14 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Wedding Dress

14 Important Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Wedding Dress

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It’s one of the best parts about getting engaged – choosing a dress. We have some tips for you before you rush to the nearest salon with your saved photos and your best friends. Is it a good idea to bring your bra with you to your appointment? Are there hidden fees or other useful tips for choosing the right wedding dress? We have the answer and are sharing them with you. Continue reading to learn more about what you should keep in mind when shopping for your first wedding dress.

You shouldn’t just go to your local boutique and grab a few dresses off the racks. There are important decisions that you must make first. Here are some tips to help you try on wedding dresses.

Find inspiration for your wedding dress

You don’t need to be overly excited after getting engaged. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to try on wedding dresses in person. It’s actually better to research your options before you go to your first appointment at a bridal shop. This will allow you to establish a baseline of your likes and dislikes, such as your preferred neckline, sleeves type, fabric, and silhouette. You can view real weddings and save them to Pinterest. Share photos with your stylist during your appointment to let them know what you are looking for visually.

It’s also a good idea to learn about popular wedding dress designers. This will help you determine how much money you need to spend to get the look you desire. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the designers before you start looking for a local boutique. You’ll want to look for a shop that stocks gowns from your favorite designers and has a selection of wedding gowns. Call the salon to confirm if they have the dress in stock if you find a dress online. Even if the style isn’t their usual stock, the consultant might be able request a sample for you.

Set up an appointment

Once you have found the boutique you like, we recommend that you make an appointment. Even if you are lucky enough to be able to speak with a salesperson, booking an appointment will ensure that you have the best experience possible. You run the risk of being turned down if you don’t make an appointment. Many shops have a no-walk-in policy due to COVID-19 regulations and precautions.

Select your dress shopping team

Ask about the salon’s guest policy before you schedule your appointment. This will allow you to find out how many people are allowed to come to try on wedding dresses. Our tip: Don’t bring a large group to the salon. Although it might seem like a great experience to have your entire bridal party with you, conflicts and unnecessary distractions can quickly make it difficult.

To help you begin your search, invite two to three VIPs such as your mom, grandmother, maid of honour, or other family members. You can be confident that you will only want what you really want, and not feel pressured by others.

Finalize your wedding dress budget

After you have created a wedding budget together (or The Knot’s wedding budgeter if this is your first time), you can decide how much you will spend on your wedding dress. Our company data shows that wedding attire makes up 6% of an average couple’s wedding budget. In 2021, the average wedding dress cost was $1,800.

A budget is important before you start shopping for wedding dresses. It will save you time and help you avoid disappointment. A budget can help your consultant choose the right wedding dress for you.

How to Shop for Wedding Dresses

Now you’re ready to shop! These tips will make your dress shopping experience a success.

Before you go to your appointment, eat

You should save the heavy and boozy meals for after you have tried on the wedding dresses. However, you don’t want your appointment to start with an empty stomach. A light meal is a good idea to prepare ahead. It will keep you fueled up for the appointment and help you get over any nerves. Drink plenty of water, get enough sleep in the days before your appointment so you feel your best on the day.

Do not forget to include additional costs

You should now have an idea about how much you can afford to buy your dream wedding gown. But, don’t forget that the cost of the gown is not the only thing you need. You will need to add on accessories such as a veil or sash, jewelry and wedding shoes. Wedding dress alterations can be costly depending on what service you choose. These costs should be included in your final shopping budget. If you aren’t sure, ask the salesperson for an estimate.

Ask about sample sales and trunk shows

Shopping at a trunk sale or sample sale can be a great way to save money or find a last-minute dress. These events offer you the chance to purchase a designer gown at an affordable price.

Trunk shows are in-store showcases where the entire designer’s collection is available. Usually, there is a discount for dresses bought during the sale. You should make an appointment to shop a trunk show by a designer as they are often very popular and have limited availability.

You can also save money by buying a floor sample of the bridal gown that you like, rather than having it made to your specifications. It can be tempting to rush to the local boutique’s sample sale. However, the crowds and overwhelming nature of the sale can make it difficult to shop on the first day. If you don’t know how long the sale will last, call ahead and ask about the dates. You might consider attending one of the later dates. If you don’t know what you are looking for, be prepared.

If possible, shop on a weekday

You don’t want to be rushed shopping for your wedding dress, so make an appointment for your appointment on a weekday morning/afternoon. Saturday is the busiest day in bridal salons so it’s a good idea to try on dresses during the week.

Your stylist and your intuitions are your best friends

While we’ve spoken about how important it is to know what you want before going to your first appointment, it’s equally important that you trust your stylist and allow them to make suggestions in the dressing room. The process of shopping for wedding dresses is very different from purchasing clothes for your daily wardrobe. This is why the stylist’s expertise is so important. Keep in mind: They do this every day!

A professional bridal consultant can help you find the right wedding dress that suits your style and is within your budget. If you don’t find the perfect wedding dress right away, it’s perfectly normal to search for another one. There are many bridal designers with thousands of designs. There are many options, so it is possible to find a beautiful gown. It can be disappointing to come home empty-handed after your first trip, but don’t despair.

Questions about Wedding Dress Shopping

Have questions? You don’t have to be confused. It’s not difficult to try on wedding dresses. Below are some common questions.

  • What time should you try on wedding gowns?

Most wedding dresses can be tried on as soon as possible. You should begin shopping for wedding dresses 12 months prior to your big day or as soon as you have finalized your venue and date. Although it may take you several appointments to find the perfect wedding gown, you should purchase your gown nine months prior to your big day. This allows enough time to have the dress made and allow for customizations and tailoring.

  • What is the average time it takes to try on wedding gowns?

Standard wedding dress appointments last one hour. You may be able extend your appointment at an additional cost depending on which salon you are visiting. If you need more time, you can also plan to come back another day. You will likely have other appointments scheduled before your appointment. If they don’t, they may have to cancel your appointment or not be able accommodate you.

  • What can you wear to try on wedding gowns?

Your experience will be enhanced if you bring the right accessories and undergarments. A neutral-toned, seamless underwear such as a thong and seamless panty is essential for wedding gown fittings. However, you don’t need to worry about bringing a braless or fancy lingerie. Most bras won’t work with the dresses that you are trying on. Your stylist can temporarily clip your dress so it provides enough support and coverage before you leave the fitting room.

Shoes are another important item you should bring. Although you may not yet have the perfect wedding shoes, we recommend that you bring shoes that look similar to what you plan on wearing on the big day.

  • Are you in a bad luck charm when trying wedding dresses?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not a bad thing to try on wedding gowns, especially if your wedding is imminent. What other way can you find the perfect gown? It’s okay to feel nervous about going shopping. However, once you have your appointment, you will be able to get comfortable. We recommend trying on different styles so you can see what you like.

You can share your wedding gown with your partner, or keep it secret until the big day. Although we doubt you will be cursed by bad luck for showing your partner your wedding dress, it is fun to keep it secret for the big day.

You can try on wedding dresses without purchasing them.

You can still try on wedding dresses before you commit to buying, but we do not recommend you go into a salon unless your serious about finding a dress. You don’t have to find your dream gown the first time you try it on. But if you do, congratulations! You may need to make multiple appointments. Avoid scheduling a trial appointment for wedding dresses if you aren’t ready to buy. It’s disrespectful to the stylist as well as other customers.