5 Top T-Shirt Brands For Men

5 Top T-Shirt Brands For Men

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It can be difficult to find the right fit. This is why I created this guide, which features some of my favorite men’s tee-shirt brands.

There are many best t-shirt brands online. However, I have personally used and tested each brand listed in this roundup. Some for many years.

You can find a few brands on this list in malls across the country. The rest are available online.



UNIQLO is the first on our list of top-fitting t-shirts for men. UNIQLO is a mega-fashion retailer that is well-known for its timeless basics and affordable quality.

It has become a favorite place to shop. They also fit me perfectly at 5’6 ”, because I am a shorter man. In-store hemming is also available, which is a rare service offered by major retailers.

Uniqlo shirts are available in many different sizes and colors. Uniqlo Supima cotton T-shirts offer the most bang for your buck. A supima Cotton crew or v neck t-shirt is available for as low as $15. It fits perfectly.

It’s not as value-oriented as it once was at $9.90 per t-shirt but it’s still a great value tee at $15.

UNIQLO had previously said that they were discontinuing the shirts. However, I believe that customer demand prevented that from happening. The 100% cotton shirts are great value for money, but there are better supima t-shirts in terms of quality and fabric weight. Uniqlo’s Supima Tees are medium-weight and not too thick or thin.

You can expect it to last for many years, as long as you wash them and let them air dry. UNIQLO is my favorite brand when it comes to price and fit.


ASKET, a Swedish company, is committed to the pursuit of less. ASKET believes that the world doesn’t need another fashion brand and definitely doesn’t need more clothing. I would have to agree.

ASKET does not design for seasons. Instead, they create timeless collections that can withstand the test of time in both design and craftsmanship. They are the antithesis of fast fashion.

Similar to brands such as Everlane or Mott & Bow offers basics such as oxford shirts and sweatshirts, as well as knitwear (cashmere and merino wool sweaters), trousers, and underwear.

ASKET is the only brand to offer their t-shirt as a short, regular, and long size. This caters to a larger range of sizes, with 15 sizes in total. It’s also the only shirt with a tag, while all other brands in this roundup have no tags.

I love the clean, ribbed neckline. It fits perfectly around my neck. This is a sophisticated white tee that can be worn with a suit, if you make it longer and can then tuck it into your pants.

The Asket T-Shirt, which retails at $45, is among the most expensive in this roundup. Although $45 may seem a lot for most people to spend on a T-shirt, ASKET is well worth it if you are looking for a brand that will fit perfectly while still maintaining a clean design aesthetic.

ASKET is the best when it comes to fit and quality, aesthetics, and a range of sizes.


Ash & Erie is unique because they cater to a very specific group of men, those who are shorter than the average height. It is a worthy cause. Because I am 5’6″, their message and mission resonate with me. Erie is definitely a part of my fashionable wardrobe.

The fit is great, as it was made just for me. The average male height is 5’9″, so many of the t-shirts here are quite long. It’s also preshrunk cotton so it won’t shrink if you happen to accidentally.

It is a smart idea to purchase the right size ready to wear. Although they don’t specify where the premium cotton was sourced, I think it might be here in the USA as that’s where many of their other clothes are manufactured. You can tell the difference between quality and low-cost fabrics. It is similar in weight to ASKET’s Supima Tees and Banana Republic’s Supima Tees.

It’s a surprise that there is no white tee in their current selection. They do have burgundy, heather, and light blue options for v-necks.

Ash & Erie is the right choice for you if your height is 5’8” or less. It should be on your radar. The well-shaped shoulders, sleeves, and appropriate body length of their tees will ensure that they fit perfectly.


Twillory, a rapidly growing direct-to-consumer company, started with dress shirts. They have since expanded to include performance pants, activewear, and outerwear such as their popular performance coat.

Twillory continues to create garments that are versatile, functional, and comfortable, while still maintaining a high level of style.

Some of their clothing, e.g. their dress shirts, trousers, and performance blazers don’t fit me well (surprise! They’re too large), but their range of athleisurewear and tees, outer layers, and undertwills fit me very well.

Twillory’s performance tee looks like a gym shirt, so you can work out in it. However, it also looks good as a casual tee, which you can wear to the gym, at home, and when you’re on the go.

The fabric has a slight sheen and stretches like an undershirt. The best thing about this shirt is its comfort and breathability. This shirt is definitely one I will be wearing in warmer spring and summer.

You may be wondering if there is any shrinkage. The performance tee doesn’t shrink in the washer or dryer. So don’t expect it to shrink after a wash/dry cycle.

Twillory’s performance, untuckable and non-iron dress shirts are what they are known for. You didn’t realize that they also sell underwear and shirts, appropriately named underTwills.

Twillory’s performance shirts are available in a crew neck or V-neck style in white or a tan tone. The tonal undershirt blends well with my skin, which is why I prefer it over a white. However, white is still an excellent option.

The shirt’s back has a silver reflective Twillory logo “T” printed. This is a nice design detail. They have a sweat-wicking and cooling technology, as well as sleeves that don’t get in my armpits. It can be worn untucked or tucked into.

Twillory’s performance shirt is designed to be worn underneath your clothes, but it fits more like a tshirt. It feels thicker than an undershirt and is more substantial. The fabric can be worn casually under an oxford shirt or worn as a base layer to a moisturizing shirt.

Twillory’s Undershirt starts at $24 per shirt. Bundle and save with Twillory’s undershirt bundles. 2 for $36, 4+ for $14.50. This is a great deal.

The Twillory name for the undershirts is not to be confused. They can be worn together, but I prefer them as a basic tee.


Everlane is my favorite brand right now. Everlane is the only brand that offers the same level of style, color variety, and perfect fitting basics. You also get transparency and affordable prices.

Their latest addition to the Uniform Collection is the Everlane Organic Cotton T-shirt. Their t-shirts have been organically certified for some time. I appreciate any progress, so it’s fine that they took their time.

The fit is perfect. They drape well and don’t feel too tight or too loose. They carry XS, which I find a great thing for shorter men. The shoulders are exactly where they should be and the sleeves reach mid-bicep.

It feels great too. The shirt is soft and comfortable, just like a 100% cotton T-shirt. It has the same texture and feel as UNIQLO Express, Armani Exchange, and Express.

I bought Sienna and Sage as colors. They are subtler than the usual white, black, navy, gray and grey. Everlane’s colors don’t seem overdone, in fact they are more muted than other trendier brands.

Organic shirts look washed. It’s comparable to UNIQLO Supima tees in quality. Bow. An organic cotton pocket tee is also available.

Everlane did not have organic tees before they started making tailored crew t-shirts.

The tailored t-shirts are not made from organic cotton. They are made with 100% Pima Cotton, which is soft, smooth, and wrinkle-resistant. They are softer than organic tees and have a heavier feel.

Everlane’s tailored T-shirts have a more fitted look and last a bit longer than organic tees. However, cotton will shrink in proper washing and drying.

The shirt was designed to be worn with a suit. It has a slightly longer collar and can be tucked into your pants for a trendy look with tailored trousers. It comes in three versatile colors: white, navy and black.

Everlane has a variety of t-shirts available, including organic and pima cotton options. All at a much lower price than the competition. These t-shirts are also on sale.