19 Top Makeup Trends for 2022 that Are All Around

19 Top Makeup Trends for 2022 that Are All Around

21.04.2022 Off By manager_1

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The new 2022 makeup trends have completely changed my perception of makeup. These looks are truly amazing. These looks will be around for a long time. If you need some inspiration, I have compiled a list of the top 2022 makeup trends that anyone can do. You don’t even need to pluck your eyebrows!

  • Prismatic Pastel Trend

The shimmery, prismatic, pastel shade is perfect for those who don’t mind bright colors. Sean Harris, celebrity makeup artist, suggests using your favorite shimmering pastel eyeshadow to brush across your eyelids. It’s perfect for spring 2022 makeup. Harris prefers a peach or pastel gloss for the lips to finish this look. (Fenty Beauty’s Gloss bomb Universal Luminzer, Tower28’s Clean ShineOn Jelly Lipgloss)

  • Cat Eye Lash Lift

How professional makeup artists make false eyelashes look great? Harris suggests cutting your false eyelashes in half, then curling the outer part. Next, curl your natural eyelashes and use lengthening mascara. For a flared, lifted cat-eye effect, glue the false lash to the outside of your eye.

  • Thin Eyebrow Trend

Cook says that the 90’s trends are making a comeback, and we will see an increase in popularity for thin brows. If you are hesitant about reaching for the tweezers (which I am), Christin Zito Cook, makeup artist, has a brow hack that will help: Instead of filling in your brows with a brush and shaping them, use a brow gel to create a thin line.

  • Dramatic Eyes

Amos suggests using About Face Beauty’s Matte Flexible Eye Paints to add bold colors to dramatic eye moments. They are perfect for bold eye looks. Suva Beauty also recommends using hydra liners for covering any falsie glue lines.

  • Faux Freckle

I am extremely jealous of people who have freckles, and participate in the 2022 makeup trend. Chanel says that “freckles are a trendy trend because they are something many people have naturally. “Fortunately freckles are being celebrated and accepted for their beauty. Celebrity makeup artist Taylour Chanel suggests Freck OG or Freck Noir to dot a few freckles on the bridge of your nose.

  • The Face Gem Embellished Eye Fashion

The embellished eye is my favorite makeup trend for 2022. This year will see the rise in sparkles and pearls as well as the gluing many, many items to our faces. Amos recommends using face gems with adhesive already on them. They are much easier to put on and take off.

  • Neon Eyeliner

My other favorite makeup trend for 2022 is neon eyeliner. It can be used as a complete makeup look without the need to blend any eyeshadows. Although it may take a few attempts to get the perfect look, a felt-tip liquid liner can help you draw a straight line without tugging or skipping on the eyelids.

  • Extra-Fluffy Brows

There are three options for getting a super-fluffy eyebrow: (1) Get them laminated; (2) DIY them using the soap brows hack (my personal and more cost-friendly strategy); or (3) comb them with clear or tinted gels (I like Patrick Ta Major Brow Laminate Gel and Milk Makeup Kush Fiber Eyebrow Gel). The better, the bigger and more detailed your brows are.

  • Bold Lips

The bold lips trend will not be going away any time soon. Only thing that is changing? When we wear it. For parties and first dates, you can use your boldest and most vibrant color, as well as for WFH meetings or running errands. If you aren’t sure what shade is best for you, you can start by determining your skin’s undertones. This will allow you to choose between a warmer and cooler-toned shade.

  • Minimalist Winged Eyeliner

NGL, this minimalist winged eyeliner trend is so much appreciated. I have never been able master the full-on cat-eye. This is a much easier one to do. Simply grab a crayon or liquid eyeliner in your favorite color (I am obsessed with Camila Cabello’s gold eyeliner) and draw a triangle at the outer corners.

  • Green Eyeshadow

ICYMI, green has been a big RN trend. It was my favorite color throughout my entire life. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and you can blame me. You can think of all the variations: Lime! Mint! Army! There are so many options, but you can be trendy this year by choosing to wear this eyeshadow in a blended forest-green shade.

  • Glossy Lips

Glossy lips is not what I mean. Lip gloss that’s too sticky will catch every hair it can find. What I mean is lip gloss that has just a hint of shimmer and pigment (like this warm-gold) that will give your lips a soft glow.

  • Blurred Eyeliner

While I love a clean, sharp eyeliner, I cannot stop admiring this soft, winged look for 2022. It’s soft and subtle, yet it’s easy to replicate. Instead of reaching for the pencil or liquid liners, use a small brush to apply a little teal eyeshadow to your inner corner. Blend it until it touches your eyebrows. You can re-load the brush, and trace the line until you have a softly opaque look.

  • Statement Blush

The statement blush trend of 2022 proves that visible blush does not necessarily mean you are wearing too much blush. If you are a little concerned about crossing the line between statement blushes and wow-worthy blushes, you can opt for a powder blush formula instead of a liquid blush. Then, blend the blush powder around your cheekbones in a C shape. For a glowing finish, apply a small amount of liquid highlighter to your cheekbones, brow bones, and forehead.

  • Burgundy Lip

The ’90s are back! And they will be back every year until the end of time. One of the 2022 variations? Grunge makeup-inspired burgundy lips. Layer on bold burgundy lipsticks for days when you don’t want to rock a ’90s-inspired lip liner (more below). For a more natural, blended look, apply your lipstick to the center of your lips and then blend it with your finger.

  • Glitter Makeup

2022 loves glitter. You can use glitter on your eyes, your cheeks, or on your lips. There are many ways to use it. You can look like a disco ball! Use a roll-on of glitter sticks to apply it to your highest points, such as your cheekbones. You can also use a small brush or your finger to apply cream glitter eyeshadow on your lids for a soft, glamorous look similar to Saoirse Ronan.

  • Soft Glam Makeup

Although I love a well-sculpted cheekbone, glistening highlight and smooth contours, I also like the soft-glam trend for makeup this year. It’s a more laid-back, pared-down version of O.G. You don’t need to use contour kits or smokey eyeshadow. Instead, you can get a little liquid blush and some fluffy makeup brush to diffuse the edges of everything, from your eyeliner to eyeshadow.

  • Two-toned eyeshadows

You don’t need to pick one color for your eyeshadow in 2022. And you don’t even have to follow symmetry. You can play with different pastels like this blue-green or a neon palette to choose a bright pink and bright yellow. There are no rules.

  • Lip liners

For an ombre look, lip liner is key. Use a lip pencil that is two shades darker than your lipstick, natural lip color, or lipstick to trace the edges of your lips. Next, apply your lipstick or lip balm and then blend the two with your (clean!) hands. finger.