11 Simple Ways to Make 2022 Your Most Successful Year Ever

11 Simple Ways to Make 2022 Your Most Successful Year Ever

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You can make a pledge to eat healthier or exercise more on the elliptical. But what about personal growth goals that you are really passionate about? These easy life hacks will help you feel, eat, and look better in the new year.

1. Do not make resolutions but set intentions

Do you really want to start the year with rigid resolutions? They will only lead to stress and guilt. Setting goals is easier when you create intentions and actively write them down. To help relieve the pressure from your daily life and let you focus on the bigger picture, create daily, weekly and monthly intentions.

2. Find a new hobby

It can be difficult to get out of your routine when you have a busy work schedule and a packed social calendar. It’s important to make time to explore new hobbies and find new interests, even if you are busy. Do you want to make your own pasta? Test out an irresistible chocolate cake recipe. Are you interested in learning Pilates? Invite a friend to join you for a class. You will feel accomplished if you are committed to your interests.

3. Get your bags packed

You can travel anywhere you want, whether it’s to an exotic location or just for a weekend. Find a way to break from your routine and get on the road. Traveling is a great way to make memories and feel refreshed, no matter if you go to the Bahamas or the Berkshires.

4. Face your Fears

Although we’ve all been told to do one thing every single day that scares us, it’s not something that can be done with our full-time jobs, responsibilities and our normal weeknight routines. Skydiving is a possibility for you, but it’s okay to try. Other mild acts of bravery are also possible, such as singing at karaoke or trying new hairstyles.

5. Make sense of your space

Your head space will benefit greatly from a thorough clean out. You don’t have to do a complete clean. Instead of panicking about the task, you can break it down into 20-minute segments. Set a timer on the phone and turn on your favorite podcast to get started organizing. You’ll be able to create a neat space that Marie Kondo would love.

6. Create a routine

Start the New Year with a new routine if you feel out of control. You can decompress with anything from a morning walk to a relaxing bath at night.

7. Break a sweat

Although there is no perfect time to work out, 30 minutes of activity per day will help you reach your 2022 fitness goals. You don’t have to do strenuous exercise. Try morning stretches, gentle yoga, or even a walk during lunch.

8. Practice Gratitude

It has been proven that gratitude can change your outlook. You can take stock of your life and express gratitude by either writing it down or speaking loudly. You can make gratitude expressions even more simple by keeping a journal at your bedside.

9. Volunteer Your Time

Giving back to your local community or a cause that you are passionate about can have a lasting effect. Find out where and when you could volunteer locally, whether that’s to collect canned food or clothing donations.

VolunteerMatch.com allows you to view thousands of local volunteer opportunities.

10. Be offline

Our smartphones have become a constant fixture of our daily lives, thanks to the constant stream of messages, emails, news, and Instagram notifications that we get hourly. This simple hack will help you to spend less time on your smartphone in an effort to make yourself more present.

11. Treat Yourself

It can be difficult to take care of yourself in a busy day. You can reward yourself with a manicure every week, a morning meditation, or a gift that brings you joy. You can give yourself a book, a quiet moment or just a little time for yourself. This will keep you happy and healthy.