Haircuts Everybody Will Want in 2022

Haircuts Everybody Will Want in 2022

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A new haircut is a great way to start the new year. There are many trendy and timeless haircuts to choose from, including shaggy chic styles that have been made famous by celebrities. Before you visit a salon to get your hair done, consider your face shape, hair texture and hair type. According to Lorna Pollack, a Brooklyn hairdresser, “What products are necessary to achieve your desired look and how often you will be coming into the salon to maintain it” are important factors.

We have all the styles you need, no matter if you want to cut your hair or keep it long. Here are the top trends in haircuts for 2022.

  • Power bob

Every trend from the 1990s is still in fashion, even haircuts. And that trend won’t slow down in 2022.

You can rock a celebrity look like Kourtney Kardashian (ex-reality TV star), who was seen on Instagram sporting a power bob. Gustav Fouche, a hairdresser, said that this look makes a woman strong and powerful. He said, “It’s the perfect length in between, not too long and not too short. It can give you a sense of confidence that other people can’t match.”

Ask your hairdresser for a blunt cut that is one-length.

  • Mid-length shag

You have many options for naturally curly hair. One of them is a medium-length curly shag that features thick bangs and layers. Brice Scarlett, a hairdresser, told Byrdie that if you want to wear naturally curly hair with bangs, a good blow-dry is the key.

Kari Bennett, another hairstylist, explained that you can style a mid-length curly bob with styling products and blow drying. Add highlights to the face and highlight those layers for a more balanced look.

  • Curtain-style bangs

For the past couple of years, vintage-style curtain bangs are a popular trend. It looks like this look will be around in 2022.

Curtain bangs are a great way to add a retro touch and frame your face. They can be worn down or up, and were famously worn by Selena Gomez (actress-singer). Alex Brown, a hairstylist, told Glamour that she loves the way that these bangs reach into your cheekbones to highlight your eyes. She also said, “They can add contour to round faces shapes and can enhance your eyes,” adding, “They are easy style to style, as long as you have a stylist cut them short to long.” Why? Brown explains that this allows bangs to blend in with the rest of your hair.

  • Layered bob

The layered bob cuts add a touch of edge to the classic cut, and have been worn by many celebrities including Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence.

Barney Martin, the owner of Barney Martin Hair, said that the layered bob will continue to be a popular style for 2022. However, he is updating it with “more layered ends” and a looser structure. The look is “moving away from the more blunt-cut ends that we are used to.” “These are my favorite tools because I’m a big fan of razor cuts and I love them,” he said.

  • Winona cut

Refinery29 recommends the Winona haircut for a dramatic look. Nother says the crop haircut is becoming more popular, as evidenced by models who wore “Winona Ryder-esque” crops at the London Fashion Week Show in September 2021.

Nother shared a video tutorial on Instagram that showed how to get the edgy look. Nother wrote in the caption that she recommended having your hairdresser examine your outline, sides, and future styling to help you choose the right crop for your daily life.

  • Wolf cut

It’s not hard to see the wolf cut everywhere. The wolf cut is a popular 2021 trend, and it’s not slowing down.

How do you get a wolf cut? L’oreal Paris describes a wolf cut as a mix of a shag or mullet. The tousled cut is made up of several layers, with shorter ones towards the front and longer at the back. It typically has straight bangs or side-swept bangs.

  • The lob

The lob is a short but sleek style that you can achieve. The lob is a long, sleek look that’s popularized by models Kaia Gerber (model) and Hailey Bieber (model), who were seen on Instagram sporting a lob that was reminiscent of Jennifer Aniston’s Rachel from “Friends” in the ’90s.

A lob can be worn by anyone. Mark Townsend, a hairdresser, stated that lobs can be worn with any face shape and are versatile. Your hair texture will determine the type of lob that you choose. Townsend suggests a blunt lob for fine hair. This will make your hair look thicker. Townsend stated that the collarbone is the best place to cut your lob.

  • Layers for face-framing

Wes Sharpton, stylist at The Zoe Report, said that if you have long hair that is mid-length or longer, face-framing layers can be used to enhance your look. Particularly, layers that are choppy around the eyes.

You shouldn’t just choose any kind of layer. Face-framing layers enhance your face so you need a cut that matches your face shape. L’oreal Paris suggests that you pair layers with curtain bangs if your face is oval. To complete a square face, ask for wispy layers and side-swept bangs.

  • Long layers

No matter what hair type you have, long layers are great for all. Sunnie Brook, hairdresser, told that long, choppy layers allow for flexibility. He said that this look can be used for many styling options and, when pinned up, can give the illusion of a shorter cut but without the commitment.

Brook recommends adding layers of face-framing to fine hair. Brook suggests an “aircut” for curlier or more wavy hair. This refers to cutting hair dry, not wet. This will let your hairdresser see all your curl patterns and create a long, layered cut that highlights your curls and waves. He added.

  • Mullet cut

Celebrities like Rihanna have made the mullet look trendy again.

T. Cooper, a hairstylist, stated that the mullet cut is here to stay. The beauty of the mullet is its ability to be customized to your hair texture, he explained. He said that styling a mullet can be easier than you think. For a straight and sleek look, use a flat iron with a leave-in treatment. You’ll be fashionable no matter how you style this mullet.

  • Invisible layers

You don’t have to cut your hair. Refinery29 was told by George Northwood, a London hairdresser, that natural, easy-to-style hair is the new style.

Northwood calls it “no-makeup mascara” but for hair, you can create invisible layers by having your hairdresser cut the ends. He said that although it may seem simple, this will make a big difference in the overall appearance and health of your hair. What’s the best part? This look is suitable for any face shape, and styling is simple. Northwood suggests either heating your hair or letting it dry naturally.

  • For curly hair, use a fringe

You can have bangs, even if your hair is naturally curly. Refinery29 founder Elisa Gotha, hairstylist, said that curly fringes, like any other bang, require commitment. Gotha said that it is helpful to show inspiration photos but that it will not always look the same due to your hair texture and face shape.

Gotha recommends that you visit the salon every four to six week if your curls are looser. For tighter curls, it is possible to wait up to 10 weeks.

  • Untercut

Do you want a bold haircut? According to Allure, the undercut is a style where the lower half of your hair is cut. While performing on Saturday Night Live, Halsey wore her undercut.

Kristin Bertolini of Rebel Roots Hair spoke to Women’s Health. She said that it’s important for you to communicate with your stylist in order to get the results you desire. Avoid heavy cuts in areas that draw attention to certain parts of your face. She said that diamond faces should avoid bulky styles at the cheekbones, for example.

  • Blunt ends

After a while of seeing only the messy look, we will soon see a cleaner, more polished look when it comes time to hairstyles.

Ask your hairdresser for blunt ends. This will give you a look that suits both short and long hair. Julien Farel of the New York City Regency Hotel’s hair salon told that the messy texture has passed and the new look is polished. “Bedhead hair is becoming more sleek and stylish at all lengths. Farel stated that we are seeing more thick, blunt lines in haircuts. He added that blunt ends compliment any face shape or hair texture, making them a versatile haircut for 2022.

  • Bob with asymmetrical sides

Asymmetrical bobs are a different way to style the hair. An asymmetrical bob is different from a traditional cut that has equal length on all sides. According to L’oreal Paris, the unevenness gives the hair a more edgy look.

Jessica Neil from KH Hair said that the asymmetrical haircut is versatile. She said that the asymmetrical bob is an all-time favorite style. It can be worn with any length or style of asymmetrical haircut and it will suit most face shapes. The haircut can be worn in many ways: straight, curly, or with a side part.

  • Bobixie cut

The bobixie is a mix between a pixie cut and a haircut that works for all hair types. April Peele, a New York-based hairdresser at Salon SCK, described the cut best. She said, “It’s shorter and longer than a Bob, longer than a Pixie, and the hair is off the neck and middleface.”

Peele said that it is also relatively easy to maintain than shorter cuts such as a pixie. It also speaks volumes about the woman who wears it. Peele stated, “A bixie cut really speaks volumes about your personality.” She also said that it is fun and versatile and can be customized to suit your facial features.

  • Tapered cut

You can mix it up by asking for the tapered cut, which is a fashion that’s not going away anytime soon. PopSugar says a tapered haircut has a long top and a shorter side. This cut can be used on any hair texture, but Juan Carlos Maciques, a hairstylist, said that it is best for oval faces.

Takisha Strurdivant-Drew, another stylist, stated to the publication that tapered cuts have “many lines [show] off you natural texture”, whether it is straight, wavy or curled. They can also be styled in different ways to create a unique look.

  • Sliced bob

If you have short hair, the sliced bob haircut is one you should consider getting. Harry Josh, celebrity hairdresser, said that the sliced Bob is a modern take on the classic bob cut and works well with shorter hair. He explained that if you have finer hair this will create a neater line.

Because it is primarily the same length, a sliced bob does not focus on layering. This gives it a uniform look. Josh said that the sliced bob is ever so slightly longer at its front and almost as straight as a comb.

  • The pixie

The pixie cut is timeless but not boring. Jasmine Ashley, a hairstylist at Allure, stated that the pixie cut is timeless because it has so many variations. “Most clients prefer flirty, short cuts with a flair to their hairstyles. They are less ‘bangy’. Travis Peck, a hairdresser at Sally Hershberger NoMad, said it is easy to maintain but that it will need routine trimmings to help it grow out.

Nikki Nelms is a celebrity hairstylist who gives you looks like Zoe Kravitz’s pixie haircut. How do you style your hair? She told The Zoe Report that her favorite tool to style a pixie is her fingers. It creates a unique look for each client.

  • Modern shag

Modern shags are different from those of years ago. Celebrity stylist Anthony Cristiano explained that shags in the 1980s and 1990s had shorter layers and a more choppy perimeter. Today’s modern version has a thicker perimeter and softer layers. It retains the same volume and texture as the past but is more flexible.

It can be used for all hair types, but curly and wavy hair work best. Fine hair may appear flat. Cristiano stated that a shag is defined as having a lot of layers and can remove all the density and weight from finer hair.

  • Tiny, tiny afro

The teeny weeny cut is a great way to get a bold look that Black women celebrities like Gabrielle Union love. It shows off your hair’s natural texture and doesn’t require as much work as a full-blown afro. This cut is often used by Black women when transitioning from natural to relaxed hairstyles, according to Glamour. Larry Sims, a hairstylist, said that this is the ideal look for women who prefer not to use heat styling tools. It is easy to maintain thanks to its sharp shape and cut.

Short hair is a good choice for women with heart-shaped or oval faces. According to Donna Tripodi, a master stylist, you can wear a shorter haircut on women with round, oval, and circular faces.

  • A jaw-length bob

Redken UK ambassador Larry King said that the jaw-length bob can be done by anyone with the right styling. King said that there are styling tips that will suit different faces and textures. “But, it is important to consider all that before you start.”

A jaw-length bob is a great way to style your face. It also suits most heart-shaped faces well. The cut accents the cheekbones, jawline, and neckline, giving you a classic, polished look.