Makeup Artists Shared 12 Wedding Day Makeup Tips

Makeup Artists Shared 12 Wedding Day Makeup Tips

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On your wedding day, you will need something old, something new and something borrowed. We would add something glamorous to that. You don’t need to do much. A touch of blush, false lashes, or highlighter can enhance your day-of glow.

Tasha Reiko, a makeup artist, tells us that you want to see yourself in your wedding photos and be able to see your true self. Brown says that the goal is to not look like a “classic bride”, but to look classic as a bride.

You don’t have to stick to the same look for your wedding makeup, but this is not the right time to experiment with a trend. Lisa Eldridge, a makeup artist, says that sometimes brides want to do something different on their wedding day.

These makeup tips will help you get ready for your big day.

1. To create a vision, you can use a moodboard

You should be familiar with Pinterest. You can create a digital collage of inspiration from Pinterest’s many images. Daniel Martin, a makeup artist, says that visuals can help you to visualize and focus on the details of how and what you want to look on your big event.

It’s even more helpful if you work with a professional makeup artist. Gucci Westman, a makeup artist, tells us that having a reference helps you better communicate what you want.

2. Take photos during your trial run

It is important to choose a professional makeup artist who can understand your style if you are looking to work with one. It’s a good idea to consult several makeup artists and book at least six months ahead of your wedding. Eldridge says that spending time learning and perfecting your makeup technique, along with figuring out which products work best for you, will help you save a lot on your wedding day.

It is always a good idea to do a test run (or two) before you buy. Also, make sure that flashback is not an issue with any of your products. Charlie Riddle, a makeup artist, says that it is a good idea to take photos before you start using the product.

3. For the best skin possible, pamper your skin

Shani Darden, aesthetician, says that preparing for your wedding is about hydrating and glowing the skin before you apply makeup. Now is the right time to start a skin-care regimen.

A healthy, glowing complexion is the best canvas for applying luminous makeup. Misha Shandaz, a makeup artist, suggests that regular facials are a good way to prepare skin for the big day. However, it is important to avoid any invasive facials.

4. Primer is the key to making your makeup last

Your wedding day is not a sprint. You want your makeup to last through every photo, dance, and toast. Primer is essential. Martin says, “The Tatcha The Liquid silk Canvas Primer is my go-to product for weddings.” Martin is a brand ambassador. It locks down foundation for hours, doesn’t alter foundation pigment and can be used with either water-based or cream foundations.

5. When choosing your foundation, consider multiple factors

Martin says, “Understand the skin type to select the best products for long-wear.” Martin says that this simple task will help your makeup last longer and eliminate the need for touch-ups on big days.

Consider the environment in which you will be marrying. Westman says that humidity can make it more difficult to have lasting effects. If you are expecting balmy weather, Westman suggests that you powder your skin. Dust translucent powder on the forehead, sides, and chin using a powder puff. This will reduce shine.

6. Make your skin shine with your makeup

Apply base makeup with a gentle hand. Apply a small amount of foundation, but keep in mind that you can always add more. Violette, a makeup artist, says to start with a little product.

Layering formulas and products with different textures requires planning. To make your makeup last longer, use small amounts. Dedivanovic suggests that you apply cream blush first and then powder blush, for a flush with twice the wear.

7. Your natural beauty can be elevated

Radiant skin, brightening cheeks, blushed lips and defined eyes are the best look. Mario Dedivanovic, a makeup artist, says that medium makeup isn’t too heavy, strong or difficult on any one feature but soft on the other. He recommends avoiding dark colors for the eyes. Dedivanovic suggests that you use brown eyeliner rather than black, and then add false lashes to give your eyes the perfect definition.

A soft peachy palette is best for an all-over ethereal appearance. Jillian Dempsey, makeup artist, says that she likes to highlight the eyelashes using polished, glowing skin in soft colors such as pinks, peaches, and taupes.

You want to be yourself. If this means that you feel the need to make bold choices, such as crimson lipstick, then go for it. Jaleesa Jaikaran, a makeup artist, says that she loves the trend of brides opting for bolder lips and smokey eyes than traditional bridal makeup. Brown suggests that lipsticks with lasting power can be applied one layer of color, then blot the lips with rice paper.

8. For fixing the unexpected, and the unavoidable, concealer is the key

Did your rehearsal dinner last until dawn? This is the beauty and power of concealer. Apply a cream concealer to the under-eye area. Use a brush to apply it with your fingers. Apply the cream to the skin with your fingertip.

Nam Vo, a makeup artist, previously explained that concealing a zit requires concealer that is darker than what you would use under your eyes. Vo then tops the concealer with foundation powder to add more coverage. “I tap not just the zit but also the area surrounding it so that everything matches.”

There is a good chance that there will be tears of joy by the time the ceremony takes place. Ashunta Sheriff, a makeup artist, says that you don’t want raccoon eyes or runny concealer.

9. To prevent smudges, you can tame your veil

Brown’s tip can be used to help you balance your veil when the wind is a factor at your outdoor wedding. To prevent this, clip-on earrings can be placed on the bottom of the veil. This will add sparkle and a little bit of protection.

10. Do not save your setting spray for the last

Setting sprays lock in makeup and make it look flawless. Jaikaran says that the key to these sprays is to be used during and after application.

For an alcohol-free makeup set that locks in moisture and locks, try Milk Makeup Hydro Grrip Set + Refresh spray. Jaikaran says that she tested the product in Aruba and found it to be stable in the Caribbean heat. She recommends Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Setting Spray for a glowing finish.

11. Keep a spare kit of makeup

There will be many smiles, kisses and champagne toasts. Even the best-applied makeup can fade. Eldridge says, “Ask your bridesmaids or nearest and dearest to bring a few essentials to ensure your makeup stays fresh throughout the day.”

She recommends including your lipstick, a small compact with powder and a powder brush (or both), as well as a brow brush and concealer.

12. It is essential to have cushion time

Today is your chance! You don’t have to rush or break a sweat by adding a few minutes to your preparation time. Landy Dean, a makeup artist, says that no matter how long your makeup takes, it should take no more than 30 minutes.