17 Fashion Trends for Spring 2022

17 Fashion Trends for Spring 2022

31.03.2022 Off By manager_1

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The coldest days of winter are over, so it’s time for spring 2022 fashion trends. These usually bring a breather into my wardrobe. My transitional outfit is a basic one: a trench coat, Breton stripes and my worn-out Converse sneakers. But I know that I can count on a viral trend to take over the internet and influence me. Even the most dedicated capsule wardrobe advocate can still buy the pop-punk platform boots Olivia Rodrigo wore.

If you don’t know how to replicate spring 2022 fashion trends, it can be difficult. Expert trend forecasters who looked at the runway to predict what would be in fashion are long gone. Instead, celebrities, influencers and everyday people have just as much power as major designers when it comes setting the style tone for the season.

As the world slowly returns to “somewhat normal”, take comfort in the fact some things have not changed: spring florals are still not revolutionary, but these 17 fashion trends for spring are.

Platform (Anything)

For those days when you feel more powerful, add an additional height-boost. Every retailer and designer has their own version of stilts, whether it’s through thick clogs or sneakers. Platforms can be worn with almost any look. This is a great feature of spring footwear.

Buy the trend:
  • Run Star Motion Platform $120 Converse
  • Marlo Clog $228 Charlotte Stone
  • Slinky 30 Black Flatforms $89.95 Steve Madden
  • Naked Wolfe Jailbreaker Boots $299

Patterned sets

Sets can be your lifesaver if you are like me and live an active lifestyle. Sets are easy to put on and take off for almost any occasion. For a more sophisticated look, swap out your sweatshirt that has been stained with Sriracha for a pair of matching pants or skirts. Cute PJs are also acceptable!

Buy the trend:
  • H&M+ Jacquard-Knit Sweater Vest $24.99
  • H&M+ Knit Skirt $24.99
  • Lucinda Set $130 Lisa Says Gah
  • Pyjama Shorts Set $172.93 Emma Mulholland


For years, feather details have been making an appearance in clothing. They add a unique flair to any item. A feathered trim or detail can elevate any outfit from boring to extraordinary. You don’t need to be Carrie Bradshaw to wear it!

Buy the trend:
  • Denisse Faux Feather Trim Romper $79.95 Fashion To Figure
  • LaMarque Zaina Top $275 Revolve
  • LaMarque Deora Feather Topper Jacket $275 Neiman Marcus
  • Majorelle Feather Mini Skirt $188 Revolve

Grass Green

Although green is not a characteristic of a person, fashion enthusiasts who love spring 2022 are fondly familiar with it. Bottega Veneta has seen grass green make a comeback in the past 18 months. It is now a popular color on runways and online. This color can bring life to your spring outfits, no matter what style you wear, whether it’s a blazer or bucket hat.

Buy the trend:
  • Clymene Side Cut Out Midi Dress $69.95 Showpo
  • Homage Year Ova Vinyl Top Handle Bag $350 Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Wave Bucket Hat $99 – Lack of Colour
  • Tailored Double Breasted Blazer $89.90 Zara

Skirt Suits

Skirt suits are hot right now, as seen on celebrities and runways. You can even drag your mom’s corporate America uniform from the 1980s to the tailor and give it a 2022 twist. Playing with patterns and textures can modernize the silhouette if you are buying.

Buy the trend:
  • Petite Orange Tailored Oversized Blazer $24 Missguided
  • Petite Orange Double-Split Tailored Mini Skirt $45 Missguided
  • Structured Gingham Blazer $69.90 Zara
  • Zara Structured Gingham Shorts $55.90

Baby T-shirts

This trend, which was popular in the ’90s and early 2000s, is a favorite among younger actresses and singers. They often pair it with low-slung jeans or trousers. Although you can still wear a baby shirt in winter, it is much more appropriate for spring when worn with skirts, shorts and denim.

Buy the trend:

Father Figure T-Shirt $55 SSENSE

Niche Micro Celebrity Tee $45 OGBFF

Heaven Logo Baby Tee $65 Marc Jacobs

Jeans and Heart Tee $69

Too-Large Bags

The micro-purse is gone! Consider an oversized bag that can hold more than just a spare mask or AirPods for your spring outfits mood boards. This spring accessory trend feels almost counter-culture to the tiny bags that dominated red carpets in 2019 and 2020. Chopova Lowena and Isabel Marant are two of the major designer houses that have adopted this trend. You can also join the tote bag warriors army by purchasing a large canvas bag if you don’t like giant leather hobo bags.

Buy the trend:
  • Madewell’s Oversized Shopper Bag $168
  • Marc Jacobs Heaven Multicolor Phone Home Tote $225 SSENSE
  • Large Nylon Sasha Bag $295
  • We The Free Reina Oversized Tote $198 Free People


Long skirts make a great transitional piece for spring. They keep your legs warm and don’t sacrifice comfort. Although it is a must-have item in your wardrobe, spring gives you more options. You can make maxi skirts asymmetrical or metallic, pleated, or all three!

Buy the trend:
  • BDG Holly Denim Midi-Skirt $69 Urban Outfitters
  • Maxi Sweater Skirt with Slit $29.99
  • The Tube Skirt $108.50
  • Printed Satin Skirt, $39.90

Trench Coats

A classic trench coat is the perfect spring accessory. This wardrobe staple will always be a hit, no matter the temperature rises. Hailey Bieber is the queen of trenches and can help you style your spring outfits. They can be worn with or without a pleat, and they look great layered over sweats to make your cozy outfit look more stylish.

Buy the trend:
  • Finley Trench $499
  • Classic Trench $298
  • H&M+ Trenchcoat $69.99
  • Sonya Color-Block Trench Coat $220


Checkerboard was all over your TikTok #FYP this year, but the print craze for this year is newspaper. Perhaps it’s a nod to Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex And The City 2 premiere gown now that our minds have been captivated. But thanks to Cardi B magazine-printed tops, dresses and jeans are all the rage. Pair a printed mesh top and bermuda shorts to show the world you are a smart, educated cutie this spring.

Buy the trend:
  • Comic High Rise Straight Jeans $188
  • Superdown Letizia Mini Dress $82
  • Frankie Midi Dress $219
  • UO Dalila Low-Rise Flare Pant $65

Oversized Sunglasses

Teenie sunglasses are at the top of my “out” list. With my round face and baby-chubby cheeks, I am happy to see that oversized frames will be all the rage in the next few weeks. The oversized sunglasses look is a classic spring fashion trend, and it’s inspired by the cool-girl nostalgia of the 1970s. Frames that cover half my face, from clunky aviators and retro sport shades, will allow me to go incognito mode much more easily.

Buy the trend:
  • Devyn Oversized Square Sunglasses $18
  • Highland Sunglasses $199
  • Dixie Sunglasses $160
  • Pro Team Full Frame Glasses $165

Neon pink

Nearly everyone can recall what they were doing at the time Rihanna announced her pregnancy. But fashion girls remember exactly where they were when Rihanna’s pink Chanel coat caught their eye. The bright shade was symbolic of a new beginning, both literally and metaphorically. It went on to be one of our favorite colors for spring. Expect fluorescent pink everywhere, no matter where it is on the viral Versace platforms and on Simone Ashley’s latest cover-star at the BAFTA red ribbon.

Buy the trend:

Sully Dress $148

Dyjana Ruched Strapless Mini Dress $59.95

Ruched Clutch $98

Vince Camuto Notch Collar Blazer $129

Micro Tops

Triangle tops are now in. Micro tops are a timeless classic for girls who live in hot, year-round weather. For almost-nude moments, you can replicate this Y2K midriff-bearing look with a bikini top or bra top. This trend is Slip-N-Slide-approved.

Buy the trend:
  • Elvis Top $95 Miaou
  • The Asymmetrical Tank $40 Sense Of Storage
  • Crossover micro top $17.90 Stradivarius
  • Betsy Bikini Top $59


Loafers are in fashion on both the high-fashion runways and in private schools uniforms. Loafers are the perfect shoe to wear as a transitional shoe. Boots may seem too warm for spring, but they can be combined with many of your spring outfits. This shoe silhouette is perfect for a young professional like me.

Buy the trend:
  • Cosmo 2.0 Loafers $175
  • Winona Two-Toned Loafers $178
  • Librarian Loafer $135
  • Leather Loafers with Chain $59-55

Bermuda Shorts

Meet daisy dukes’ cooler older sister. The long cutoff, which Adam Sandler loved in the mid 2000s, is back in fashion for a more sophisticated look. They were a silhouette I had always associated with Disney World’s hoards of tourists. But Bella Hadid made them look elegant and I purchased a pair. I even wore them on a date night wearing a button-down short. It’s great enough to look good on BabyBella777.

Buy the trend:
  • Shorts with high-waisted blazers $49.
  • Brightwood High-Rise Long Denim Shorts
  • Aya Belted Shorts $99
  • Faux Leather Long Shorts $49.90


Make it couture with baby onesies. It’s so easy to just slip into a one-piece outfit in the morning without having to worry about what it looks like. Although rompers and dresses seem obvious, the elegant rise of the body-hugging katsuit is a more sophisticated version of your beloved boiler suit. Kim Kardashian has a great tip: grab your favorite skin-tight, catsuit and go out for a night.

Buy the trend:
  • Shimmer Catsuit $108
  • Black Scoop Unitard $88
  • Sinead SSENSE Exclusive Red Digital Curve Enhancing Jumpsuit $380
  • Fluff It Up Catsuit $89.95

Bucket Bags

The wide, cylindrical shape of bucket bags makes them a perennial spring favourite.

Buy the trend:
  • Marlowe Chain-Handle Bucket Bag with Drawstring $66
  • The Italian Leather Studio Bag $235
  • Marina Bucket Bag $495
  • Brown Mini Tropicalia Bucket bag $630