12 Jeans Types that Will Rekindle Your Denim Love

12 Jeans Types that Will Rekindle Your Denim Love

07.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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After several months of avoiding jeans for a while, we are ready to reintroduce our favorite denim. We like relaxed fit with rips at both knees. But, we also love straight-leg, faded black, high-waist pair. There are also cargo jeans, and the roomy ones that can be worn as a denim alternative to sweatpants. The classic crisp white pair is the go-to warm-weather item. However, we do love a bright red or orange color. When we don’t need a straight-leg, we love the barrel leg.

These 12 styles are also great for reviving your love affair with denim. Even if your relationship with denim is not renewed, this list might inspire you.

  • Major Cuff

This look is great for those who are short or don’t like the length of your jeans. The giant cuff is a great look, especially when worn with raw denim. Raw denim is a darker hue and has not been washed or treated. This can be done with a longer pair of jeans, by flipping them up. These jeans look great paired with a statement shoe like the beaded mules that you love but never wear.

  • Striped

Striped jeans remind us of the striped railroad overalls. You probably had them. This style adds western flair and lengthens the legs. These would look great paired with a similar-denim shirt. You can balance the Canadian Tuxedo look by pairing them with sleek shoes such as a patent leather Mary Jane or glove flat.

  • Subtle Print

The subtle print gives the denim an elevated feel. These jeans look great paired with a platform and placed on a pedestal.

  • Relaxed Distressed

We all are constantly reaching for the double-knee distressed denim jeans in the denim drawer. These jeans look great paired with a sequined or silk top and heels. These are casual and easy to wear with either sneakers or heels. You can also try a tiny mule. You should choose a pair that is soft and not stiff so they can be worn during a big meal. They look more natural with the two knee rips.

  • Cargo

Cargo denim is one of our favorite types of jeans. These jeans look great with a casual tee and sneakers. For a complete look, pair your cargo jeans with strappy kitten heels sandals, a ribbed knit tunic, and a hair scarve.

  • Extremely Wide-Leg

Extremely wide-leg jeans look great with both oversized or form-fitting tops. These jeans look great with a large blouse or tee tucked in. The leg’s extreme width gives them some definition at the waist. This silhouette would look great paired with lots of necklaces and delicate glove flats.

  • Barrel

This is our favourite silhouette right now. The barrel leg shape is very flattering. We prefer a higher height. These look great with boots. These are great to wear with boots, but we are particularly excited to wear them with caged-toe sandals and a worn-in belt of leather.

  • White

Sometimes, we feel that an outfit requires white denim. A pair that is not stretchy and has some weight is our preference. A pair that is straight-leg, high-waisted, and without stretch is the perfect pair. A cuff is what we prefer, but it can be more difficult to find.

Tip: For $10-15, grab a pair that has an unfinished hem. Then take them to a tailor.

White denim is our favorite color to wear with cream or tan tops. Finish the look by adding a pair brown or navy shoes.

  • Faded Black

Faded black jeans are our favorite because they have the casual look of denim. They have a high rise and straight-legged style with consistent color throughout the body. These can be dressed up with a collarless tweed jacket or oxfords. Fun socks are also an option.

  • Black and white

We are inspired by this style one night and discovered that there are many of them. We like black jeans with straight legs. The two colors add drama and interest to the jeans. They would look great with a sharp knit polo or a pair of simple shoes, such as white Keds. You could also wear them to a party with pale (try peach!) heels, a silk cami and a chain belt.

  • Bold Colors

Bold color jeans are something we think about as casually as a pair of blue jeans. A pair of red denim is the best choice if you only want one color of bold jeans. This color is versatile and looks great with a white or black tee and sneakers. These are great for everyday wear.

  • Pleated Jeans

Pleated jeans are a little more dressy than flat-fronted ones. These jeans are perfect for casual Fridays at work. This style is comfortable and has a lot of room at the hips. These look great with a bra or bikini top and a button-up.