6 Tips to Make Your Life More Efficient

6 Tips to Make Your Life More Efficient

26.10.2021 Off By manager_1

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It doesn’t matter what career you are on – whether it be motherhood, career-focused or trying to spend more of your time with yourself. We can all agree that efficiency is the ultimate goal in life. Efficiency allows you to have more time and makes you feel more productive. This, for us at least, leads to more things being done.

You probably have read a lot of self-improvement books and own a business. May be you also have a nearly one-year-old kid. So you’ve learned a few tricks on efficiency, though we’ll never be perfect. We are sharing these tips with anyone looking to improve their lives.

#1 Stop multitasking

It was once a common misconception that multitasking is a virtue. But it isn’t true for many of us. When we can focus on one thing, we are much more productive. By focusing on one thing, we are able to give the complete attention and finish it much faster than if we tried to do them all at once. This applies to housework, errands, and work tasks.

#2 Communicate clearly

Between work, children and managing a personal life, life can get crazy. Communication is the most important thing that we have learned. It will save you time and prevent future headaches by communicating clearly and concisely the first time. Don’t be afraid to not answer certain calls, texts or emails. Remember, a response is not a response.

#3 Keep to your schedule

You can stick to your plan, no matter if you use Google Calendar or keep a list of things. There will always be things that stand out, and it’s okay to be flexible. But know your limits and don’t go overboard. Each client gets a different color code for each task (errands get a specific color, exercises get a particular color, etc.). It’s much easier to see the day broken down by color so we can easily download the items we have for that day/week.

#4 Delegate

You can delegate if you don’t have enough time or find certain tasks taking you too much time. You can budget for groceries, your taxes, your house cleaning, professional hairdresser, and any other tasks that feel like they are taking too much time out of your day.

#5 Get enough sleep

Although many of us struggle with sleep anxiety, we all know that we need to get enough sleep to feel the best the next day. So make it a priority. Many articles online have great tips for those who struggle with sleep anxiety. However, the main point is to have a good nighttime routine that you love so that you are excited to go to bed.

#6 Pay attention to your scrolling habits

There were days when we feel like we were doing everything right but still fell short. But then we glance at the phone’s timer to see how much time we spent on Instagram. You will be amazed at how much time you have wasted. We now use the timer function to be notified when we reach the daily social media time. This is a great way for you to stay on track and it’s easy to set up in your settings.