12 Tips from Professional Artists to Make Your Summer Makeup Look Perfect

12 Tips from Professional Artists to Make Your Summer Makeup Look Perfect

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The weather is hot and this means that there are many new opportunities to experiment with all the summer makeup looks you saved on Instagram. If you aren’t careful about your product selection, your makeup could slip and slide off your face in the summer heat. Thank you, sweat.

This is why almost all makeup artists swear by lightweight, sheer, creamy products in summer — think tinted moisturizers or cream blush — because they reduce the chance of your makeup becoming a cakey mess when the sun shines. They blend into a natural, dewy glow. It is important to use water-resistant, sweatproof makeup products that won’t melt your makeup. For quick, mid-day touchups, multitasking makeup is a great option.

For flawless makeup, no matter what season it is, you must first moisturize your skin. We interviewed several makeup artists to get their top summer makeup tips. They all stressed the importance for proper exfoliation using some useful tools and sunscreen preparation. Want to find out more summer makeup tips? Continue scrolling to discover more.

Get your face exfoliated

Vincent Oquendo, the makeup artist, must shave his clients’ faces before he paints their faces. He says, “One of my secrets to creating the perfect summer makeup look for my clients is to dermaplane their skin before I begin makeup.”

Dermaplaning involves scraping the skin’s top layer and peach fuzz using a blunt scalpel-like instrument. Oquendo loves the Dermaflash. However, we love the Versed Instant Gratification at-Home Dermaplaning tool. He then applies a light foundation or BBcream.

Prime, Baby, Prime

Preparing your skin with primer will help make your makeup last for brunch, beach days, and picnics in the park. Joseph Carrillo, a New York City makeup artist, uses the Smashbox Oil. He uses the Shine Control Primer to prevent shine from forming before applying any other base makeup.

Your fingers are all you really need to apply primer. Allan Avendano, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist, recommends that you apply a small amount of primer, about a dime-tonickel-sized, and let it dry for at least one minute.

Go Foundation-Less

A full-face beat can be made more difficult by 100-degree heat and sticky humidity. It’s gross to see all the sweat, smears and smudges. Molly R. Stern, a Hollywood makeup artist, recommends that you lighten up your season’s routine. She suggests using concealer to cover spots and shadows. Apply a cream concealer such as the Uoma Beauty Stay Woke Contcealer under your eyes and in areas that are problematic with one tap.

Amrita Mehta, a New York City makeup artist, agrees. The iconic Maybelline New York Instant Age Reveal Concealer is her summer base. This fluid blends easily and provides ample coverage for all discolorations or blemishes.

Use a tinted moisturizer

For a subtle glow, blend a thin layer of tinted moisturizer (like the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Nature Skin Perfector) into your skin. Robert Sesnek (makeup artist), who works alongside Julianne Moore and Adriana Lima, suggests that you can also make your own base. He suggests mixing oil-free moisturizer and [your favorite] foundation to create a softer, sheerer look.

Invest in the Right Instruments

Monika Blunder, a Los Angeles makeup artist, says that while most of us prefer a light foundation to even out our skin during summer, if it isn’t applied properly, it can slide off the skin and look like an oil slick. You can avoid a makeup disaster by buffing your tinted moisturizer into skin using a synthetic brush such as the Best of Beauty-winning Sigma Beauty F80 flat Kabuki Brush. She says that this technique makes foundation last longer and prevents it from becoming oily.

Maximize Multitasking Makeup

Sesnek suggests that you use a product that can do it all, including lips, cheeks, and lids. Multipurpose makeup is light weight and creates a monochromatic focal point for your look. Because of its buildable pigment, we love the 2020 Best of Beauty-winning Live Tinted Huestick in beautiful shades like the rusty orange Rise and bronze Change.

Gabi Thorne, editorial assistant, loves these cream blushes. She shares that she likes to use the plum hue Free on her cheeks for a quick color wash. Then, she uses a powder brush to blend the plum hue onto her cheeks. It gives my brown skin a lovely flush.

Waterproof Formulas are now available

Midday mascara and eyeliner mistakes are the worst. Swap in waterproof versions of your favorite eye products, especially in the dead of the summer to avoid the raccoon-eye look. Sesnek explains that eyeliners can either run or need to be reapplied every day due to the heat of the body and summer’s high temperatures. A waterproof eyeliner is water-resistant and won’t smear or run. The multi-use, Best of Beauty-winning Danessa Myricks Beauty Colourfixes are highly recommended, particularly the bright hot pink Freedom (shown above), and the bright orange Carrot Top.

Skip Shadow for Sparkles

Devon Abelman, Allure beauty editor, prefers to glue on chunky butterfly glitter and gems with Kiss’s Strip Lash Adhesive, instead of using pigmented eyeshadows in hot weather. Its waterproof formula prevents any embellishments from sliding off skin thanks to its aloe vera-infused glue. Your summer embellishments will withstand the heat. You only need a little bit of boldness in order to get started.

Orange You Glad

You can’t go wrong with color. But summer is a great time to experiment with bright colors. Carrillo believes orange is the summer color. He recommends that you focus the shade on your lips and cheeks, rather than your eyes, to avoid creasing and running. Dose of Colors Nyma Tang Coral Lip Set is his favorite. It features two rust-orange lipsticks that can be used on all skin tones.

To brighten his cheeks, he also loves the Pat McGrath Labs skin care products in Paradise Venus (terracotta), and Electric Bloom (coral). He says that orange can be intimidating but that peach is the best choice for fair skin. Coral is better for olive skin tones. Consider your undertones if you have deeper skin tones. He shares that golden undertones should be more inclined to true orange blushes and red-based oranges.

The Power of the Matte

The matte lipstick that lasts all summer, no matter how much you cover up. You need a formula that won’t fade, move or leave behind marks. Carrillo swears to the budgeproof, Best of Beauty-winning Maybelline UltraStay Crayon Lipstick. He says, “Take that first sip, and give the mask a kiss. Or leave it on.” “It won’t transfer.”

Only a Tint

You can choose something more hydrating like a tinted lip balm, lip oil or gloss if you don’t love the matte look. This will give your lips a beautiful sheen. These formulas won’t need to be kept clean throughout the day. Mehta loves the Dior Lip Glow Balm, which “adjusts to your lips’ pH so it compliments any skin tone.”

Setting spray

Setting spray actually works, it’s true. Victoria Vohland, a Los Angeles-based cosmetic chemist, explained it to Allure’s Beauty Detectives. A setting spray is composed of three ingredients (water alcohol and film formers), which work together to create a barrier that keeps your makeup in place. Carrillo is all over Huda Beauty Resting Boss Facial Setting Spray. Mehta, a fan-favorite, three-time Best of Beauty-winning Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray, is recommended for the warm seasons.