25 TikTok Hair Colors to Make You Feel Like a Trendsetter

25 TikTok Hair Colors to Make You Feel Like a Trendsetter

18.04.2022 Off By manager_1

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Spring is already here, so it’s time for you to get rid of your winter hair and give your beautiful locks a refreshing look. You want your hair to shine with all the sun. We can help you transform your hair, whether you want to do a complete new look that will require major color changes or a subtle change.

Your favorite celebrities have been experimenting with beautiful colors, from pretty pinks to rich caramels. Although dyeing your hair any color you like is not an option, it is possible to make your hair permanent. These celebrity-inspired hairstyles are great to get you started this spring. There’s a trend for every hair type, no matter how long or short.

  • Neon Red

How did red become the official quarantine hair color for women? Idk, but I’m into it. All shades of crimson, even the electric-tinted one seen on Dua Lipa, are hot right now.

  • Yellow-y Blonde

This subtle yellow tint was what you didn’t want in your new bleached hairstyle. The color is now trendy thanks to IG baddies Emma Chamberlain.

  • Pumpkin Spice

It’s cool if Jackie Aina did it. Period. This combination of deep orange and glossy chestnut colors feels cooler than the overdone blonde highlights that everyone receives for spring.

  • Statement Tendrils

The bleached tendrils are a favorite among the most unwashed and messy hairstyles. Now, the trendiest girls are dyeing their tendrils in bold colors.

  • Pink Mermaids

Give your mermaid waves a splash of pink to make you Olivia Rodrigo’s it-girl.

  • Bright Blue Hue

The ones who achieve it are the ones who do. You can bring out your inner Ashnikko and Ramona Flowers (Scott Pilgrim against the World anyone? Blue is the color that brings out your best self.)

  • Saturated lavender

This is a wig. No, I do not care. Chrissy’s temporary lavender length feels like a refreshing update to the trending powder pink hues in 2020.

  • Honey Bronde

The golden brown hue has been a staple on nearly every Kardashian/Jenner’s head. This is the perfect shade for brunettes who are looking for a spring change but don’t want to go through a complete transformation.

  • Strawberries and cream

Ariel, who has had dark hair for many years, recently dyed her hair strawberry blonde. This is a perfect color for spring. This warm-toned shade will be big for spring.

  • Sleek Silver

This edgy color will make every selfie a great one. Don’t worry if your hair begins to grow out. Dark roots are trendy.

  • Caramel Brown

This caramel color is stunning! This tint will warm up any hair length, no matter what skin color.

  • Hot, HOT Pink

It’s possible to make your hair pink for the year 2022. While pastel shades are still an excellent choice, Charli D’Amelio is making a strong case for this highlighter color.

  • Cola Red

Fans were stunned when Zendaya dyed her hair bright red to celebrate her Spider-Man Homecoming press tour. The shade is refreshing for a new season and it’s relatively easy to maintain if you are already a brunette. You don’t need to bleach!

  • Blue Purple

Billie is known for her ability to pull off any color hair, but this particular blue-y purple is a stunning example. Although this multi-dimensional hair color is a bit more work, it will be well worth it.

  • Pretty Pink

You might like millennial pink on your hair if you are a fan. The candyfloss color is loved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry and Kylie Jenner.

  • Platinum Blonde

Be aware that platinum is a big commitment. But if you are ready, go for it! The Kardashian family has all taken the platinum plunge at some point. This hue is currently worn by Khloe Kardashian – and it’s hard to miss.

  • Rich Ginger

While light shades of red can be too harsh for some, this deep shade is a great contrast to pale skin.

  • Icy Blue

A new trend has been born when Kylie Jenner steps out in a different outfit, with a strange hair color or a bold lipstick. It’s safe to say that her new rainbow hue will set the mood for spring.

  • Rich Brown

Opting for a new hair color is not easy if you have dark hair. This rich and authentic-looking color will make it easy to get started. What’s the best part? Because it is only a few shades lighter that your natural color, you won’t need to worry about maintaining it.

  • Shadow Roots

Let’s face it, not everyone has the time or inclination to have blonde hair. You can skip all the outgrowth maintenance by focusing on your roots. For a natural, edgy look that has great depth and texture, go dark at the base.

  • Burnt Orange

Amandla looks stunning with orange corkscrews. This exact shade was also worn by Zendaya at the Met Gala last year, so it is safe to say that this color is in fashion.

  • Ink

This shade is a subtle variation of black hair, which is always in fashion. Even at night, the light-catching color will shine.

  • Dark Roast

This beautiful shade is perfect for mocha complications. Your glow will be highlighted by the warm tones and barely there highlights.

  • Blonde-bre

The 2013 favorite dye job is still alive and well. Style stars opt for subtler color-change effects this time.

  • Peachy Pink

Pastel colors are the best way to spring. You don’t have to go all out on bubblegum. Katy has a peachy tone. It’s feminine and wearable, despite the subtle pink that Katy has chosen (with her dark roots visible).