15 Unique Location Ideas For Your Perfect Date

15 Unique Location Ideas For Your Perfect Date

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You’ve done it. After weeks of nervous moments of “should” and “shouldn’t”, you finally got the courage to ask her out on a date.

She even said “yes!”

Now, the real question is: What’s next?

Next, choose a place to meet. It is not wise to eat at your house while your roommate is playing video games. Take a moment to consider these important points.

Is she a fan of a particular cuisine? Is she more comfortable in the outdoors than indoors? Are you a hermit who has never left her home?

Perhaps all these questions are making you nervous, because you don’t know if she prefers nightclubs or museums. We have your back, relax.

These are great date locations she will love.

The Three-Stop, Three Course

It involves going to three restaurants, having drinks and appetizers at one, a main course in the second, and a dessert in the third. Although it may seem like a lot, this can be a great way to get things done.

It eliminates the notorious dead time when you sit for long periods of time in one location. It will triple your chances of finding a place she likes. You will also impress her with your “originality.”

A cooking class

For you both, book an introductory cooking class. Although it might seem odd to do this on a date, it will show her you are open to trying new things.

It’s a great way to bond with your partner, and it is a wonderful experience to share a chopped onion. If she enjoys the class enough to want to go on, you can arrange for a second date.

Arcade Time

This may not be suitable for all women. However, if she is a free spirit, or if she is still little, an evening or afternoon at the arcade can be a great way to have fun with her.

Keep her focus on the game she is playing and not on the “mission” to be the best player on Galaga.

Fair Day/Evening

This location isn’t available all year, but it makes a great location for a date when there’s a carnival or fair in your area. Its seasonality adds a uniqueness that gives it a special aura. It allows you to display many gentlemanly traits.

You can give her your jacket as it gets darker and cooler. It is easier to hold hands in a crowd than it is in a quiet area. Remember, if you win an animal stuffed toy, give it to her. We both know that you already have a teddy bear at home.

Karaoke Night

Although this is not something for the faint of heart, a night of Karaoke can be a great way to have some fun with your date.

One piece of advice: You may want to skip the Sir Mix-A-Lot rendition of “Baby Got Back”.

Visit a Winery and Brewery

A tour of a winery or brewery is a great way to show that you are able to appreciate the finer things in your life. You can also get some free drinks for your date.

It is a good idea to research the brewery or winery you are going to visit before you go. You will look like a man of the world if you have some basic knowledge.

Drive-In Movie

It’s a great way to spend a date if you can find one near you. You can make the date more special by dressing up in retro fashion, even if it isn’t your first date.

You might even discover the reason your grandparents blushed at drive-ins.

Take in a Comedy Show

Laughter releases endorphins. They make you feel better and more resilient to pain.

They can also be released when someone is in love, or after an orgasm. Do you need more?

A trip to the bookstore

All reading material does not have to be available on Amazon. There are still brick-and-mortar bookstores. These are great places to go on a date, especially if your academic side is highlighted.

Many bookstores offer comfortable sitting areas for customers to relax in. Some even sell coffee or biscotti. This is a great way to gain insight into her tastes. It is a great way to bring up topics for conversation on future dates.

Strangers in Your Own City

This is one those “unplanned” and “unplugged” dates. You have likely missed many touristy or interesting spots in your city, regardless of whether you live there or not.

Allow your date to choose which of these places she would like to visit. In case your date is unable to choose, make a list.

Shorten Her Bucket List

This one is not for the faint of heart.

Find an item that is on her bucket list, and make it happen. Although it might mean you have to jump from an airplane, we promise that it will be a memorable date.

Take a class together in dance

This is my favorite date to go on. There will be plenty of laughter for you both. Check.

This is a date she hasn’t had since …? Check!

This one is for you guys. Trust me.

Visit a Fortune Teller

This is one of those memorable dates that can be both fun and memorable.

You can also help your date by visiting the fortune teller before you go and leaving a tip. Your date might hear a “fortune”, which will include you.

Visit the Zoo

A day at the zoo can be a pleasant experience. You will be walking and can have casual conversations that will help you to get to know one another better.

Cook dinner together

This one is not easy. However, it does require some practice and preparation. Choose dishes that are simple to prepare.

It is important to have some fun while you prepare dinner together. It doesn’t matter how funny it is, you don’t want to create an atmosphere like Gordon Ramsey.