12 Denim Jackets That You Will Love to Wear Non Stop

12 Denim Jackets That You Will Love to Wear Non Stop

06.08.2022 Off By manager_1

woman in blue denim jacket and white shirt

American fashion is dominated by denim jackets. They are just slightly less well-known than blue jeans. These transitional toppers can be a great addition to your jacket collection. A denim jacket can be a great option when temperatures drop just enough to warrant an extra layer. They’re neutral enough that they can be paired with any color you may already have, and thick enough to keep the chills away.

Designers create denim jackets that match the latest trends every year. You might already own your favourite jean jacket but want to add another. Maybe you didn’t think denim jackets were right for you. No matter what your style or taste, there is an option that will suit you.

There are many options for jean jackets from trusted American brands like Gap and Levi’s to trendy brands L’agence or Free People.

Below is a list of 13 of our favorite denim jackets. They range from cropped and colored to embellished and oversized.

Alex Mill Shrunken Jacket

This jacket is the moto jacket for denim jackets. This jacket is made with a zip front and pleated details at the front. It’s not the same as the classic denim that you love, but it’s still perfect. This sophisticated cut can be worn with almost any type of pant, as the shorter silhouette will lengthen your legs. It also comes in black and mustard, if you prefer those colors.

Everlane Modern Jean Jacket

Everlane has updated the classic denim jacket with a few minor tweaks. They have retained the pockets on the chest but moved the side pockets to the garment’s side hem instead of toward the front placket. Instead of the traditional metal buttons, the buttons have a tortoiseshell design. It’s also made from organic cotton and Roica V550 yarn, which is the first ever stretch yarn that’s not made with harmful chemicals.

Levi’s Original Trucker Jacket

Blue denim jackets are not the only option. The pink version of the trucker jacket is an innovative take. It adds color to an otherwise plain outfit, but isn’t too bright. This looks great with blue jeans and doesn’t require a Canadian Tuxedo.

Madewell Oversized Trucker Jean Jacket, Washed Black

A black jacket is a timeless classic. This Madewell Jean Jacket will become a staple piece in your wardrobe, thanks to its slightly larger fit and contrast buttons. This jacket is cool because the color is slightly faded.

Pistola Hayden Raglan Denim Jacket

This jacket is a true classic in denim and hits right at your hips. The jacket’s rest is cut beautifully with raglan sleeves, which are cut diagonally from your neck and not flush on your shoulders. The light wash is great with almost everything, but black jeans and a white shirt are the best choices.

ABLE Merly Jacket

Sometimes a little distressing can make a big difference. There are three washes of this jacket, but we prefer the original wash. It has a bit more ripped detail at the sleeves and pocket. The other colors can be worn without holes if you don’t like the look of ripped jeans.

L’AGENCE Janelle Slim-Fit Denim Jacket

This jacket is a great investment if you are looking for a jacket you will wear for many years. This jacket is from L’Agence, one Katie loves. It’s made of high-quality denim with a bit of stretch. Your waist is highlighted by the wrap-around front seams. The jacket has a slight distressed bottom that adds an edge to its feminine silhouette.

Made by Olivia Casual Hooded Denim Jacket

This two-in-one combo of a denim jacket and sweatshirt will help you save space in your closet. You can get the casual, comfortable feel of a sweatshirt while still wearing a jacket, all for less than $40.

Kedera Embroidered Pearls in a Denim Jacket Larger than Average

This Amazon option adds glitz and glamour to your denim topper. It features sewn-on pearls around the neckline, shoulders, and front pockets.

Rumors Denim Jacket from Free People

Free People’s denim jackets sell out quickly. They fit perfectly, have flattering lines and are made from 100 percent cotton. We are confident that you will reach for this one all the time.

Chico’s Elongated Denim Jacket

Chico’s long-lasting denim topper is equally useful for quick trips to the shops as it is for work. For a professional, yet easygoing look, pair it with your favorite silk blouse and skinny black pants.

Able – The Long Merly Jacket

Are you unable to decide whether you want long or short, dark oder light? You’ve met your match. The jean jacket is slightly longer than the norm for this style but it isn’t too long to make a big statement (unless you wish it to). It can be worn in spring, but the light wash isn’t too heavy. The relaxed, comfortable shape will make you forget to take it off once you return home. Able is an innovative company that you will want to invest in. It employs and empowers women to help end poverty.