30 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers in 2022

30 Best Gifts for Coffee Lovers in 2022

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We have a wide selection of gifts for coffee-lovers, including gifts that are both inexpensive and easy to ship from Amazon, as well as quirky gifts that can be purchased from independent retailers.

Everyone knows someone who is obsessed with coffee. They think of coffee first thing in the morning. They keep up with new trends and explain the differences between different roasting methods and beans. A coffee machine that is the best would make a great gift, but not everyone has the money.

We’ve compiled a list below of the top gifts for coffee drinkers that you can buy at a fraction of the cost from large retailers and independent shops in both the UK and the US.


1. Moka Pot Bialetti: Coffee Friend

Bialetti, an Italian brand that is best known for making the best French press coffee in the Moka Express cafetiere (hob-friendly), remains one of most loved ways to make coffee at home. This mini-Moka pot brews espresso and pours it into two espresso cups. The aluminum plate that they are placed on keeps them warm. The recipient can watch the process of espresso being made barista-style and share a cup with their loved one. They could also pour the shot into a cup and store it in the fridge for later use. Note: traditional Bialettis shouldn’t be used on induction hobs, but the brand does offer induction-alternatives.

2. Denby Blue Haze Small Jug: John Lewis

This Denby jug makes a great gift for a friend who prefers their coffee milky. Its rustic design features a pouring spout that they can use to make sure they don’t spill milk everywhere. This could make a great addition to a gift already purchased, such as a bag of coffee beans or a matching mug.

3. Urban Outfitters: Keep Cup

Many of us will be able to grab a cup of coffee wherever we are. The original brand of reusable coffee cups is still the best. We feature it in our guide to the top coffee travel mugs of 2022. Many cafes offer discounts for you to use your own cup. This is truly a gift that keeps on giving. The glass cup would look great with iced coffee, but they won’t get burned by hot brews due to the cork band or tempered glass.

4. Dill Coffee Stirrers in Spiral Glass: See at Dill

These spiral stirrers can be used to mix up delicious caffeinated concoctions or make Starbucks iced coffee at your home. They are made from glass and come in two packs. There are three beautiful colours available at the moment.

5. Iced coffee glass: Etsy

This glass is ideal for iced coffees. This glass has a minimalistic design and curves into a thin rim. It will make you feel elegant while sipping your morning brew. Also, it is visually pleasing to watch the coffee drip down from the ice cubes.

6. Stainless Steel Straws: Amazon

A straw is essential for cold beverages. This pack has two options: a straight-up straw or one that’s bent towards the top to fit the recipient’s mug. These straws are made of stainless steel which is great for those who care about sustainability. They also come with a brush that can be used to clean them quickly after each use.

7. OXO Brew Cold Brew Coffeemaker: Amazon

A traditional iced coffee is made with hot water and then added to ice. A cold brew is made by filtering coffee, either preground or home-ground, with cold water for at most twelve hours before adding milk to the mug. The result is almost as good as an iced coffee from Pret. However, it takes longer than a Pret latte. The coffee can be kept in the refrigerator with the sealed lid so it doesn’t get ruined.

8. Coffee of the World Gift Set: Whittard of Chelsea

Although the coffee snobs in your life think they know everything about coffee roasts and grinds all they need to, there’s a good chance they will still be able to discover new flavours with this Whittard gift set. These boxes contain ground coffee from Guatemala, Indonesia and Dominican Republic, as well as a variety of roasts. This set is supposed to make 36 cups of coffee and can be used with any type of coffee machine.

9. Monsoon Malabar Coffee Bags – Whittard in Chelsea

Coffee lovers enjoy the process of grinding, brewing, and assembling coffee beans. Others don’t have the time or the patience. These coffee bags are ideal for friends who want their caffeine fix quickly. Simply add the hot water to the bag and brew for your desired strength. Whittard recommends brewing for three minutes. Monsoon Malabar is the coffee used in these bags, and it comes from south-western India’s Karnataka region.

10. Grind Coffee Subscription: Grind

A gift subscription is another great gift idea for coffee-obsessed people. You can choose from either compostable coffee pods or ground coffee. There are many blends available. Grind only sources their beans from sustainable farmers, trading directly with them before roasting the coffee in London.

11. Tin of Grind Coffee: Grind

A subscription service can be a bit risky so why not give a tin Grind coffee instead?

12. BloomPost: Coffee Plant

This coffee plant is a gift that blends the passions of a coffee lover with someone who cannot stop buying houseplants online. It’s small enough to be easy to maintain and not burdensome. The first coffee beans will not be harvested for at least four years after the plant is planted. However, it makes a great living room accessory.

13. Urban Outfitters: Coffee Print

This American-diner-style print is available framed and makes a great gift for coffee-lovers. It would look great in the kitchen next to the Nespresso machine.

14. Coffee Atlas Book: Amazon

The book is beautifully illustrated and does exactly what it says. James Hoffman, a barista and expert in coffee, takes a deep dive into the coffee industry to trace different beans and how they are produced around the globe. Even the most experienced coffee guru will benefit from the information. It would also look great on a coffee table.

15. Espresso Martini Kit: Amazon

Coffee lovers are likely to enjoy an Espresso Martini. However, it can be difficult to recreate the drink at their favorite bar. This kit includes the vodka, coffee liquor, hazelnut liquor, and amaretto you need to make an Espresso Martini.

16. View at Le Creuset: Stoneware Grand Mug

A regular mug may not be enough to hold enough coffee on Monday mornings. The Le Creuset stoneware cup holds 400ml of liquid. This makes it ideal for people who need extra caffeine when they wake up. Le Creuset mugs are available in many satisfying colours. They also have a reputation for being durable, making them a popular choice for housewarming gifts and wedding gifts.


1. BIZEWO Milk Frother: Amazon

Perhaps your friend who loves coffee is a new convert to cappuccino, but still has trouble getting the milk to foam up barista-style. The milk frother makes cold milk frothy or steams the milk while it froths. It is quiet enough to make early morning coffees without disturbing the rest of the family.

2. Chamberlain Coffee: XL Cold Brew Starter Kit

Emma Chamberlain, a well-known influencer, now owns a coffee company that only deals with sustainable farmers and only sells organic beans. Chamberlain Coffee offers a wide range of coffees from all over the globe. The XL Cold Brew gift package includes a mason jar (that is not heat-resistant), a set of reusable straws, and three extra large bags of ground coffee.

3. Dark Chocolate Coated Espresso Beans: Whittard of Chelsea

These chocolate-covered coffee beans make a great gift that is more affordable. They can be enjoyed with a morning brew, Espresso Martini, or as a quick snack in the afternoon.

4. AeroPress: Amazon

AeroPress is a drip coffee machine that makes a big difference. The AeroPress is the fastest and most efficient way to make coffee. It literally drips directly into the cup you will drink it from. The AeroPress classic comes with 350 paper filters. You can also buy these reusable filters as an additional gift. They are undoubtedly more friendly to the environment.

5. Clara French Press: Trade

This French Press is a minimalist design that will impress your friends around the coffee table. It looks much more expensive than it really is due to its sleek matte black design.

6. Stanley: Adventure All-in-1 Coffee System

When you are on a camping trip and don’t have access to other comforts, coffee is a must-have. The compact coffee maker is easy to carry around and can be stacked together so it doesn’t take up too much space. It still has two cups, a French Press, and even a compartment for dry coffee grounds.

7. Legacy Quadvac Thermal Bottle: Stanley

This travel flask is ideal for coffee lovers who need more than a KeepCup to keep them hydrated. It holds 6 litres and can be used to last them several days. This flask is also great for picnics or day trips.

8. Anatomy of a coffee maker Print: Not On the High Street

The Bialetti was mentioned earlier, and this simple print would make a wonderful gift for someone who likes the Moka method. You can choose from two colors and several framing options.

9. JavaPresse Coffee Hand Grinder: Amazon

Many believe that coffee beans can be brewed by hand, which produces a better tasting and more satisfying brew. The grinder can also be taken with you when on the move.

10. Coffee Dictionary: A Guide to Coffee: Amazon

Maxwell Colonna Dashingwood, a three-time UK Barista Champion, is a master of coffee. The dictionary covers everything the reader needs to know about coffee, including harvesting techniques, roasting methods, and tasting notes.

11. Coffee Lip Balm: Pilgrims

This tiny lip balm makes a great stocking stuffer or gift for coffee lovers. There is no better way to soothe chapped lips than with this delicious flavor. All ingredients, including the apricot oil and grape seed oil as well as Vitamin E and moisturising honeywax, are handcrafted in Nepal.

12. The 3-in-1 Turkish Testament Turkish Coffee Mask: Anthropologie

This coffee mask can be used as an exfoliating scrub or moisturiser, and is a great alternative to a coffee gift. The ingredients include a mixture of chocolate and coffee, which allows dead skin cells to be removed. A blend of moisturising oils as well as antioxidants leaves the skin silky smooth and soft.

13. Urban Outfitters: Sunflower Pour-Over Coffee Set

This cheerful sunflower pour-over set is a French press but more visually pleasing. It allows you to place a filter and coffee ground into the top, and hot water can be poured over it.

14. Metal Mug Tree: Etsy

A mug tree makes a thoughtful gift. It is something that the recipient may not be able to afford, even though they have a lot of things. This rustic option is sturdy and handmade. It deserves a spot on the kitchen counter to display the finest coffee mugs.

What goes well with a bag of coffee as a gift?

Your coffee-loving friend may already have a favorite method for brewing, roasting and serving coffee. They will treasure gifts that they won’t even think about, such as a print, hand grinder or book on coffee. These gifts will be something they will cherish, use, and enjoy for many years.

If you don’t know the preferences of your coffee lover, buying them coffee beans or ground coffee can be risky. A subscription to a new coffee brand (perhaps one that is available near their house), or a gift-sized selection can let them expand their coffee horizons while still enjoying their favourites.