10 Amazing Holiday Movies You Should Watch before 2022

10 Amazing Holiday Movies You Should Watch before 2022

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Good news if your favourite part of the holidays involves sitting on your couch and watching TV. As 2021 comes to an end, you won’t be short of holiday entertainment. Alien shoppers and festive archers, as well as a Santa-clad Satan and A Boy Named Christmas, which seems to be about an unnamed boy, will all be coming to your TV, and some to the theaters. These are all available for you to plan your holiday couch-shopping.


There are creatures known as nisser in Scandinavian folklore. Nisser were squat creatures with long red caps and white beards. They resembled garden gnomes. Nisser could protect a farmstead, but would be easily upset. This could lead to anything from mild pranks up to murder depending on how offended they were. You should know that Nisser is the Danish title of the Netflix series Elves. This will help you understand why a remote community has kept them safe and why the town becomes upset when a family vacations lets them loose. These nisser are extremely, very offended.

Elves will premiere on Netflix November 28th. It stars Sonja Steen and Milo Toke Bendix Campanale, Ann Eleonora Jorgensen and Vivelill Sagaard Holm,Peder Thomas Pedersen and Lila Nobel are also featured.

Solar Opposites Holiday Special

Rick &Morty’s co-creator Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan (Star Trek: Lower Decks creator), will receive a holiday special. We don’t know what the special will be, which is somewhat on-brand. However, the announcement was made via a lavish, live-action music video entitled “What the Fuck is Christmas?” as performed by Korvo, an Earth-hating alien (voiced by Roiland). The video features some amazing puppetry, and even more eye and mouth animations on a man wearing a Korvo costume. However, it is restricted to 18-year-olds so you will have to visit YouTube to view it.

The Solar Opposites holiday special premieres on Hulu on November 22nd.

Black Friday

Bruce Campbell sporting a mustache. Do we need to say more? Black Friday is the worst shopping day of the year for employees. They open their doors at the end of Thanksgiving Day to face the terror of Black Friday. The horror only increases when the panicked shoppers are infected with an alien parasite that makes them more murderous. The film is a horror-comedy with a Sam Raimi-ish feel that we love, even beyond Campbell.

Black Friday is coming to theaters and on demand on November 23. It also stars Devon Sawa and Michael Jai White. Ivana Baquero and Ryan Lee are also featured.


The six-part Hawkeye limited series, Aka A Very Avengers Christmas sees Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner), run into Kate Bishop (Hailee Sternfeld) while he’s pretending to be Ronin, the brutal vigilante Clint took on during the famine that decimated half of the universe’s population. Hawkeye is Marvel’s most comical piece of entertainment since the Guardians of the Galaxy. The Avenger takes Kate under his wing, and trains her to be the next most powerful superhero in the MCU, despite Clint’s bad attitude.

Hawkeye premieres November 24th on Disney+. It stars Vera Farmiga and Florence Pugh. The show also stars Alaqua Lopez, the first appearance of Echo, the deaf hero. She’ll be getting her own streaming series someday.

Robin Robin

Aardman Animation is the creator of Wallace & Gromit looks like it’s trading clay with felt in Robin Robin. This sweet story is about an owlet who was raised and trained by mice and now wants to be one. She discovers that “who-mans”, have a special tree with an engraved star that grants them all they desire on Christmas morning. This gives her the chance to fulfill her wish. All she needs to do is sneak in to a quiet house like a mouse. The trailer shows that Robin’s owl-ness can be a challenge. Side note: Robin’s origin is described in the official synopsis as when Robin’s egg “fortuitously” lands in a garbage dump.

Robin Robin will be available on Netflix November 24, featuring Gillian Anderson’s voice as Robin Robin, Loki’s Richard E. Grant playing the patriarch of the owlet’s mouse family.

8-Bit Christmas

How can you update the holiday classic A Christmas Story. The ’50s are traded for the late 80s, the coveted Red Ryder BB Gun, for the then-brand new Nintendo video gaming console. Neil Patrick Harris will narrate the story of his quest to find the ultimate Christmas present for his childhood, despite the disapproval of his parents, June Diane Raphael, and Steve Zahn. Although the nostalgia-fueled 8 Bit Christmas looks great, it seems like it is trying too hard to recreate A Christmas Story.

HBO Max will release 8-Bit Christmas this November 24. Atari 2600 is also available.

A Boy Called Christmas

Although we don’t usually correct Maggie Smith, she seems to have some very bizarre ideas about Santa Claus’ origins, at least according the Netflix film A Boy Called Christmas. The story involved a talking mouse and Elfheim village, possibly a witch and a troll. It also featured a boy who travels into snowy wilderness in search of happiness for his kingdom. However, the child’s name is Nikolas, not Christmas so we don’t know to whom it refers.

Netflix November 24, 2018. The streaming service clearly has high expectations for A Boy Called Christmas. It’s already assembled quite a cast including Smith, Toby Jones and Sally Hawkins.

 A Kiss Before Christmas

Although the Hallmark Channel makes several billion holiday movies each year, very few people venture into the supernatural. It’s normal for Santa to be implied, but in A Kiss for Christmas, a man plays the role of Santa Claus. He wishes he had spent more time on his career than his wife Teri Hatcher (also Desperate Housewives) and his teenage daughters. His wish is granted, his marriage ends, his daughters are extinct, and he becomes the CEO of his real estate company. He realizes that this was a terrible mistake and has only until Christmas to convince his ex-wife that they are still together.

A Kiss Before Christmas airs on the Hallmark Channel November 24.

Trolls: Holiday in Harmony

This trailer for Trolls World Tour’s first holiday special is not going to convince anyone if you haven’t seen them. It’s a shame, because they are actually quite great and there is no reason to believe Holiday in Harmony will be any different. The special features Queen Poppy (Anna Kendrick), who organizes the first Trolls Kingdom Secret Holiday Gift Swap. However, Branch (Justin Timberlake), accidentally draws them together. Tiny Diamond (Kenan Thomson) is trying to create a holiday rap for his father, but shenanigans are presumably a part of their routine.

This special will air on NBC on November 26. Holiday in Harmony features the entire voice cast: Rah Bloom, Ron Funches and Kunal Nayyar as well as Anderson Paak and Anthony Ramos.

Wellington Paranormal Christmas Special

You might also enjoy What We Do in the Shadows. In this series, two police officers investigate supernatural phenomena that plague the New Zealand city. Wikipedia’s summary of the episode is: “Minogue (Mike Minogue), and O’Leary(Karen O’Leary), respond to various supernatural incidents on Christmas Eve, including Satan taking over as Santa Claus, meat disappearing into vortex during a BBQ, terrorizing a family with a demon-possessed doll, and a photocopying device acting as a vortex. Minogue and O’Leary then present Sergeant Maaka (Maaka Pahatu) with a soft doll as a Christmas gift. It turns out that the toy is possessed.

This episode will air on the CW November 27th. However, the regular episodes of the show have been posted the next day on HBO Max so it is likely that you can also watch it there.