15 Best pocket knifes to buy this fall

15 Best pocket knifes to buy this fall

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These small pocket knives are among the most highly recommended and popular options for EDC. They measure between 2.5″ and 3″. These are the top small knives you can buy to complement your EDC.

Kershaw Launch 4 Pocket Knife

Ironically, it is often the smallest and most discrete EDC items that pique most interest. The Kershaw Launch 4 is a compact, California-legal knife that’s currently in fashion. It is a minimalist, symmetrical design knife that looks almost like a pocket knife when closed. The blade can be deployed quickly by pressing a button. Its 1.9″ CPM-154 spearpoint blade is ideal for slicing or piercing. Although it’s not the biggest blade, its portability and quick action make it a great choice for those who need to get quickly to their tasks. Kershaw Launch 4 is made in America and includes a pocket clip to make it easy to carry.

Gerber Straightlace Pocket Knife

Gerber is a trusted manufacturer of timeless pocketable EDC gear, including the Straightlace Pocket Knife. The knife is just 3 inches long when closed. There’s a nail nick along the blade that allows you to deploy the stainless steel sheepsfoot sword when necessary. The knife comes with a strong pocket clip so you can take it everywhere. The knife features a slip joint lock, and is available in either blue or green aluminum weights. This is a great choice if you are looking for a traditional-style pocket knife.

Buck Budgie Pocket Knife

The Budgie is not like the traditional gents knives Buck makes, but it is still modern. The premium 2-inch hollow-ground, drop point blade is made from CPM S35VN stainless. It is a great slicing knife because it has both a sharp point for piercing and a long belly. Because of its choil, it is much easier to keep the edge clean on stones than with most everyday knives. For a secure grip even in rough use, the handle measures 3.25″ in length and has grippy G-10 scales one side. The other side features a stainless steel frame lock. It is designed so that you can reach the large eyehole of the blade with your right hand for manual deployment. A deep carry pocket clip on the opposite side of the knife allows you to conceal the blade in your pockets when not in use. The rear backspacer is brightly colored Cerakote. It can also be used as a lanyard hole, if needed.

Victorinox Cadet Alox Pocket Knife

For anyone who wants to add or build an EDC, the Victorinox Cadet Alox is a great choice. The Cadet Alox measures only 84mm (3.33 inches) in length and has nine useful functions. It is also extremely lightweight with nine functional features. There have been many multi-function, slim and affordable knives since the Cadet’s launch, but few of them match up in one product. The Cadet allows you to create the perfect knife by adding aftermarket parts such as clips, scales and swapped tools.

SOG Stout FLK Pocket Knife

This tiny chonker of knife is more than a great gift. It’s an excellent EDC knife that everyone who is into gear will appreciate. The blade measures just 3.77 inches closed, and is pocket-friendly but still powerful thanks to its well-designed “little big knife” design language. Although the blade is shorter at 2.62 inches CRYO D2 stainless steel, it’s still strong and durable. It also has a clip point geometry that maximizes the cutting edge for general EDC tasks. The smaller blade is still very easy to use thanks to the large thumbhole and rear flipper tab that allow multiple ways to deploy it. The knife locks into a strong steel frame lock that can withstand heavy usage. Black G10 scales are included as well as hardware.

Chris Reeve Small Inkosi

Many consider Chris Reeve knives to be the best-made blades available. The Small Inkosi retains the same quality but is small enough to be carried in your pocket. It measures 8.4″ when fully extended. It measures only 2.8 inches, so it conforms to most knife laws. However, double-check your local laws to ensure safety. The handle is made of titanium and has built-in grooves that allow you to place your fingers in a more comfortable position when cutting. One-handed deployment is easy thanks to the dual thumb studs at either end of the blade. You can choose from a drop point, insingo or tanto style for the Small Inkosi. You can also choose to have the knife orientated left-handedly or right-handed, so you will get a knife that suits your preferences.

Kizer Mini Sheepdog Pocket Knife

The Kizer Mini Sheepdog Knife is a titanium pocket knife made of tough material. The unique flipper measures just 2.6 inches in length. The blade is made of stainless steel and the handle is titanium. This makes it a light, yet durable companion you can take on hikes or open boxes at work. The unique handle design allows for better grip. The knife’s pocket clip makes it easy for EDC. You can clip it to your bag or into your pants pocket.

Benchmade 533-3 Mini Bugout Pocket Knife

Benchmade Mini Bugout EDC knife delivers full-size performance at a small 2.82″ length. It weighs in at 1.48 ounces. The Mini Bugout is super lightweight thanks to its clever design. Its carbon fiber scaling provides incredible strength and grip while also being extremely lightweight. The premium version comes with a CPM-S90V stainless drop point blade in stainless steel and an AXIS lock. This Mini Bugout can be used for both small and large tasks. This knife is a great and compact EDC knife that has all the same qualities as its brother.

Spyderco Ambitious Lightweight, Pocket Knife

The Spyderco Ambitious is a tried-and-true pocket knife that’s perfect for smaller pockets. The 2.25″ blade locks securely thanks to the Walker LinerLock system, which Spyderco has almost perfected. The knife measures just 5.8 inches when fully opened. The thumb hole makes it easy to use one-handed. The knife’s FRN handles are textured and easy to hold. It’s also a popular EDC choice due to its versatility. You can also remove the clip to carry it clip-up or down, depending on your preference.

CRKT Squid II Pocket Knife

CRKT is known for making high-quality pocket knives at a reasonable price. The Squid II is another example. This is a modernized version of the original Squid knife. It features a 2.7 inch blade made from Bohler M390 stainless steel and a stonewash finish. It’s both beautiful and practical, as it can keep an edge for longer. Micarta handle in rugged green is strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse and still be able to hold its edge. The IKBS bearings will give you a smooth action. When paired with the thumb studs, this knife can be used with just one hand.

Tactile Knife Co. Rockwall Pocket Knife

MagnaCut, a premium blade steel already exists. It was created in collaboration with Dr. Larrin Tom to make “the best” knife. MagnaCut’s incredible toughness, edge retention and corrosion resistance make it ideal for thinner blades that can be supported by other stainless-steel alloys. The overall knife is lighter and easier to carry. This comes at a significant cost and makes it difficult for many to afford. Tactile is well-known for its high-quality bolt-action metal pen designs and manufacturing in the United States. They also produce everyday carry blades. This super-premium CPM MagnaCut stainless is one of their first offerings. The Rockwall is a modern, gents-folding knife featuring high-end stainless steel and an all titanium handle. It has Tactile’s trademark groove texture. Flat grind blade measures 2.84″. The insert lock is included in the handle.

Morakniv Eldris Pocket Knife

The Morakniv Eldris is a fixed-blade knife that can have an edge of less than 3 inches and still be useful. This pocket-sized Scandinavian knife features a 2.2 inch edge and is made from corrosion-resistant Sandvik 12C27 steel. The stubby profile of the blade is ideal for outdoor cutting tasks. It can also be used as a firesteel striker when camping. The blade is protected by a symmetrical sheath, which locks it in place and ensures that it doesn’t move until you need it. You can also hang it securely from your neck using the lanyard hole at the back.

CIVIVIK Plus Pocket Knife

The CIVIVIKi-V Plus pocket knife is a tactical option. The knife has a 2.5 inch tanto blade and liner lock. It also features ceramic ball pivots that allow for smooth operation. G-10 material is used to make the handle. This ensures that it will be strong enough for whatever situation you may find yourself in. Dual-jimping points are located on the spine of the blade. This allows you to place your thumb to guide it, whether you are just cutting open boxes or making more difficult cuts. You can choose from black, white or stealthy allblack with carbon fiber overlay.

Zero Tolerance ZT0022 Pocket Knife

Zero Tolerance has teamed up with Tim Galyean in order to offer the smallest pocket knife that they have to offer. It features a 1.8 inch CPM 20CV premium stainless-steel blade. The versatile clip-point blade style combines a strong, piercing tip and a curved belly to allow for cutting work. The small pocket knife is only 1.7 ounces. This is due to the carbon fiber used on one side of its scaling. It contrasts nicely with the titanium frame lock design made of stonewashed titanium.

OKC RAT II Pocket Knife

Ontario Knife Company’s RAT series has earned a reputation for being a great set of EDC knives. It is known for its slim, sturdy design as well as the useful blade. The RAT II blade is just a quarter of an inch shorter than the original model and measures in at around 3 inches. The RAT II’s thin AUS-8 steel blade makes slicing easy with its ergonomic handle. Its 4-way pocket clip allows for a lot of versatility in transport, along with the lanyard hole & reversible thumbstud.