11 Fashion Tricks to Help You Look Slimmer

11 Fashion Tricks to Help You Look Slimmer

29.12.2021 Off By manager_1

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Started your New Year diet yet? We haven’t. Technically, it’s still a beginning of new year, and technically, we are still on holidays… or is that? Is January the whole holiday? Don’t let us  burst your bubble! We are going with this! Traffic is what makes the work year start, right?

To deal with all the Christmas extras that have taken up residence in our long-term home, we thought we would share some styling tips to help us look slimmer and healthier until we can eat healthy. In the not-too-distant-but-can’t-yet-be-confirmed future.

1. The half-tuck

Although this is a mere optical illusion, it works. As if it were an afterthought, tuck one portion of your shirt/t-shirt into jeans. You will appear slimmer if you leave only the middle of your jeans exposed. Done.

2. High-waisted, wide swing skirt

A long skirt such as pencil-skirt can be worn with either a cropped sweater, or a top that is tucked in. It creates an hourglass shape and gives you all the curves.

3. A blazer is a must-have

To streamline your look vertically, wear a blazer that is at the hip. A fashion trick that works is amazing!

4. Get your shoulders up

An oversized jacket worn on the upper half of your body and paired with skinny jeans will make your legs look tiny.

5. A knee-length pencil skirt

You can swap your mini skirt for a longer, flattering length that hugs the legs to the knees or above. Pair it with trainers and a tee for casual style, or with heels to lengthen the legs. It’s a bonus if the print miraculously conceals bumps and lumps.

6. T-shirt tailored

Jennifer Aniston revealed to the world that her t-shirts were tailored to better fit last year. We thought it was an example of too much money and too much time = mad. However, after purchasing a tailored tshirt in a stiff fabric this summer, we can see her point of view. It doesn’t get in your belly and it sits well on the outside of you, creating a slim silhouette.

7. The shoe that is almost flat

Hidden inches on “flats”, or shoes that are almost flat, can make a big difference. You can enjoy comfort and extra height this year, no matter if you’re wearing a platform espadrille, or a high-fashion, block heel, regardless of whether they’re on trend.

8. Monochrome

The eye will think you are one long, delicious piece of goodness if you wear the same color top and bottom.

9. For a slimmer heel, swap wedges

Wedge shoes can make your legs look sloppy if you wear them with the wrong outfit. They can be worn with maxis and minis, but not everything in between. A skinny heel will make your body slimmer than any other length.

10. Wear light-coloured shoes

This is not the boring “Kate Middleton nude heel”, but rather a neutral light-coloured like snakeskin, gold, or an interesting nude, which will lengthen your legs and slim them down.

11. As a top, wear a loose sweater

A loose, lightweight sweater can balance out skinny jeans and a skirt. Sweaters are now the new tops. You can double dip Tim Tams in your afternoon cup of tea and nobody will notice if you have a bulging stomach for your 4pm meeting. It’s the small things.

Some other fashion news

  • The new black is… old

This week has been full of fashion firsts. Joan Didion, an 80-year old author, was the face of the Celine campaign. Joni Mitchell, 71, was announced as Saint Laurent’s new face. She wore the label’s folk dress and wide-brimmed cap in their ad. Both women are strong, role models and great role models. It’s a clear departure from teenage models, wouldn’t you agree? Ines De la Fressange, a 57-year old former model from France, has now launched a collaboration for Uniqlo for the third time. The first two were wildly successful.

Ines says, “I learned from high fashion that elegance can be expressed without having many items.” “This collection is very simple to wear, matches, and is layered so it fits all women around the globe. Fashion is one joy of life. Let’s have fun together! These are clothes that I have longed to own, and I can’t wait for them to be mys! It seems that we all will be able have a piece of her fashion for as low as $39.90.

  • BONDS taps Aussie supermodel

Elyse Taylor, who was last seen with BONDS five years ago, is back onboard as a BONDS girl. The blonde, blue-eyed and all-Australian model is based in New York. She has been featured in big campaigns such as Victoria’s Secret. But, she was busy last year getting married and having a baby, Lila, who is nine months old. Taylor stated, “I feel like I belong to the [BONDS] Family now.” It’s an honor to be part of this amazing brand. Taylor will join rising Hollywood star Jai Courtney as a representative for BONDS when they expand into clothing such as chambray shirts or knits.

Ellen DeGeneres showed the world a teaser for her new clothing line, which she will be releasing at the People’s Choice Awards. She wore it on the night. The pants and jacket she teamed it with, an off-white Saint Laurent shirt and Adidas trainers were apparently new and hot from the production line. The label will be known as ED and will be released in May.