still enjoy the rest, no matter which cabin class you fly. It will make your flight more enjoyable.

A neck pillow: While it is not a replacement for a flat bed, a neck cushion can make long-haul flights more comfortable. Trtl pillows are highly recommended by thousands. Scientifically, they are more comfortable than standard memory foam pillows for putting the head in an ergonomic position.

Compression socks: Whether you fly in first, club, or economy class, compression socks are incredibly helpful for swelling. Compression socks can also improve circulation and blood flow to your heart from your lower legs, which is crucial for long-haul flights. These socks were once considered to be very frumpy. Many new brands are now launching with the goal of modernizing and adding some fun to standard compression socks. Physix Gear Compression socks are a great example. They are currently the #1 seller on Amazon.

Sleep Masks: Again, depending on your cabin class, you may receive this by the airline. But why not pamper yourself with a black-out silk mask such as the one by Swanwick Sleep? The luxurious mask is large enough to block out light and made from 100% pure silk. This eye mask is not included in any standard kit.

Moisturizer Gloves: Use moisturizing hand cream when you’re ready to shut off the entertainment system and get some shut-eye. Your antibacterial hand gel may have been used frequently on the flight. Give your hands some love by using a thick layer and moisturizing your hands before you go to sleep.

Sleeping Aid: For extra help in falling asleep, try This Works Deep Pillow spray. You can spray it on your travel pillow, or use the handy roll-on to apply to your pulse points. These products are made with essential oils and will help you feel refreshed and relaxed once you get up.

  • To Look and Feel Amazing Upon Landing
  1. Toothbrushes and toothpaste: The toothbrushes provided on board are not great.
  2. Skin Care: We all know flying can be dehydrating so it is important to drink as much as possible. It is equally important to keep your skin hydrated. You will receive a small amenities kit if you fly in the upper cabins. This usually includes moisturisers, eye cream and other skin care products. However, 39,000ft above the ground isn’t the ideal height to try new skin care products. Instead, place some of your skin care products in small jars or old contacts cases and put them inside your toiletries. If you need to try something new, you can use the little samples that you receive in your amenities kit.
  3. Deodorant
  4. Lip Balm
  5. Hand cream and nail file: As we’ve discussed, hand cream is a great idea. However, you might also want to bring a nail file in case your nails break while on the road.
  6. Hairbrush and Hair Accessories
  7. Perfume: This may not work for everyone but I find that if I don’t wear perfume, it doesn’t mean I’m fully dressed. Before you land, go to the bathroom to spray yourself with something wonderful.