6 Must-Have Shoes for Man

6 Must-Have Shoes for Man

13.09.2021 Off By manager_1

Times when your mother would choose your outfit/ shoes are gone. It’s your time now – you’re now a mature man. Leave your favorite flip-flops and crocs for teenager boys. It’s time to look like a grown man! We are sure you need to upgrade your shoe game at this stage in your life.

Are you looking to create a collection of shoes but don’t know where to begin? No worries, we have the answer! To help you elevate your style, we have compiled a list with six shoes that you must own. We have everything you need, from shoes to wear on a casual day to shoes to make a statement when you are dressed up, to shoes that will suit your style. Continue reading!


These kind of loafers are perfect for everyday wear! These shoes are much more comfortable than traditional dress shoes and are therefore easier to wear. You can add some flair to your outfit with penny loafers. It can also be worn with both suits and casual outfits.


For lazy days, trainers are the perfect choice. Contrary to popular belief comfort does not necessarily mean you should give up your style sense. For your weekly grocery shopping and other errands, you can wear trainers. These shoes are great for days when you don’t have the energy or desire to be fashionable but don’t want to sacrifice style.


Oxford shoes are the most fashionable dress shoes of all time. These shoes are a must-have for every man. These shoes can be worn for all occasions, including weddings and black-tie events. Oxford shoes can be worn in many different occasions, so they should be your first choice when you want to look your best.


You can own a pair unique shoes made from exotic skins if you wish. These shoes are made from a unique piece of leather and are adorned with natural beauty. Famous examples of exotic shoes include crocodile and alligator shoes.

These kicks can be costly because they are handmade. They can be worn with any outfit. Exotic shoes will make you look elegant and classy.


Even though they are casual, dress sneakers are more formal than the sneakers. These sneakers are very easy to wear and move in. However, they have a sophisticated style. These shoes will elevate your overall appearance while still maintaining a casual feel.


Boat shoes are the best summer footwear for men. They look just like dress sneakers but are classier. This pair of moccasin-like shoes is perfect paired with summer shorts. Boat shoes should be worn with no-show socks, or none at all. Boat shoes can be a great addition to your vacation outfit if they are worn correctly.

We hope you find this guide helpful in creating your shoe collection. Keep this article in your bookmarks so you can refer to it when you are next shoe shopping. Keep it classy and dapper, gentlemen!