9 Amazing Makeup Trends to Try in 2022

9 Amazing Makeup Trends to Try in 2022

29.06.2022 Off By manager_1

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The 2022 makeup trends, which include Y2K beauty resurgence and eye jewels inspired by Euphoria, are completely changing the game. There’s an obvious nod to the early 2000s: frosted shadows are back and so have thin brows. Celebrities, professionals, and influencers have made new looks mainstream. It’s evident that the beauty industry has stepped up the creativity and expression with everything from fake freckles to graphic eyeshadow designs appearing on social media and on the red carpet.

Bold lips and bold eyes are the main focus, but skin is playing a more subtle role. Billie Gene, a makeup artist, says that there is now a place for both glowing, natural skin and dewy cheeks. But also for those who love flawless, glam eyes. “This year we will see a real merging of both beauty looks.”

Grab your makeup bag and grab your brushes. Keep scrolling because we have tapped an expert panel to breakdown the most popular, innovative and trendsetting makeup looks for 2022.

Face Gems

According to co-founder and creative director of Half Magic Donni, adding a little sparkle in your brow bone, corner of your eyes, or along your cheeks, is a big trend. The makeup artist explained that you can either create bold looks with large-sized rhinies or smaller ones, which she calls tiny rhinies. They add a subtle, elegant accent to any eye makeup.

Negative Space Eyeshadow

Jonet Williamson, a makeup artist, says that negative space designs are a part of the overall trend for graphic eyeliners. The easiest way to achieve this look is with a kohl pencil. However, you should always have a Q-tip as well as makeup remover handy in case of any missteps.

Brighter Lips

Williamson claims that statement lips are officially making a comeback. Are you unsure which color to choose? Corals and berries are her favorites, while Tobi Henney, makeup artist, is more interested in a red moment. She explains that red lips are a common look on the red carpet. It can be worn all day and night.

Ethereal Skin

Dominique Lerma, celebrity makeup artist and Omnia Brush Executive Artist says that a makeup trend that is timeless is radiant skin. Cream and liquid products are important for a glowing complexion, but don’t forget the importance of your application tool. Lerma suggests a fluffy, multi-purpose brush like the Omnia BOM-265 to apply highlighters, blushes and bronzers to the facial contours.

The Thin Eyebrow Revival

Yes, they’re back. We thought that low-rise jeans were the way to go for thin eyebrows, but it seems this controversial style is making a comeback. Just look at Bella Hadid and Barbie Ferreira. Williamson credits the revival of thin eyebrows to TikTok’s Pamela Anderson filter. Danielle Vincent, a brow expert, suggests that you fake the look by using strategically placed concealer and brow pencils instead of going wild with your tweezers.

White Eyeliner

This is a new technique. Jenna Kristina, makeup artist, shares that the liner is used to line the inner rim of your eye and then popped into the inner corner for extra brightness. Her favorite product for creating the look is? The Maybelline New York Tattoo Studio Gel Eyeliner Polish White promises 36-hour wear.

Bronzed Complexions

Gene says, “Think Jennifer Lopez in 2000.” Apply a cream bronzer, powder bronzer, then a spray self-tanner to achieve the look.

Lower Lash Line Designs

Davy isn’t new to the solid wing look, but she has been reinterpreting this classic look. She explains that she loves decorating the lower lashline because it doesn’t require you to think about your eyelid type.

Monochromatic moments

Cassandra Garcia, a makeup artist, says that 2022 will see a new take on “90s glam”. Brown hues are a favorite of hers, especially for the eyes and lips. The neutral shades are most likely already in your makeup bag, and the warm tones look great with all skin types.