5 Fashion Tips to Adopt

5 Fashion Tips to Adopt

14.06.2022 Off By manager_1

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There are certain fashion sins that I avoid when it comes to style, but there are also key habits I have that make it easier to put together great outfits. These are the five things that I do every day…

  • Only buy things that I truly love

Although it sounds easy, I have made many purchases that weren’t quite right. I ended up not wearing them later because I wasn’t so passionate about the piece. The pieces I have kept in high rotation are the ones I can’t stop thinking of. You’ll never wear the same garment twice if you don’t love it.

  • Make sure everything fits perfectly

This includes everything, from not buying the right size to ensure it fits the next day to making sure I don’t take any too large to have it tailored to fit the exact measurements. This is the only way to ensure that a garment looks amazing.

  • Understanding the color palette that works best for me

To make it easier to mix-and-match, I ensure that my wardrobe is confined to a specific colour palette. This is why I gravitate to neutrals. They look timeless and can be paired with many different pieces. I also like that they are easily customizable with key accessories.

  • My shape is my work

I am aware that sack dresses don’t suit my body so I avoid them. However, I do like shift dresses and I keep a few in my closet. While I enjoy trying out different silhouettes, I know there are certain styles that work well for my petite frame. It doesn’t matter if something isn’t working.

  • Quality over quantity

A few pieces in my wardrobe are investment pieces. They have seen a lot of wear over the years, even though I spent more. My leather jacket, my Chanel crossbody bag, and my winter coats are all examples of this. For items that I know will be in high rotation, I don’t mind spending a little more to get something of great quality. I won’t have to replace them as often.