4 Amazing Swimwear for Kids Brands

4 Amazing Swimwear for Kids Brands

23.06.2022 Off By manager_1

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You know what summer means? It’s swim season! Flip flops, sunglasses, and new swimsuits are all in season.

It’s not always easy to find comfortable, stylish swimwear. Parents of children face an additional challenge: finding swimwear that is both stylish and practical for their child. As the parent I searched the internet for adaptive swimwear. I have compiled a summary of the available swimwear from various sites, based on their convenience and variety.

Here are my findings:

1. Jack and Target Cat

Target offers a variety of adaptive clothing, including the Cat and Jack line. They also offer a range of swimwear. They offer both one-piece and tankini suits for girls. Tankini tops are designed with hidden slits, which is under a layer ruffles. This allows for easy access to the abdomen. Bottoms can be purchased separately. The one-piece suits come with a Velcro back closure and a pocket for abdominal access. There are also snaps on the bottom for easy access to the bathroom. You can choose from sizes for girls aged 2-12 years old, up to XL or girls aged 14-16 years old.

Swim trunks for boys can be made with drawstrings to ensure a snug and comfortable fit. You can also find rash guards that have a hood with a full-length zipper so your child doesn’t have to wear the shirt above their head. This is a great feature for children with mobility issues.

All items are sensory friendly because they have no tags and have flat seams. There are many options, but I hope that they will continue to expand their range. Several sizes were out-of-stock during my research. I also found the exact same suits on Disney Store’s website.

2. Wowease

This one-piece swimsuit for girls was designed to make it easy to get to the bathroom. You can choose from a range of styles and colors like rainbow or cheetah. They also have a magnetic strip at your waist that allows you to take it off easily when nature calls. They come in sizes from 12M-16M.

3. Kohl’s Jumping Beans adaptive swimsuit

Kohl’s has many options for girls. They have a one-piece suit that features ruffles and access to the abdominals similar to the Target suit. This suit also has snaps at your waist to allow you to access the bathroom. Kohl’s has a few options, but not many. You can also find short sleeves and long sleeves cover-ups in sizes 4-16 for girls. They also come in a set of toddler-sized tankinis, which have abdominal access.

4. Victory Adaptive Collection

There are many options on this site for girls and boys. There are many styles of swim shorts for boys, including ones with elastic waistlines and Velcro fasteners at the front. They can be worn in a variety sizes and are easy to put on. A full-body rashguard is also available with Velcro openings all the way down to the back. It’s very easy to put on and take off. Hidden tubing openings are also included in the rash guard. The company will make the rashguard without the tube opening if you do not require it.

You can choose to have one or two pieces of the girls’ suit. They also come with bilateral hip-and back Velcro fasteners and hidden feeding tube inserts. Site also states that suits are made by hand and can be used with diapers. The sizes of the suits range from 6-14 years, so they are not suitable for toddlers.