5 Suit Mistakes You Probably Make

5 Suit Mistakes You Probably Make

10.09.2021 Off By manager_1

A man in a black suit loosening his tie

It is a good idea to advocate for the traditional suit styles of men while exploring the ‘on-off’ angles. Good manners now also mean dressing well in a well-tailored and elegant suit.

You can look great with your own statement-style, and increase your self-esteem. When worn properly, a formal dress-suit that is elegant and stylish can do the talking for you.

On the other side, the wrong way to dress can ruin an outfit. If you find yourself stuck in a fashion rut, these suit mistakes and their “fix-ups” will help you think differently.

These “fix-ups” will help you appreciate your suit style and express your exceptional personality.


Choose the right style for you. Match your trouser and coat and customize your outfit with a similar material.

Don’t wear your formal trousers with a sport jacket or another suit jacket. The suit-jackets and its paired formal trousers can be worn together only in some cases. This requires a well-dressed style. Otherwise, you’ll be a fashion blooper!

Your body will look slimmer with ‘Suit-jackets,’ which can be either Semi-formal or formal jackets. It emphasizes the whole outfit. This will help you choose the right way to dress in suit-jackets.

Avoid having the last button on your suit jacket buttoned as it will limit your movement. This includes your hands, chest, and hips. Attach the top button of the formal jacket with two buttons and the middle button of the jacket with three buttons. This will help you keep your elegant look intact.


A timeless fashion, pocket squares refine the overall appearance by creating a contrast at the jacket’s chest pockets.

One fashion faux pas is to match your neck-tie and pocket squares. Avoid wearing similar patterns. You can stir the creative spirit within while matching your pocket square’s color code with the tie and keeping some handsome collections of the same.

Choose one that highlights your shirt’s colour like a pastel-shade pocket square or a white-coloured pocketsquare. This suit is very attractive and shows off your personality while still maintaining a traditional, energetic look.

Take precautions and consult a professional stylist. Be the perfectionist with pocket squares!


Wear neckties “by the book”. Yes! Wear one while wearing suit. Don’t wear a neck tie that is too high above your belt clip. It caters to a shorter ones. A neck-tie that is lower than the buckle will show a smaller body. With a well-balanced dress style and the right length neck-tie, you will never look out of proportion.

It is also a good idea to cover all of your dress-shirt buttons with your tie. This will not make it look awkward when you walk and your buttons are visible. You can also use elegant tie-bars to keep your tie straight. Sometimes you can indulge yourself with a designer tie!

Choose the sleeker, more polished ones that have a touch of silver or gold. Your entire silhouette will be more professional-relevant, in addition to drawing attention to your suit.


Apart from being a leather piece, a belt can also be a style quotient. A good-looking, textured belt can transform your suit and make your formal dress more elegant. It helps to reduce the man’s body shape in half, resulting in a slimmer and taller appearance.

It is easy to forget the rule about belts. Matching your formal trousers with your belt can add sophistication to your look. You can also coordinate the color of the belt with the shoe. You can set an example for spring by linking a light-toned trouser and a similar dress-shirt with a light tone leather belt.

Don’t make an impulsive purchase of any belt. Buy a high-quality, durable leather one.


It is important to look fashionable. This will increase your confidence and help you feel more confident. Shoes that complement your style and add professionalism to your look are a great way to enhance your suit.

The best fashion accessories are elegant and timeless. The formal leather shoes are a great complement to a dress-suit. They will be a talking point for their craftsmanship and quality.

Your attire should be scanned by passersby. Mix-matching 3-4 pairs of high-end formal shoes in leather can keep your look sophisticated and subtle.