Fashion Stylists Shared 12 Trends to Try this Summer

Fashion Stylists Shared 12 Trends to Try this Summer

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You will need to replace any cool-weather staples with shorts, tank tops and breezy dresses as the temperatures rise. You know better than we that summer wardrobes don’t only consist of timeless staples. What else can we wear to beat the heat? Which fashion trends are hot for summer 2022? And which ones best suit your personal style?

Summer 2022 will be full of social events, including weddings that were postponed. You’ll need to ensure your wardrobe is ready for any occasion. A few of the hottest trends from summer will also be a nice addition to your outfit.

We reached out to talented stylists and fashion experts to find out their top picks for 2022.

Say yes to Daytime Sparkles

Shea Daspin, a NYC fashion stylist, is all about embellishments in summer 2022. She says daytime sparkles are high up on her wish list.

“Nothing can say ‘I’m still here!’. I love Tarina Tarantino and Laser Kitten. Anything with sequins and/or lame is my favorite clothing.”

Get ready for the beading

Daspin agrees with the embellishment theme and says that any DIY-inspired garment is fine with her, particularly if it involves beading.

“I love everything Susan Alexandra and Shop Sweet Bead,” Daspin exclaims. “From purses to clothing to home decor, anything bright and colorful that is handmade with love is on my top 10 list!”

Slip on those Platform Heels

The Y2K era trends have seen a resurgence in the last few years. But, according to Cindy Conroy, the summer of 2022 will be all the rage with platform heels.

Conroy describes the iconic throwback shoe as “Platforms equal parts comfort and friend to both short- and tall girls, giving them lengthened, toned legs immediately.” “Summer 2022 all about platform and I’m so happy for it! It’s what I need, since I’m a small girl.”

Add style to your look with silk scarves

Lindsey Dupuis, celebrity stylist, tells us that she has been patiently waiting for the silk scarf trend’s return since her catholic school days when she used to wrap it around her ponytail.

Dupuis admits that the look gave her a glimpse of self-expression in a time when there was very little to choose from for dress codes. You can personalize them however you like, by putting it around your neck, ponytail or purse or weaving through your braids or belt loops.

Choose Bright Colors

Here’s good news for those who are sick of earth tones: Victoria Havlik, a personal stylist, says bright colors will dominate this season, especially since we’re embracing dopamine dressing.

Havlik says that colors like bright pink, cobalt, blue, orange and yellow will be very popular this summer. Havlik says that the key to feeling happy and excited is choosing shades that make you feel good. You can also choose pastels if bright colors are not your thing.

“Pastels such as baby blue, lavender and pink are great colors to add to your summer wardrobe. To give your look a soft, elegant touch, add your favorite gold jewelry.”

Crop tops are a great way to show off your skin!

Crop tops are one of the most skin-revealing trends that you should try.

Teich said that crop tops can be worn by anyone, regardless of age or body type. It can give you more shape with a high-waisted skirt or pant. The perfect amount of skin without showing too much is also possible.

“A low-waisted skirt/pants is a must-have if you are bold. For a more sophisticated look, I recommend to my clients matching sets with crop tops.”

Get the Coastal Grandmother Vibe

The beach grandma trend is incredibly chic, and Grace Thomas, the founder of Builtgracefully Personal Wardrobe Styling, has all the details for summer 2022.

Thomas says, “Think Diane Keaton’s Something’s Gotta Give. This style, which is composed of monochromatic, light neutral-toned outfits, linen fabrics and breezy pieces, is simple and chic. This style looks great with ivory linen trousers, a white T-shirt or tank, and an oversized white blouse.”

Bring Back Regencycore

Regencycore, thanks in large part to the return Bridgerton, is still a popular escapist fashion trend that Thomas can’t stop loving.

“Summertime brings out floral prints and feminine dresses. But this year, with Bridgerton’s second season, Regencycore is hot. Thomas suggests a variety of styles, including statement sleeves, feminine detailing, bows and corset tops. You can either go all out with this trend and wear a Sister Jane dress with pearl accessories or add a touch of it to your summer wardrobe with a Corset top and Levis cut-offs.

Try Hyper-Textures

This is a simple way to update your summer wardrobe. Kimberly Mayhew CEO of House of Colour says that clothing and accessories with texture (think fringe, feathers and crochet) will work.

Wear bold partywear if you like a bold look. You can achieve a delicate look by using a single accessory with hyper-texture, and balance your outfit with structure elsewhere.

Keep cool in cutouts

While daring cutouts are a trend for some time, it doesn’t seem like they will be going away for summer 2022.

Mayhew says that while back cutouts were popular last season, this summer we’ll see more shoulder, subversive and asymmetrical cutouts in the wardrobe. Cutouts attract attention so make sure you find the right cutout outfit for your style!

Make it a Mini

The micro-mini and mini skirt trends are perfect for those who like their hemlines to be very short.

“This season, the micro-mini is back. It’s manifested through bold prints, sophisticated co-ords and ’60s tailoring. Expect to see shorter lengths for casual, formal and catwalk wear, including business suits, dresses and shorts.”

All-White Everything

Monochromatic looks are our favorite for summer. While we love the bright colors of spring, we prefer to wear white from head-to-toe in summer.

It’s an easy and chic way to instantly elevate your look, especially in summertime.