11 Best Fixed Blade Knives For EDC

11 Best Fixed Blade Knives For EDC

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A folding knife is the most common everyday knife. A fixed blade knife is the best choice if you are looking for a knife that will never fail you. Fixed blade knives are not like folding knives. They don’t have any moving parts or opening mechanisms that can be damaged in an emergency. They are durable and well-suited to hard-use critical tasks such as those outdoors or in survival situations.

In many countries, a fixed-blade knife may be the only legal option for carrying a knife. If you feel that they are too large for daily carry, don’t be discouraged. Although the hunting knife is iconic, it wasn’t the only fixed-blade knife that was popular. These knives are also great for carrying neck knives. There are many EDC-friendly fixed knife knives available, with a wide range of new designs in the last year. This guide will highlight our top picks for fixed blade knives and explain why they are worthy of a place in your carry.

The Best Fixed Blade Knives For EDC

CRKT Catchall Fixed-Blade Knife

With its sheepsfoot profile, upswept edge, and CRKT Catchall, the CRKT Catchall can be used as a combination of a hunting knife, a camping knife, and a kitchen knife. The CRKT Catchall’s most distinctive ergonomic feature is its contoured handle, which features cutouts in the nylon glass-reinforced scales for each finger. You can easily hack through dense materials and brush without worrying about losing your grip. This feature is often seen on large survival knives and machetes, but the Catchall has a 5.51 inch 8Cr13MoV stainless-steel blade that you can easily sharpen after nicking it up in the field.

WE Knife Co. Reazio Fixed Blade Knife

The WE Knives Reazio is a modern fixed-blade knife for men. The Reazio was created in collaboration with Toni Tietzel. It features a unique compound grind that gives you the option of a flat grind at the handle and a hollow grind near the tip for fine slicing. This knife features a full-tang fixed blade with a non-folding, premium CPM-20CV stainless and carbon fiber scales that look amazing in your hand.

Schrade Fixed Blade Full Tang Knife

The Schrade CH57 fixed-blade full-tang knife features 65Mn high carbon stainless steel. Its shorter blade design makes it ideal for use in tight spaces. The knife’s blacked out appearance makes it an ideal EDC knife. The knife’s handle scales are made of G10 nylon with a scalloped grip.

Spyderco Ark Salt Fixed Blade Knife

Ark is an acronym for “always ready knife” and this small fixed-blade blade can be worn around the neck as a backup. The Ark is part of Spyderco’s Salt line of corrosion-resistant EDC knives. It’s made from CPM-H1 stainless, which is nearly invulnerable to rusting when stored in saltwater conditions. This steel has a tradeoff: the Ark is softer than many other blades on this list. This knife is much easier to sharpen than other blades, but it will require more maintenance after each use.

Morakniv Garberg Fixed Blade Knife

With its sharp Scandinavian design, great durability and price, the Morakniv fixed blade knife is a favorite of EDC community members. Garberg’s Garberg model is one the most EDC-friendly in their range. It has a reliable full tang construction that allows you to use this knife whenever you need it, especially if you depend on it to keep your hands warm outdoors while making shelter or fire.

Cold Steel SRK Fixed Blade Knife

Cold Steel is the right choice if you are looking for a large knife that can handle big tasks and save lives. The SRK (Search Rescue Knife), from Cold Steel, has a 6″ cutting power that is enhanced by the super-premium CPM-3V stainlesssteel composition. This knife features a classic clip-point design that is ideal for cutting, slicing and piercing tasks. The large rubber handle with blade guard makes it an excellent choice for carrying around on the water or close to the water.

Boker Burnley Barlow Fixed-Blade Knife

Barlow knives are a traditional everyday carry knife. Boker’s version of the knife was created in collaboration with Lucas Burnley to be a fixed blade. This modern version of the knife is made with an ice-hardened German AEBL stainless steel blade. It measures 2.76 inches in length and has a clip-point shape similar to a Bowie knife. However, it is much smaller and more minimalist than this design. This modern classic’s handle material is made of beautiful walnut wood and has brass studs, bolsters, and other details.

DROP x Bradford Guardian Fixed Blade Knife

The Massdrop x Bradford Guardian 3.5 fixed knife knife has a bright and bulbous handle that makes it an easy-to-carry tool. The knife comes with a full-grain, handmade leather sheath. This makes it easy to conceal and transport. The 3.5 inch full-tang Nitro-V stainless steel drop-point blade can be used for everyday cutting, slicing and piercing. If you like, the pommel has a paracord carrying hole and a jimped spine for better control.

Buck Knives 124 Frontiersman Fixed Blade Knife

Buck Knives has been producing EDC fixed-blade knives for many decades. Their 124 Frontiersman Knife, one of their most popular offerings, is no exception. The Frontiersman knife is a hunting knife made from 420HC stainless steel. It features a satin-finished bowie edge. This knife is made in the USA and features a Micarta handle scale made of black canvas Micarta. This replaces old knives that had a wood inlay. Micarta scales resist cracking in extreme temperatures and in the presence of water. This knife can be carried confidently outdoors.

ESEE Knives ESEE-4 Fixed Blade Knife

The ESEE-4 is a popular everyday carry fixed-blade knife. The knife is made from 1095 carbon steel and is ideal for survival work. Drop-point blades can withstand abuse and pry actions. It is extremely tough and efficient in cutting. The blade comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any problems you may encounter over the life of the product.

Fallkniven F1 Fixed Blade Knife

For decades, the official survival knife of Sweden’s Air Force has been the Fallkniven F1. The knife features a drop-point blade made of laminated powder steel and a thermorun handle that provides excellent ergonomics. It’s versatile and well-designed, so you can use it for everyday tasks like cutting boxes or roughing it in the field. You can choose between Zytel and leather sheaths for your convenience.