11 Ways to Have Beautiful Hands if You Are 50

11 Ways to Have Beautiful Hands if You Are 50

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What attention do your hands get? Be honest. You can be honest. The day will come when gloves are more appealing than your neglected hands and cared for face. Don’t despair. These are 11 ways to beautify your hands with expert advice from Anthony Rossi (a top-board-certified dermatologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York City).

1. Make sure to update your hand soap and sanitizer

This is the new norm and it’s not going away. You can reduce the irritation, reddening, and drying that often comes with frequent washing and alcohol applications by making small changes in your daily routine. Use lukewarm water and not hot. Next, choose a moisturizing product such as Dove. For better absorption, use Almond Milk Nourishing Foaming hand Wash ($4, Target.com). Switch to a hydrating spray containing aloe such as Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Sanitizer Basil ($3, Target.com) when you are using a hand sanitizer. While both meet the CDC recommendation for at least 60% isopropyl alcohol (gels are less sticky than sprays), sprays can be used.

Last tip: After the spray dries, apply hand cream.

2. Work gloves are a must-have

Although gloves can be annoying, they are essential for protecting hands from waterlogged tasks like dishes, laundry, cooking, washing the dog, and washing the car, as well as gardening and cleaning up attic/garage areas. It is important to find work gloves that fit the task and aren’t too bulky. Casabella Premium Waterblock Gloves Pink (Amazon.com, $10) have cuffed sleeves that can be used for dishwashing. The Gorilla Grip Premium Silicone Oven mitts in True Aqua, cotton lined and waterproof, are sold at Amazon for $16.

Forliver Cleaning Gloves in Blue (12, Amazon.com), bristles on fingers and palms for messy chores such as scrubbing Fido. Digz Gardener High Performance Women’s Gardening and Working Gloves with Touch Screen Compatible Fingertips Blue Leaves Pattern ($12; amazon.com) – so you can prune, weed, and answer your smartphone. If your hand rash doesn’t improve, you should consult your dermatologist or GP.

3. Hand cream should be chosen in the same way as face cream

Although fists and elbow bumps are no longer acceptable, smooth, soft hands still reign supreme. Hand creams should be tested for quality and texture so you don’t buy cheap hand creams. For a plump, dewy look, look for ingredients such as glycerin and hyaluronic acids that attract water. Ceramides and occlusives like petroleum jelly or cocoa butter can be used to seal the skin barrier and keep your hands soft and hydrated. To soothe and smoothen the skin, use emollients such as shea butter, colloidal oatmeal and vitamin E. These three formulas are fragrance-free and contain the right stuff: CeraVe Therapeutic hand cream ($12, ulta.com), Gold Bond Ultimate eczema relief hand cream ($12 Target.com), Vaseline Dry hands rescue ($5, Target.com).

4. Also, exfoliate your hands

Exfoliation should be part of your skin care strategy, just like facial skin care. The exfoliation of dead skin cells can not only make your hands look fresher and more smooth, but it also makes it easier to apply and absorb any topical treatments (including sunscreen and hand creams). Keep it light as hand skin is thinner at 50 than facial skin. It also has fewer sebaceous cells. You can use a micro-fine cleanser such as Cetaphil Extra Gentle Daily scrub ($10, Walgreens.com) or you can make your own by adding a tablespoon of sugar to olive oils to create a paste. Then gently massage your hands.

You can also boost your nightly hand cream by using a retinol oil such as Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula skin therapy oil ($11, Target.com) or Pixi Overnight retinol Oil ($24 at Target.com). This chemically exfoliates and soothes to reduce roughness and spots. Rossi says that applying retinol to the backs of your hands can help improve your photo-aged appearance. Keep going. It takes approximately four months for the results to appear.

5. Give your hands some masks

Even though “spa nights” can be great, mature hands may benefit from bi-monthly or weekly masks to increase hydration. You can also find ready-made versions at your local drugstore such as the Aveeno Repairing Cica Hand Mask With Prebiotic Oat and. You can also make your own overnight masks using Shea Butter ($4, ulta.com), Earth Therapy’s Warming Thermal Moisturizing hand Mask ($8, at ulta.com), or DIY by making your own. Apply cuticle oil to your nails and then slather on any rich cream or petroleum jelly lotion like Aquaphor Healing Ointment ($10 at Walgreens.com). Finally, slip on a pair fresh white cotton manicure gloves such as the GaxcooWhite Cotton Gloves For Overnight Moisturizing ($23 per 7 pairs, Amazon.com) to give your hands a makeover before dawn.

Paraffin masks are great for salon manicures. Warm wax is applied to your hands. This hardens into a layer that looks like a shell. Then, you slip into heat-retaining gloves for 20 minutes. Finally, the cool wax is removed and super soft hands are created.

6. Take care of your cuticles

Cuticles can be bit or picked at by anxious people. The cuticles, which are the thin skin ridges that surround each nail, protect them from infection and bacteria. To keep nails looking neat and clean, push them back. It is easier to push the cuticles back after a shower, bath, or soak in warm water. To soften and loosen the cuticles first, use a conditioning oil such as CND Solar Oil Nail and Cuticle Conditioner (13, ulta.com), or Sally Hansen Nail Rehabilitation Oil Cuticle Balm (10, ulta.com), or a cuticle cream such as Deborah Lippmann Exfoliating Cuticle Remover Nail Treat (20, sephora.com). Next, push the cuticle with a thumbnail or cotton-wrapped cuticle sticks. Don’t forget those hangnails! These tiny patches of skin that are near the cuticle can be a problem. Apply Aquaphor or Vaseline to a hangnail and then cover it with a bandage. Then, use a nail cutter to snip the nails.

7. Give your fingers and hands a long, slender look

You know that wearing one color can make you appear slimmer and taller. Nude nail polish can do the same thing, especially for those with short nails or wide hands. You should choose a shade with a low contrast that matches your skin tone. You can use it as a sheer, full-coverage or sheer nail polish. It may even contain a little bit of pink, such as the Olive &. June Nail Polish in GH $8, Target.com, Essie Nail Polish the Wild Nudes Collection In Clothing Optional or bare with me $9, Walgreens.com), Sally Hansen Colour Therapy Nail Color 200 Powder Room ($10), Target.com or OPI Nail lacquer in Bubble Bath and Humidi-Tea (11, Ulta.com).

Next, consider nail shape. Ovals and rounded nails will slim down your fingers and hand, while square shapes will make them wider. Oval and almond-shaped nails, which have a tapered tip, suit most people. They are timeless and elegant and can be used to make small gestures. For those with short fingers or large hands, a square-oval hybrid shape called a “squoval”, which is rounded, will work well.

8. For mature hands, choose the right bright polish

Bold nail polish can be a great way for nails to stand out. Avoid hand discolorations. Dark purple and indigo polishes can feel edgy. However, blue, green, or gray nail polishes look trendy. Red-toned hands with ruddy skin should opt for brighter colors like OPI Nail Lacquer Cajun Shrimp ($8 at Walgreens.com) and Essie Gel Couture Nail Polish Rock the Runway ($13 at Target.com). Avoid blue-reds and wine. Bright reds and vibrant pinks can also be beneficial for those with blue/purple spots or brown veins. ($20, sephora.com). A high-pigment, one-coat polish should be used as a base coat. Because it acts as a barrier between the pigmented and the nail bed, it is the best preventive measure against nail stains.

9. Every day, use a sunscreen that is gentle on the skin.

UVA rays can reach your hands through office and car windows even when it is cloudy or cold. Rossi says that applying sunscreen daily to your hands is the best way to prevent further UV-induced sunspots. Cumulative sun damage can manifest as skin discoloration, skin spots, and even skin cancer. Use Supergoop! Handscreen SPF 40 ($14, dermstore.com) or Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Face &. Target.com offers Body Stick SPF70 ($10), which blends in without leaving behind a greasy, oily residue that can damage your keyboard, cellphone, or steering wheel. You should reapply throughout the day.

10. Consider dermatological treatments

As we age, collagen in our skin and the natural cushion of fat that protects it becomes less elastic. This causes wrinkles and more visible veins. This is normal, but there are two dermatological treatments that can help. Volume loss can be effectively treated with hyaluronic fillers like Restylane or Juvederm. The dorsum (back of your hands) is where the filler is injected. This makes it easier to see veins and tendons. Lasers, such as pigment, resurfacing, or vascular, address skin conditions like photo-aged skin, skin cancer, and brown spots. Rossi says both treatments require the skill and experience of a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgery. Each procedure costs approximately $1,500 plus depending on where it is performed. They last between one and two years. Get up!

11. Makeup can be used to camouflage special occasions

Another solution is to conceal brown spots and veins using makeup. While body makeup sounds great and can be very effective, any makeup that is waterproof, transfer-proof, and wrinkle-proof will also work. When choosing a shade, keep in mind that your skin may be slightly darker than your face. Apply foundation using a damp makeup sponge. For a blurring effect on spots and veins, use the Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation + Concealer ($11 at target.com). You can also cover brown spots with waterproof concealers like Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ($29) or L’Oreal Paris Infallible Concealer ($7. Target.com). Tap blend the sponge tip with your finger, or a makeup sponge until the edges disappear.