20 Best Jeans Brands For Men in 2022

20 Best Jeans Brands For Men in 2022

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A pair of well-fitting jeans is the one piece of clothing everyone should have. Jeans have been worn by everyone from cowboys to hippies and indie rockers to preppy jocks. They are the one designer item that transcends time and gender.

It is a popular trend that almost every clothing brand makes its own jeans. This makes it difficult to sort through the countless options of dark-wash, mid-wash and even black denim to find the best brands.

It’s not always easy to buy jeans for yourself. To find the perfect pair, you must understand fit and fabric. For example, a brand might consider a 32 inch waist while another may consider a slim fit. Naturally, fashion is not all equal. Some brands are more fashionable than others.

We know which jeans are best for you. We’ve identified the top brands that make jeans for men that are stylish, durable, comfortable and stylish.

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss, a German luxury fashion house founded in 1942, is well-known for its luxurious range of clothing, accessories and footwear. Hugo Boss jeans are designed to fit like a glove and have the right amount of stretch. Hugo Boss jeans come in a variety of colours, including a classic indigo and a dark stonewash. Hugo Boss’ premium men’s jeans are designed with incredible details and can be ordered in a slim, straight, or skinny fit style. They are certain to become your favorite in no time.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger was founded in 1985. They are renowned for their American cool style, which they call ‘preppy with an edge’. Tommy Hilfiger is known for its iconic red, white and blue stripes. They produce high-quality garments that are suitable for children, men, and women.

Tommy Hilfiger offers a wide range of jeans for men in a variety of styles, fits and colors. Tommy Hilfiger jeans are all expertly made and can be easily dressed up or down. They make a great addition to any outfit.


Everlane, an ethical clothing company, makes great jeans. Every product sold by the company is hand-selected by Everlane to ensure that they meet not only its strict ethical and environmental standards, but also their high quality standards. Everlane is transparent and will tell you the truth about where your money goes. Everlane can charge a lower price than its competitors, but still offer a high-quality product. Everlane offers a wide range of denim styles, including regular, slim, straight, and athletic, as well as a variety of colours.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder worked as a designer for GAP, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs before launching his label. These experiences gave Todd the confidence to create his own label. It has grown to be a major player in its field and is now a popular destination for stylish, high-quality fashion. Todd’s denim collection is made from Japanese Selvedge. This fabric is a standard in high-quality and you can easily create a capsule wardrobe with certified-cool colours.


Andy Dunn & Brian Spaly, founded Bonobos, couldn’t find pants for men that fitted (they were too tight or too narrow) so he created Bonobos. It was solved by their secret trick: All Bonobos pants (and jeans!) are made from this secret ingredient. The waistband is curved to conform to men’s natural waistlines.
Bonobos offers a wide selection of high-quality stretch jeans, soft brushed jeans and high-end selvage. Bonobos offers a wide range of sizes and fits, no matter what your legs or thighs are. Bonobos jeans are available in a variety of colours, including dark denim, faded medium rinses or light washes.

Mott & Bow

Mott & Bow was founded in 2013. It is a premium brand that creates high-quality basics at affordable prices. Because founder Alejandro Chahin spent his entire life in a denim factory, the brand is well-known for its comfortable and well-made jeans. However, Mott & Bow also makes high-quality chinos and tees as well as sweaters.

Mott & Bow’s men’s jeans are available in many styles, including skinny, slim, and straight. They also come in many colours and washes. It is known for making quality jeans that are durable and comfortable. The best bow jeans are the most popular.

ASOS Design

ASOS, a British online retailer, was established in 2000. They have focused their clothing on young adults since then, but they also have clothing suitable for older people. They believe in creating clothing that gives people freedom to experiment and feel confident in their fashion choices.

ASOS Design offers a variety of styles to suit any taste. There are everything you need, from everyday staples in classic washes to casual weekend wear to the ultimate street style.

Boohoo Man

Boohoo Man is fashion’s best-kept secret. It combines cutting-edge design with a low price. Boohoo Man is a fashion brand that pushes the boundaries to bring you the newest styles, but without putting too much strain on your budget. The result is menswear that’s fun, trendy and affordable.

Boohoo Man is the brand to go for if you want to try new denim styles. Boohoo Man has a wide range of jeans including ripped jeans and jeans with modern prints. These jeans are very trendy and will take your street style to the next level.

AG Jeans

AG Jeans blends sophisticated, tailored jeans with the comfort of worn-in jeans to create a unique brand. The denim is made from premium fabric. It has been expertly treated to create washes that mimic natural ageing. A stretch fabric keeps the shape and provides comfort. AG is a perfect combination of quality and price. You won’t have to spend a lot to get high-quality jeans. AG is limited in its range of styles and colours, but it offers exceptional quality and value.

Rag & Bone

Rag & Bone was founded in the USA in 2002. It is the epitome American-style denim. Bone jeans are made in Los Angeles. They are available in a variety of sizes, from extra-slim to more traditional straight leg cuts. Rag & Bone takes extra care to ensure that your men’s jeans feel great from the day you get them. Bone could be your new favorite denim brand.


It’s definitely worth paying attention to Kelly Slater, one the best surfers in history and responsible for Outerknown. After one of his sponsorship deals expired, Kelly decided to create his own brand. We are glad he did. Outerknown has a ridiculously high focus on sustainability and is worth investing in if your concern for the planet we live on. Every pair of men’s jeans is made in the “world’s cleanest denim plant” and offers exceptional quality. Outerknown offers a variety of jeans in different styles, including slim, straight, and tapered.

G-Star RAW

G-Star RAW was founded in the Netherlands in 1989. It quickly became a household name and is often considered to be the brand that introduced luxury denim to the mainstream. G-Star RAW is a brand that specializes in untreated raw denim. This makes it a popular choice for celebrities and high-street shoppers alike. G-Star RAW jeans, despite their luxurious appearance, are affordable and offer a lot of value for money.

Nudie Jeans

DMARGE is a huge fan of Nudie Jeans. Why is this? How did this happen? Customers are encouraged to not wash their jeans for the first six months. This allows them to take on a personality of their own. If they do get damaged or ripped, Nudie will offer free repairs for their entire life. Nudie’s transparency in business is something we love. A quick glance at its website will reveal the company structure, including financial details. This is a brand that you must respect.


Levi’s jeans will most likely be in your top three brands. This company is synonymous with denim. It was responsible for the explosion of blue jeans popularity across America in the 20th century. Although the company is now facing stiffer competition than it did during its glory days, Levi’s still remains a trusted brand for high-quality jeans. Select stores can make any adjustments right away.

Acne Studios

Acne Studios, based in Stockholm, is the place to go for denim that has a Scandinavian touch. Johnny Johannson, Acne Studios founder, isn’t content to produce clothing. He also enjoys publishing, furniture and exhibitions. The brand’s clothing line is what you will most likely be familiar with.
Acne Studios clothing is a favorite of ours. It exudes a minimalist style, but it also offers exceptional quality. There are many styles to choose from, including straight and slim, as well as more unusual options like bootcut and oversized.


Jason Denham, an English jeanmaker, founded DENHAM in Amsterdam in 2008. Jason Denham is passionate about premium quality denim and pushes the company to improve its designs and fit. Only the best denim mills from Japan and Italy are used. Sustainable practices are employed wherever possible.
Every pair of DENHAM jeans bears the company’s scissor logo (691 stitches). The range includes many fits, such as straight, skinny, and slim, and washes at reasonable prices.


Parisian brand A.P.C. opened in 1987 and quickly gained popularity for its high-quality denim. Although there have been many full-length clothing collections since then, the brand is still synonymous with high quality and style. The label’s focus is still on jeans. Its range offers a wide range of styles and fits that will fit any man’s wardrobe.


Prps is the American leader in luxury Japanese denim. Prps was founded in 2002 and has never stopped researching and developing its clothing range to provide the best quality. The brand’s focus is on washed and selvedge jeans. They can be found in many styles and fits, from traditional jeans to more modern-looking pairs. Prps Noir is the best premium range if you want to really splash the cash.


orSlow is a brand that doesn’t want to join the fast fashion bandwagon. The brand is located in Hyogo Prefecture’s denim-centric Tokyo. Its mission statement states that it will invest in garment construction in a slower, more thoughtful manner that respects the heritage and tradition of workwear. These products are handcrafted, which means they last longer. There are many styles to choose from, including slim-fit jeans and classic straight cuts.


Denim brands are not only made in Japan or Europe, but also from other countries. Dsquared2, formerly “Born in Canada”, is now “Made in Italy”. D2, founded by twin brothers Dan and Dean, is a blend of rugged, rugged Canadian style and refined Italian craftsmanship. Although the jeans are a bit more expensive than others, the pair is still very high quality and made by one of the most renowned brands.