16 Makeup Tricks You Didn’t Know

16 Makeup Tricks You Didn’t Know

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Makeup tips and tricks are great for creating a flawless look and avoiding any mistakes. A simple trick can help you achieve the perfect wing design and cat eyes with an eyeshadow. It may surprise you to know that the same eyeshadow palette can be used to contour your cheekbones and fill in your brows. Take a look at all your makeup products and consider creating a masterpiece. You can use every makeup product to look flawless and elegant, whether it’s a primer, foundation or blush. These makeup tricks will help you achieve your best look. Continue reading to learn more.

Makeup tips to apply primer

1. Make sure your Primer complements your Foundation.

Your primer and foundation must have the same base, regardless of whether you are using oil or water. If they don’t, they can repel one another or slide off your face making it difficult for you to blend.

2. Make Crow’s Feet Go Away

A little primer can be used around the eyes to reduce the appearance of crows feet.

Applying foundation

3. Right Application for Right Coverage

Apply your foundation with your fingers if you need to achieve sheer coverage. If you need full coverage, however, you can use a foundation brush.

4. Avoid Peach Fuzz.

Use downward strokes to apply foundation. The majority of people have only a thin layer on their heads. Applying foundation in an upward stroke to highlight the hair strands will help them stand out. While you may want to look fresh and pink, highlighting your peach fuzz is not.

Makeup tips for applying concealer

5. Make a conical shape

To reduce puffiness or bags under the eyes, most people are used to using concealer in a semicircular pattern. Apply concealer in a conical shape under your eyes, and make sure it reaches the end of your nose. Because it is easy-to-blend, it conceals better and contours your nose.

6. DIY Color Correcting Palette

The color correcting palette is a wonder that you probably know about. You can use these concealers in a variety of colors to cover up flaws. A green concealer can be used to cover redness, and a lavender concealer for yellow-toned discolouration. If you are suddenly without your color corrector palette, or just looking to save money on concealers, you can mix an eyeshadow in the same color as your regular concealer and voila! Now you have a smart, inexpensive color corrector concealer kit.

7. Learn the Important Focal Points.

This is a great hack for when you’re running behind or too lazy to apply concealer correctly. Apply a small amount of concealer to your skin, using a brush if possible, near your nose and under your eyes.

Face Powder Tips

8. Find the Right Function

There are two main types of powder for face: loose powder and pressed powder. Both come in matte and dewy finishes. It is crucial to choose the right one for your purpose. The purpose of loose powder is to set and last makeup. It comes in translucent and tinted forms. However, the best choice for setting makeup is the translucent colorless one. This will not affect the color of your concealer and foundation. The best powder for touch-ups is the pressed one. A matte finish provides a porcelain-like appearance with fine textures.

9. Select the Right Brush

Powders have a lot to do with the way they are applied. For best results, use the most fluffiest powder brush you can find.

Blush Makeup Tips

10. Blush Under Foundation

This clever trick allows you to reverse the order in which the product is applied. Apply the blush first, then the foundation. It will look like your skin is glowing from the inside.

11. Use A Tissue Paper For Blotting.

Use tissue paper instead of applying powder to your blush. Apply the tissue paper lightly to your blush and then finish with your beauty blender or makeup sponge for a perfect color match.

12. Take Care with Shimmery Blushes

It can be difficult to achieve a flawless shimmery blush. It is best to avoid shimmery blushes if you have large pores or pimples, or any other signs of skin trouble.

Makeup tips to apply bronzer

13. Use a triangular for better mixing

Although it’s common to use a blusher with a fluffy brush to highlight your hollow cheeks, it is better to make two triangles inverted on your cheeks using a bronzer. You will get a perfectly blended bronzer that will give your features a perfectly defined look.

14. DIY Bronzer.

Make your own bronzer if you’re looking for something new and exciting. You only need a few ingredients from your kitchen. You will need some cocoa powder and nutmeg powder. Mix them with cornstarch and you’ll have your bronzer. It doesn’t get more natural than this if you love natural makeup or prefer to avoid chemicals.

Makeup tips for Brows

15. Feathery Strokes

When filling in your eyebrows with pencils, use light feathery strokes. This will give them a natural look.

16. Instant Eye Lift.

Use your highlighter to instantly lift your eyes. Blend it in just above your eyebrow arch. This will define your eyebrows beautifully and make a dramatic difference to the overall appearance of your face.