7 Ethical Denim Brands That Fit Every Shape

7 Ethical Denim Brands That Fit Every Shape

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A great pair of jeans will be a staple in your wardrobe. Denim has its share of environmental issues. An estimated 2 billion pairs are made each year. It consumes approximately 20,000 litres of water per day for the processes of growing cotton and dyeing.

This is not to mention the ethical issues of those who make these clothes, or the environmental impact of dyes. The fashion world is awakening, and it’s a good thing. (Slowly, admittedly.) Fashion eds are raving about some great sustainable denim brands.

There are brands that use organic or recycled cotton, such as non. Brands that allow you to lease jeans, such as MUD Jeans. It’s even possible for fast-fashion brands to get it.

Asos has an ethical denim line and has pledged to 100% sustainable cotton by 2025. However, this is not the case right now. You’ll have to dig. This guide will help you find the most ethical jeans for any shape.

Are there ethical jeans that fit every body type?

It is a universal truth that anyone who has good fortune must search for good jeans. Good jeans are the ones that truly get you. The Ones, if you will – are harder to find than a good wife/husband/partner/therapist/other.

What is the rejection for wearing wrong denim? Oh, it’s cruel. They looked great on the shelf! So your type. So understanding. Just when you thought they would open up, they let you in. They don’t go beyond the thighs. It turns out that most jeans are body fascists. Make your own parallels. However, we believe that denim shopping is difficult – and emotionally exhausting – enough without worrying about the environmental consequences.

You will need to visit the NHS walk-in clinic to find out if the jeans you thought were perfect are actually made with toxic pesticides, water waste, trade injustice, and exploitation. But we digress. Scroll down to find our top sustainable denim brands.

7 Ethical Denim Brands That Fit Every Shape

1. Outland Denim

Start with Outland Denim, which provides ethical employment and training for women who have been rescued from being exploited or trafficked in Cambodia.

These are not inexpensive at  £160 per pair, but they can be worn for ever. Our pick is the Isabels pre-rock’n’rolled with high-rise on-trend Isabels.

2. One

We present One to selvedge-denim lovers (that’s fashion talk for the rigid stuff that looks amazing but makes you rethink your plans for a huge lunch). These are the brand editors who talk about ‘denim for top’. This is serious stuff.

They boast not only that they have ‘created luxury sustainable denim’ but also back it up with natural, biodegradable, organic fibres, and recycled materials right down to the last button, rivet and stitch.

This is every pair of jeans that you’ll ever need – including skinny cigarette jeans ( £135) and cropped flares ( £120), elongated flares ( £120), and slim boyfriend jeans ( £145).

They’re the best kind of relationship you can have in ethical denim. One’s ethical denim collection offers something for everyone.

3. Reformation

Reformation has a sustainable denim factory in Los Angeles. Their practices are so transparent that you can meet their workers (if your happen to be there on the first Friday each month).

They also create a quarterly sustainability report that tracks their efforts to reduce waste, water, carbon footprints, and other environmental impacts. This is the fashion brand equivalent to the guy who tells his whole romantic story on his first date. It’s not creepy.

The Stretch Flood Jean ( £90) is a contemporary, cropped style that can lengthen legs and work well with heels. For years, reformation has been a staple in the eco-fashionistas’ wardrobe. These should be a part your wardrobe.

4. MUD Jeans

MUD Jeans is a great choice for those who are not ready to commit. After 12 months of leasing your jeans (EUR 7.50 per month plus an initial EUR 29 payment), you can switch to a different pair if you feel the honeymoon period has ended.

You can recycle your old pair into new MUD clothes for others – you’ll only mind running into them with their new partners. Flared Hazen (EUR 119), to get the 70s look.

Learn more about the leasing and recycling of your ethical jeans model. You can rent your sustainable jeans from MUD by entering into a rental agreement

5. Non

Non is a new conscious clothing brand that helps you say no fast fashion. All of their streetwear-inspired designs are non-branded and not-gendered.

There are three styles to choose from in the debut collection, and all sizes are included. The price per pair is approximately  £160. The selvedge denim they offer is made from 50/50 organic cotton and recycled cotton, which is used to create a circular and zero-waste production process. It can also be reused for future life.

All threads and zips are made of post-consumer recycled polyester, which also helps prevent plastic from ending in landfills or the ocean. Non’s jeans come in vegan-friendly packaging and are certified recycled.

You are looking for a pair non-branded and gender-neutral jeans? Non can help.

6. Nudie

We present Nudie to the boyfriend-jeans lovers (y’know? you couple-up people that can wear I-care-not, voluminous jeans and still look laid-back and happy!) Their “dry denim” is 100% organic and uses recycled fibres. It is also pesticide-free, non-toxic, and does not contain any hazardous chemicals.

The style? The breezy Brits ( £120) will make you feel as if you are in the 60s. Who doesn’t wish to feel as if they are in the 1960s.

7. Weekday

Weekday is a great option if you want to keep it on the high street. The Swedish brand launched a line of 100% recycled denim. The jeans are a bit MC Hammer parachute-pants (and red too: avoid), but there’s a fashion-forward boiler suit for  £90 and  £70 and a cute cropped jacket.

It seems like the jeans of our dreams might be out there. It would be so simple to date.