15 Sun Hats for Your Next Travel Adventure

15 Sun Hats for Your Next Travel Adventure

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woman in blue and white floral bikini wearing brown sun hat

While SPF and sun protection are important in summer, you don’t have to wear long sleeves or pants outside to protect your skin. Sun hats can not only protect your skin but also add color, texture and intrigue to any outfit. Sun protection has become super trendy! (It’s no wonder that your ultra-chic grandma owned hundreds of sun protection products.)

There are many styles to choose from, so you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going out in the sun, planting new flowers, or simply enjoying a cool drink outside. They can all be packed for travel making them ideal for summer vacations. Even Katie’s favorite is here.

There are many hats that can protect your neck and face from the sun, including classic sun hats, classic ball caps, fashionable bucket hats, and classic visors.

The Best Sun Hats For Women

Baggu Sun Hat

You’ve tried taking a selfie at the beach with your friends, but your floppy headwear kept falling at the worst possible moment and in an un-chic manner. We’re not talking about covering one eye and then laughing at yourself. That’s what we solved. Floppy sun hats can be great for the beach but the brim can sometimes fall in front of you, ruining your photos and obstructing vision. The sunhat’s wide brim protects your neck and eyes from the sun. However, the wire keeps it from slipping in front of you. The hat is made of lightweight, breathable fabric and has a handy tie to keep it from blowing off your head when you are in high winds.

J. Crew Textured Summer Straw Hat

While a straw hat may look like a cowboy hat, we found one that is more Parisian. Its smooth straw texture is soft against the head and doesn’t feel scratchy. The hat can be purchased in black or tan, which will match everything you have.

Old Navy Performance Ball Cap

This is the yoga pant. It is made of the same stretchy, comfortable fabric as your leggings. And it’s sweat-wicking to ensure you don’t feel sweat drip down your scalp. You can choose from black, pink, green, or blue. You can get all four for less than $10!

Line up the Sand Wide Brim Straw Hat

The hat not only protects you from the sun but also protects the ocean and donates to cancer charities. Line in the Sand donates 100 percent of its profits to cancer and ocean organizations, regardless of the purchase. This sun hat is made of tightly woven straw, which will protect you from the sun. An internal strap also ensures it doesn’t slip off when you’re out on the water or in the breeze.

Carve Reversible Bucket Hat

When it comes to accessories, two options are better than one. Carve’s adorable sunhat is made of breathable cotton. The brim can be folded back to keep it from getting in your face.

Kelly & Katie Reversible Bucket Hat

This reversible cap is adorned with delicate florals. The hat is white on the reverse side. However, you don’t have to worry about it staining. You can wash it in the washer and get it looking as good as new. You can have two hats in one!

Fly Icon Hat Free

The classic ball cap is timeless. The style is being reintroduced as the “dad cap” and we love it. These hats are cute and flatter almost every head. They can also be worn for days with bad hair or long walks or on the beach. This one is made from lightweight cotton and can be machine washed.

Jenni Kayne Cotton Canvas Sun Hat

Jenni Kayne is a favorite place to find quality, durable pieces. Its timeless design makes it well worth the extra cost. It can be worn with just about anything, thanks to its neutral colors. It is a great addition to the bucket hat trend, as it has a classic brim and structure.

Tentree Safari Hat

You might want to show your sustainability if you are always thinking about it. This safari-style hat made of 90% recycled polyester will last many years. The hat has a sweatband built in to keep you from feeling sloppy, and a drawstring keeps it from flying away in case of wind gusts.

The Beach People Vacation Bucket Hat

Bring back your bucket hat phase! This bucket hat has a bohemian vibe because it has intentionally frayed edges. It comes in a variety of colors, including cream, brown, green, and navy. It has a slightly wider brim than the typical bucket hat. This allows you to easily fold it up and keep it from your eyes, if needed.

Madewell Packable Straw Visor

The visor is another popular hat trend that has made a comeback. This is great because visors can be thrown on and taken off quickly. Madewell’s straw visor is easy to pack and has an elastic band that prevents it from rolling in your bag. You can choose from a classic straw, warm brown, or black color.

Girlfriend Collective Bucket Hat

This bucket hat is made from half organic cotton and half recycled cotton. It’s perfect for days at the pool, or just a quick trip to the farmers market. You’ll find the perfect size for you, and it comes in eight summery colors.


A woven sunhat will not lose its shape and a visor will not give you severe hair problems. This hat has an adjustable strap at the back that will fit your head perfectly. You can also roll it up tight to store in your suitcase or beach bag and it won’t get damaged!

lululemon Wide Brim Bucket Hat

You are missing out if you don’t check the accessory section at lululemon. There are many hats and caps available, but the bucket hat is our favorite for summer. The hat is secured on the head by a long drawstring. However, you can use the strap to carry the hat or wear it when it’s not.

Nordstrom Rack Floppy Hat

This fun floppy hat features a black and natural-colored weaving that gives it depth and texture. The top is finished with a decorative tie. It is actually made from woven paper so it is extremely light.