12 Accessories You Need For Rocker Chic Clothing Styles

12 Accessories You Need For Rocker Chic Clothing Styles

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Rocker chic clothing is heavily influenced by the music of rock and roll over the past five decades. There are many styles to choose from. The following accessories can help you achieve rocker chic looks.

Lace-Up Boots

Two types of lace up boots are staples in rock music.

Doc Marten-style combat boots are the first. They are flat with grips, and rise above your ankle. They are great for everyday wear and look good with jeans and a loose-fitting, basic t-shirt. T

The second ones are over-the-knee in gothic stilettos, which are great for casual events. To complete your glam rocker look, pair them with a black miniskirt in pleated tartan and a large top in black.

Layered necklaces

This key accessory is a great way to show your rocker style. You can achieve a rocker chic look by layering different lengths and thicknesses of black, white, gold, and silver necklaces. For a more muted, dressed-down look, choose a simple rope necklace. You can also choose to add spikes or skulls to your metal chain if you are looking for a bold style statement.

Lace, sheer, or fishnet gloves

A pair of lace, sheer, or fishnet gloves can be worn with your rocker outfit to pay homage to punk rock fashion. You can combine this accessory with fingerless options or with a black dress with lace-up boots and a lace-up jacket for a more gothic look. Or you can opt for leather for full-on biker chick.

Bowler Hats

A bowler hat is a great way to add some personality and charm to your rocker chic style. For casual cool, simply pair it with your favorite rock band shirt, skinny-fit jeans, and a leather jacket.

Boots with studs or belted soles

Stunt or belted boots with buckles are a great addition to rocker chic.

The aesthetic is enhanced by black boots. However, studs and belts add an extra dimension. For a truly stylish look, pair yours with ripped leggings or tights and an oversized rock shirt.

Spiky or Studded Bangles

Layered necklaces with spikes or studs are not for you if you’re not brave enough. Instead, try them as bangles. You can wear one as a standalone piece or add visual interest to your look by layering it. For a rocker chic take on casual wear, team your bangle and basic tank top with ripped jeans.

Leather Belts

A leather belt can be worn on your hips to add a rocker-chic touch to your skinny jeans and slouchy top. You can go bolder with a leather belt featuring studs, skulls or spikes.

Are you looking to dress up your look for a casual occasion? To define your natural curves, swap your jeans for a tunic and ripped leggings. Add a chunky leather belt to the waist.

Beanie Hats

A beanie hat will give you a touch of the 1990’s grunge, made popular by bands like Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Nirvana.

Beanie hats are a great accessory for rocker chic. If you are wearing neutrals or light colors, your beanie hat can be used to add color to your outfit.

Fishnet or Ripped Tights

For those who dare be different, fishnet and ripped tights are a key staple in rocker chic. You can also pair them with a tank, plaid shirt and jeans shorts from the 1990s. It’s hard to deny their striking effect. These are guaranteed to turn heads.


A choker is a great way to add rocker chic to your everyday look. You can wear them alone, in layers, with different hues and materials, or with other rocker jewelry.

Dark Sunglasses

Dark sunglasses are the best accessory for this adventurous look. You can choose from Wayfarer-style, microframes or John Lennon style tea sunglasses. Make sure you pick classic black for a bold, retro look. Dark sunglasses will add a touch of class and sophistication to any rocker-chic outfit. However, they look best when paired with a leather jacket.


Converse sneakers are a great way to inject 1990s grunge in your rocker outfit. Converse instantly adds an androgynous touch to your outfit, particularly when you pair them with a plaid shirt or boyfriend-fit jeans and a leather jacket.

Embracing Rocker Chic

These options can be used in a variety of ways, including mixing and matching several accessories. You can shop around to discover what works best for you.