17 Things Every Man Must Have to Win in Life (Part 1)

17 Things Every Man Must Have to Win in Life (Part 1)

15.07.2022 Off By manager_1

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Have you ever been stuck in the rain while using a cheap umbrella that could be better used for a suicidal Mary Poppins than a wonky bargain-barrel one?

What about taking a date home knowing that your bedsheets haven’t been washed since The Unspeakable Event of 2019?

This list is for you if you answered “yes” to any of the above. It’s not about materialistic. It’s about realizing that your surroundings are a reflection of your values, confidence, self-respect, and beliefs.

These are essential items every man should have.

A Slim Wallet

Once. This is the maximum number of times you can tell the joke about your wallet being so big it makes George Costanza blush.

It’s time for you to invest in a quality, slim leather wallet when the laughter stops. One  solid option is the Luca Faloni bifold. The Luca Faloni bifold cardholder is made in Florence from full grain vegetable tanned Leather. The compact dimensions of the Luca Faloni Bifold Cardholder allow it to fit in your pocket with its four card slots and four sleeves. We love it.

You should only keep the cards and other items you use every week in your wallet. If you don’t use an item for more than a week, take it out of your wallet and put it away.

Deo That Works

Fake is not always better than natural, as your Dad used to say in his more creepy moments. The same goes for deodorants. Your body will detox by switching to natural deodorant. It will take a while for your body to adjust and you’ll notice a difference in the way it smells.

It’s well worth the effort, I promise. In three weeks you will notice a difference in your skin. You’ll feel more energized, have less sweat, and won’t need to spray any chemicals on you body. Win, win, win.

Jack Henry’s Natural Deo is my current go-to. It kills the smell, doesn’t ruin clothes and smells good. Jack Henry’s natural deodorant can be described in two words: stink zapper. It’s my favorite deodorant, because it stays on all day and doesn’t leave my clothes with those awful white stains.

An Electric Toothbrush

This one is for you, Gents. An electric toothbrush is easier to use and removes more plaque. Better breath means more plaque is removed. You have better breath, and Tiffany won’t ask for an Uber when you kiss her.

I love habit tracking apps so I have been using the smart electric toothbrush for the past few months. This quip is my favorite because it only requires you to pair it to your phone once and then it automatically syncs your brushing stats via Bluetooth.

You have been living for 5 years if you didn’t believe they would eventually create an app that can pair with your toothbrush. The quip Smart Toothbrush has been with me for a while now. Going back to manual brushing would be like going back in 1990. It is powerfully vibrating, has a long-lasting lithium battery and has a stylish and sleek design. I am all aboard the smart toothbrush train.

A Book Collection

Do not make a mistake This list is not created by chance. Reading is the ultimate exercise for your mind. Reading improves intelligence, memory function, empathy, and relaxation.

These functions are essential in all aspects of a man’s life. You will have more fun talking, relationships will be better, your training performance will improve and your financial decisions will be better.

Reddit counts as reading? It’s amazing that you asked me this question.

A face care set

While I don’t recommend going all American Psycho, it is a good idea. However, gents, there is only one mug and it’s the first thing you show the world wherever you go.

You’d be surprised at how much a simple nightly cleanse and moisturizing can make for your skin if you have never done any kind of treatment for it. This is undoubtedly one of your easiest ways to make your skin look better.

Verso is my go-to for skin care. It has noticeably improved the appearance of my skin. But you can use any system. It doesn’t matter what you do, the most important thing is to do it.

A Well-Made Weekend Bag

As you become a mature adult man, you will start to notice a pattern. Appropriateness is becoming more important. Appropriate clothing and appropriate demeanor are essential. In this instance, a bag is also important.

A weekend getaway with a friend? Mid-week work excursion? A bag that can carry a few days worth of items while still being easy to use will be ideal. The weekend bag is my friend.

The Valisa bag from Velasca is the best quality bag I’ve ever seen. The Valasca Valisa, made from 100% cotton canvas with 100% bovine skin, is 100% weekend-approved. The leather-padded canvas strap can be worn by the shoulder or hand, while the side pockets are perfect for sneaks.

The Floyd Weekender is our top pick for value if you’re visiting Europe.  The Floyd Weekender is a great value, with multiple pockets inside and outside, two colors adjustable shoulder straps and the best part — it attaches easily to any suitcase so you can make your next flight to the airport an easy one.

At Least One Pair Dress Shoes

I was a young man who thought that I could live with just the minimum. Two pairs of shoes are all I own, but neither is very formal. Everything was fine. I was only able to wear my workout shoes and my old sneakers to the funeral. I chose the sneakers but realized I had made a mistake.

Even though I rarely used them, I should have had dress shoes. Dress shoes are not only for weddings but also to make you look like an absolute boss when you walk into an office. For formal events, you should have at least one pair of black plain cap-toe Oxfords.

My pick for under $250 is the MYRQVIST Applviken Black Calf. It is goodyear welted, so it will last for 10+years (at which time you can resole), and handcrafted. A leather sole is better for formal occasions, while a half-rubber sole is better for everyday use.

It’s the perfect black plain captoe Oxford that is affordable. This came in under $250, which was a shock to me when I saw it. These gorgeous beauties are handcrafted by Portugal using a goodyear-welted construction. They’re made from full grain French Leather. These are great options for formal shoes if you don’t have them yet.

A Passport

Traveling is a great investment in your manhood. Traveling will help you to understand more cultures, increase your knowledge, learn new insights, meet new people and tell you crazy stories about how you drunk eight liters of mint tee in one hour while you were in Morocco.

You’ll be more attractive to date/be friends with. If you are unsure of your purpose in life, and don’t have any passports, I can provide you with a plan for the next two weeks. Grab a passport and start looking at maps.

Toiletry bag

Always have a ready-to-go wash bag with you. You can save space in your weekend bag/bag and you will never have to worry about cologne leaking onto your toothbrush.

A Roderer Award Mini Wash Bag like this is the perfect choice and will last a lifetime. This dopp kit is made from high-quality Italian leather and will be a valuable purchase that you only make once in your entire life. The build quality is great, but my favorite feature is the zippered pocket. This is perfect for organizing those little tidbits that you often lose under the hotel counter.