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Men’s lust for the latest sneakers and statement jackets will always be high on their lists. But don’t let the high-wattage hype blind you to the basics. A pair of trousers for men can be one of the most powerful items you own, but if you do it wrong, you will instantly lose the spark of the trends you have spent so much time chasing.

It’s easy to just reach for your favorite slim-fit black jeans, but there are many top-notch options that will make you look twice as good. These are the undiscovered types of pants that men should consider, but might not have thought of.


Ankle swingers are here to stay, as they’re often called. Cropped trousers can spice up a boring formal outfit by allowing your ankles to breathe in the summer. Cropped trousers are shorter than average and show a small amount of ankle or socks. Not to be confused with pantaloons.

A precise crop gives your shoes a platform and emphasizes your trews. It is important to get the right length. If they don’t fit right off the peg, you should consult a tailor. However, if you feel brave, any length that is three to four inches above your ankle is safe.

Cropped trousers work well in both formal and casual settings. However, the latter is more comfortable. Cropped chinos will look great with a simple white shirt and a premium suede bomber. For more formal occasions, black trousers can be worn with a gray blazer, charcoal roll neck, and oxblood shoes.


Corduroy was once a reserved material for academics. However, it is now a staple in men’s fashion and can be worn properly to make a pair of essential trousers. Corduroy is making a comeback in menswear, and it’s the perfect time to “wrap your legs” in it.

Cord is a textile made from woven, twisted wool or cotton. It results in parallel lines (called “wales”). The most durable type of corduroy, wool corduroy, is very wearable. Cord trousers can withstand quite a lot and will not only give you a little bit of intelligence but also provide a lot of durability. You can call them the Indiana Jones of legwear. However, they can get too hot so save them for the worst.

Corduroy can be dressed down and worn casually, contrary to some of its more formal connotations. To prove that you are not an Oxbridge fellow, pair dark corduroy trousers with a sweatshirt paired with practical leather sneakers.

This stripey fabric can also add a personal touch to formal wear. For party season, a slim-cut corduroy suit is a great companion to a light-gauge rolling neck and monk strap shoes. The shirt and tie are best left at home.


Wool men’s trousers are a firm favorite of fashion bloggers (those who don’t dress as anime astronauts) and art directors around the globe. They offer a throwback back to days when jeans were not the de facto kings of legwear.

The wool trouser is versatile enough to be worn with tailored separates, or simply dressed up casually. It has been a staple in the industry for many years and continues to grow in popularity.

These pants look great worn down with sneakers, but they can also be styled more traditionally. You can find inspiration at Pitti Uomo, where you’ll see them paired with Derbies, brogues or double monks.


If you want to look like a traditional, masculine man, a good piece of workwear will do the trick. The perfect menage is a blend of quality craftsmanship and style. It’s a great way to show off your cool while still being extremely wearable.

Twill is made from heavyweight cotton and woven to form a surface with diagonal parallel ridges. This traditional material will provide excellent cost-per wear calculations owing to its tough nature.

Every scuff on a pair twill chinos tells an story, even if you’re just using them to tweet. The beleaguered chino is also able to transcend the world of “Ibiza lads touring” and gain a more mature sense of tradition and place in twill.

This style is still a casual trouser, so pair them with a simple pair of shoes (such a Vibram contrast sole), a T shirt or piece of knitwear, and top it with a denim jacket or overshirt for a cool, off-duty look.


The backlash against skinny jeans is now officially in full swing. Relaxed-legged trousers and jeans are becoming more popular as we get tired of trying to remove our things with dignity after a night out.

The Levi’s 501 is a relic of 1950s-inspired clothing. It’s back on the radar for menswear’s most fashionable and stylish cuts.

They are great for creating a platform for standout footwear. However, looser cut chinos or trousers should be worn with care. They will look like floor-dragging bootcuts. If they are too long, you will look like you are wearing three-quarters lengths. We recommend that the hem falls somewhere between your shoe’s top and the first set of eyelets. This will avoid any pooling. Style your top half to contrast the fabric. This will avoid being accused of dressing up like your dad.


Linen trousers were a dated style that was ill-suited for modern men’s wardrobes and styles. Designers have done a lot to restore them in recent years. The shapeless cuts are gone, and have been replaced by modern, tapered leg-lines that flatter all body shapes. They are also more practical and less likely to cause impossible creases thanks to linen blends, while still being as light as ever.

For a sophisticated old-timer look, you can wear them with a linen suit. However, if you want to keep it modern, crop them and pair them with sneakers and a plain T shirt.


Smart drawstring trousers for men are the most important thing in menswear since the last ten years. Drawstrings and elasticated waistbands used to be reserved for sportswear. They were generally thought to indicate that ‘you didn’t care’. This is not very smart. It was a great surprise to be able to sit down and enjoy a large plate full of pasta without feeling like your pants might cut you in half at the end.

Drawstring trousers are now tailored in many more materials than the jersey. The other great options are wool and linen. You’ll never look back once you feel how relaxed your dress-up wardrobe can be.


There have been many great hybrids over time: the shacket and the snood, er, Kimye. But none has the same staying power as athleisure. This rare example of fashion and function coming together for the greater good is not common.

Sports-luxe is still very popular in the States. While UK labels have been slow to catch up, younger Brits are now taking the look seriously. They can be worn in any environment, whether it’s the pub or at the gym.

Although it is possible to pair the right jogger with the right shirt, we recommend keeping streetwear alive with a T-shirt with a logo from Palace, Stussy, or Undefeated. A low-profile lifestyle runner on one foot, and a smarter bomber jacket.

To add some style to your streetwear look, you can wear some box-fresh white trainers with a lace-up Oxford shirt and some (impeccably ironed!) Oxford shoes.


The history of cargo trousers is a messy one. They have been army-essential to oversized monstrosity in the early noughties. They’re back now, and much more fashionable.

Cargo men’s trousers should be slim but not too large. This is why tailored cargo pants are so important. Although you could technically stuff their large pockets to capacity, in this instance, practicality is more important than aesthetics so keep them empty.

The standard-issue khaki is a great choice for pairing with almost any navy item. For a weekend look that grafts, consider adding a overshirt (another essential workwear piece). If you don’t have the luxury of light layers, you can still wear a pair modern black cargo trousers with a grey sweatshirt, white Oxford shirt and navy overcoat to create a stylish look that passes inspection.


High-waisted trousers have been on the rise recently. While a well-styled pair of trousers can lead to sartorial success, if they’re not right, you’ll end up looking like a child playing dress up with his dad’s suit.

To find the perfect length and cut, you need to be precise. A cropped cut is best for wide-leg styles. If mankles are not your style, a tapered fit will allow your trousers’ leg openings to be matched with your footwear.

Technically speaking, high-waisted pants may seem like tailoring but they are still very relaxed. Your style should be’suit’. You can wear a polo shirt or loose T-shirt up top. The waistband should be tucked in. Layer this with a matching jacket or wool overcoat if the mercury drops. You can mix and match your footwear with a suede desert boot or a canvas high-top.