11 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

11 Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

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A good eyeliner and concealer color are essential. A few minor changes to your makeup routine will make your eyes pop.

Smooth Start

Shar-peis can be cute. They aren’t puffy or wrinkled. Adhesive eyepads, such as the

You can calm inflammation and reduce swelling in just five to ten seconds. Susie Sobel, makeup artist, says that anything cold works as well. Even a bag of ice works. To soften and fill in the lines, you can apply a silicone-based primer to your crow’s feet.

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Get your Brows in Shape

A flattering frame for your eyes is created by arched eyebrows. Anything that emphasizes the eyes will make them look larger. Microblading is a big thing right now. However, tweezing can be a more convenient option. Grab any stray hairs -Sobel suggests cleaning the area above and below the brows. Then fill in any gaps using an eyebrow pencil such as

Next, brush your brows upwards (this is crucial, you guys). Finally, use a spooley to give your brows a defined, clean shape.

Even out

Dark circles can make your eyes look smaller. A concealer that is well-suited for dark circles and discoloration can do double or even triple duty. It can illuminate the entire eye area, and draw away attention from darker eyes. To correct blue and purple undertones, choose a shade slightly lighter than your skin. To get a uniform base, blend carefully using a sponge or your finger.

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Draw a tight line

Apply a thin strip of black liquid liners along your upper lashes to enhance and frame your eyes. CoverGirl’s Intensify Me liquid liner ($8.99, Buy Now) is a felt-tipped option that deposits rich, vibrant color and allows for precise control. Sobel says, “And I always like a small flick at the end just for the eye out a little bit.”

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Bottom out

With the right technique, drawing perfectly seductive almond-shaped eyes is easy. Sobel says that you can start by taking your pencil from the center of the lashline and making it thicker at the edges. If it’s too thick at the center, you’ll end up with panda eyes. This doesn’t help you get a wide, flatter shape around the edges. Use a cotton swab to smoothen any lines.

Curl up

Although almost every beauty buff will own at least one lash curler, it is something that we forget to do, especially in rush hour. It can instantly make your eye area look wider and more open by taking 20 extra seconds to curl your lashes. Sobel says that if someone’s lashes have a straight edge, it can cast shadows on the eyes. The Allure editors swear by it.

Define your Crease

Sobel says, “It’s been this way for a long time, but it’s always good to put a medium brown eyeshadow in the crease.” Use a fluffy brush to avoid looking like 90210.

To sweep a matte formula in an arch shape, starting at the outer corners and ending at the center of the eyes.

Take into consideration color

Pencil liners can also be very effective. If you feel like you have lost your black and brown eye pencils, it could be time to change. You can start by using navy eyeliner. It makes your eyes look bigger (or whiter).

For shadows, bright colors such as pink, silver, and aqua look great on bare lids. Sobel says that you should use a lot of mascara, and have a tame brow. Lavender eyeshadow is universally flattering, brightening and flattering. A dark shade blended into the outer corners of the eyes is great for evening looks. Avoid matte formulas as they don’t reflect light as well as their shimmery counterparts.

Mascara Mascara Mascara

Have we said mascara? Use a hair lengthening product, such as mascara. Apply the mascara to the upper and lower eyelashes. Then, apply thickening cream over the top for flirtier, more voluminous lashes. Sobel prefers to use wands with rubber bristle wands like L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Feline Mascara to get thick, fine lashes. To really draw your eyes up, you can focus an extra swipe at the middle of the upper eyelash line.

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Reduce the waterline

A dark liner on your waterline can make it look more sophisticated when paired with a dark, diffused shadow. However, it can also make your eyes appear half as big. To instantly brighten and open up your eyes, use a flat, white pencil to color the waterline.


Models can’t take bad pictures even when they are taking #nofilter selfies. This is because they know how to find the right light, or at least pretend it. Try a pearly highlighter or eye shadow.

Apply the cream to the center of the lids and under the brow bones. This will make your eyes appear more awakened and lifted. If your skin is pink, look for warm, rosy colors. The golden shades are great for olive and yellow skin. Sobel suggests that you can make a big difference by applying a little concealer to the inner corners or a heavy cream over the arches of your brows.