5 Places to Buy Vintage Things (Both Online and Offline)

5 Places to Buy Vintage Things (Both Online and Offline)

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Is vintage the exact same thing as thrift stores?

Although vintage and thrift store clothes are often interchangeable, there is a big difference. Thrift stores are a term that describes the cost of the clothes and are usually inexpensive and affordable. Vintage is the year and often the pieces are more expensive or unique.

Vintage clothing is considered second-hand?

Vintage clothing and other items are not always second-hand. Vintage items are usually older than 40 years. Finding a new, unworn item can be difficult, but it is possible. Items that were previously owned are called second-hand.

How can you find vintage clothing?

Many shops specialize in vintage clothing. They can be purchased online or at specialized boutiques. They can also be found at flea markets and stalls.

What is the secret to vintage shops getting their clothes?

Many vintage stores source clothing from preowned and other markets. You can also find them at estate sales, garage sales, or auctions.

5 Places to Buy Vintage

Goldsmith Vintage

Goldsmith Vintage began as a small stall in Brick Lane, UK in 1990. It has grown and expanded over the years. You can shop online or at its physical locations in London, United Kingdom. It is LGBTQ-owned and managed. They stock branded garments such as Louis Vuitton and Missoni, as well vintage sportswear, and denim. Goldsmith Vintage is well-known for its unique aesthetics. They have cool band T-shirts, funky Hawaiian shirts, and cute dresses.

New Vintage

New Vintage is the place to go if you are creative and love unique pieces. It is a favorite of Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly. You can choose from a variety of authentic designer handbags, some with hand-painted designs. A bespoke piece can be ordered, which will be tailored to your preferences by sending in a handbag to New Vintage or getting one from them. These bags are fun and distinctive and will draw attention. Prices and delivery times will vary depending on the design you choose.

Giant Vintage

This conscious decision to buy vintage is an effort to reduce overproduction. It’s also a small step towards a more sustainable fashion industry. Giant Vintage is a women-run business headed by Annabelle Gonzalez, CEO, and Alisa Rattner Gonzalez, CFO. If you’re looking for sunglasses and garments from particular decades, such as the 50s, 60s or 70s, this is a great place to visit. They have both vintage-inspired and true vintage items.

Bodhi Vintage

Bodhi Vintage offers a wide range of fashion products and services that will help you shop sustainably. Bodhi means “the state attained enlightenment.” There are many options available, including Levis and leathers, Aussie knits, and sheepskins. All while being conscious of the need to be kind to the Earth. Bodhi Vintage was born with this idea in mind.


Amazon is an online marketplace for all things, even vintage and vintage-inspired items. To find vintage pieces for women or men, you can filter your Amazon search by price, brand, color, size, and brand. You can choose from new or used clothes, depending on what you prefer. You can show off your style with bold, bright colors or interesting patterns.