23 of the Best Drop-Fade Hairstyles for Men

23 of the Best Drop-Fade Hairstyles for Men

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It’s important to make a good first impression by keeping your hair clean and well-groomed. Your appearance shows confidence and attention to detail. Without saying a word, I speak on your behalf. Drop fade hairstyles work for men of all ages and situations. It doesn’t belong anywhere else.

There are some things you should know before you tell your barber that you want a fade. A fade is different from a taper. A taper is less gradual and leaves your hair longer around the ends, while a fade is quicker and makes a more dramatic transition from your skin to your top hair. A second reason is that you need to go to the barber regularly in order for this look to stay fresh. These are just two of the 23 ways to enhance your drop fade.

Style for low-drop haircuts

Low-fade hairstyles are very similar to the tapered cut. They have the shortest transition from hair and skin. The fade will usually begin about one inch below the top of your ears. These are some ideas to help you create a low fade.

  1. Low Pompadour-The pomp is a timeless classic that will never go out of fashion. This option brings the 50s to today with the Danny Zuko texture hair style. It is layered on top with a combination of a fade and a taper.
  2. Low buzz – Some men just want to get out of bed and forget about styling their hair. This style is for you if you’re one of these guys. It keeps your hair tightly cropped around your head and reduces the amount of product required.
  3. Low Curls – This is a great way to maintain your curls without causing too much frizz. To keep your hair in control, fade your hair to the sides.
  4. Low Drop Undercut – Undercuts are in vogue, but you don’t have to be “Peaky Blinders.” A less dramatic face will help you get the look.
  5. Long Top – This look is great for those who want to lengthen their hair. You can do a side-fade and let the top grow.
  6. Fohawk – The fade is focused on the sides. However, the top and back are free to be more expressive and can be styled in a more sophisticated and dramatic way. As the world becomes more casual, this haircut is becoming less formal but more popular.
  7. The Hard Part – Your barber can cut a permanent section for you if you are having trouble getting the straight line from your side to part your hair. This will limit the styles that you can use until your hair grows back.

Mid Drop Fade Haircut Style

Mid-fade shows more of the neck, as it begins approximately 2 inches above the ears. This allows for more drastic changes between skin and hair.

  1. The Quiff – Like the pompadour the quiff has the front of your hair brushed and pulled back. The pomp is more structured, but the quiff looks more natural.
  2. The Spiky Top – The days of spikey hair weren’t over with punk bands in the 2000s. To give this style an updated look, spiked hair is often paired with a fade at the bottom.
  3. The Comb-Over is similar to the hard part. It pushes hair to one side and is the most professional hairstyle. Pro tip: If your face isn’t symmetrical, have your barber examine it and advise you on the best direction for your hair.
  4. Crew Cut – This look is a longer version of the buzzcut above and requires less maintenance. The sides are the same length as the buzz cut with the top slightly longer.
  5. Blow Out – If you have a hair dryer in your bathroom drawer and want to look like a Hollywood star, this is the look you should try. Volume can be achieved by using a lot of product and blow drying your hair up. You can focus on the top by keeping the sides and back uncovered.
  6. Layered Pompadour: This style is a mix of the low-fade pomp and the quiff. Your barber should cut layers of top hair, giving it the texture and structure of the quiff but still styling it in pompadour style.
  7. Man Bun – This is the difference between the Steven Seagal ponytail from the 80s and the modern man bun. The fade is what makes the Man Bun different. You can focus on placing the hair on the top of the bun and not on the sides or back. This allows you to concentrate on the crown, which is higher than the ponytail.
  8. Mullet – Another hairstyle that is making a comeback in the 80s is the mullet. This isn’t your “Achy Breaky Heart mullet”, as the side-fade, short and mid, gives you a modern look that feels more current than ever.

High-Drop Fade Haircut Style

High fades are the most extreme because the fade is nearly non-existent between your long hair and the skin below. These fades are often found at the crown, or curve of your head.

  1. Peaky Blinders’ Undercut – To complete the look, get a newsboy cap and a coat. For one of the most loved hairstyles of the last decade, your hair will be long at the top with the sides nearly completely buzzed. This look is popular with American military branches. It’s the perfect combination of low maintenance and high style. This hairstyle can be shaved at the back and sides, and topped with very little hair. It is ideal for those who are looking to play the role of a head-to-battle or the role of a bed-to-battle type.
  2. Flat Top – This is the perfect style for those who don’t want to give up the 90s and still love the look of the flat top. The hair on the top is as short as the back and sides, but it’s longer and more sculpted.
  3. Undercut Design – This undercut design allows you and your barber the freedom to express your creativity. The short hair can be used as a blank canvas. You can create anything you want, from lines and pictures to words or images.
  4. Double Hard Part – When your hair is manageable and short, this is the ideal time to try out different ideas. It’s a great way to try it. Have your barber cut a force part on both ends. This will allow you to push the shorter hairs to one side or the other with precision.
  5. Viking – Perhaps you’re a history buff or an alpha male. Or maybe you just love the Netflix series. The Viking is a mix of the tight and high man bun and the man bun. Let your hair grow long enough to be able to pull back in a ponytail. Ferocity is not included.
  6. Slick Back – No matter how short your time is or how thin your hair is, you can put your medium-length hair on top of your shorter hair and then slick it back. This will highlight your fade lines and draw attention to your clean cut.
  7. Combining a Beard and the Look – This is a great way to make a masculine look. You can either keep the fade the same length as the beard, or grow your beard longer. This will make you the envy of all the men in the barbershop.

The drop fade can be used in a variety of styles to suit any man, no matter his hair journey. These hairstyles will elevate your appearance, no matter how experienced or novice you are with hair care. You.