7 Great Fitness Apps to Change Your Life

7 Great Fitness Apps to Change Your Life

14.12.2021 Off By manager_1

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MyFitnessPal is the OG app for fitness. But some people don’t like it. We have a list of other options. These fitness apps will make your life better.

  •  8Fit

8Fit is a MyFitnessPal-like app with all the good stuff and none the bad. It asks you to enter your fitness goals such as building muscle mass and losing weight. Then it provides on-demand workouts or diet guidance based on those goals. You can make your goal as specific as you like or as vague as you want. Then you will see additional recommendations based on this specificity.

Even the free version has many options and resources. You can create meal plans, workout videos, recipes, shopping list, and log your food intake.

You can get pre-made, customized meal plans for as low as $80 per year if you choose to pay the extra. However, most people who aren’t trying to lose weight or improve their fitness will not need this level of personalization.

  •  Freeletics Body Weight

This app is great for people who are looking for quick exercise ideas but don’t want or have access to any equipment at home, such as a yoga mat and weights.

There are hundreds of workouts you can choose from. They vary in intensity and time required. The only thing you need is your body weight.

  •  The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout App

This app is free and designed for people who are short on time or who find it difficult to fit in a workout. You can choose from a variety of intensity levels. However, the app only requires seven minutes to complete a workout. The app allows you to fit the daily workouts into your cleaning or childcare routine and feel instantly fitter without making a huge commitment.

You can use the daily workouts in their entirety if you prefer to keep things simple. However, if you’re looking to customize your workouts and combine them with your favorite music, you can create custom blends.

  • Healthy out

You may find yourself eating out more often than you should if you lead a hectic lifestyle. Healthy Out allows you to make informed choices about your health and fitness goals.

This app is free for Android and iOS. It helps you find the best restaurants based on your health goals. You can also get recommendations for menu items that may make the item more healthy, such as omitting cheese.

  • Mindshift

Mental health is just as important as nutrition for your fitness goals. Neglecting to take care of your mental well-being can result in weight gain or loss, poor eating habits, and even bad exercise habits.

Mindshift, unlike many mental health apps that require a subscription, is free. It aims to help users learn how to manage stress and anxiety through reframe methods.

  • 30 Day Squat Challenge

You won’t feel motivated to exercise if there isn’t a challenge. Get the free 30 Day Squat Challenge app. It challenges you to increase your strength over time with different workouts that revolve around squatting.

  • My Fitness Map

Map My Fitness is free and available with some paid upgrades. This app allows you to view all data regarding your workouts, regardless of whether they are “standard”. You’re still getting some activity by vacuuming the whole house and running after the kids at park. All of these activities should count towards your goals.

Map My Fitness allows you to do exactly that. You can also see data about calories burned and time spent doing certain activities over time. You can see additional data like heart rate with the upgrade.