7 Habits that Millennials Can Adopt to Stay And Look Younger

7 Habits that Millennials Can Adopt to Stay And Look Younger

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People in their 20s are often stressed about student loan debt. They need to find side hustles to pay it. As they use filters to enhance their social media photos, they are noticing wrinkles and tired eyes. It’s hard to keep up with the celebrities of their generation, not to mention the many influencers who set the standard for beauty and youth.

Good Habits to Begin

Dr. Manish Shah is a facial surgeon who advises those under 30 not to go overboard with costly treatments. These procedures can make people look older and increase their debt. He suggests that millennials consider other pre-juvenation strategies to help them keep their youth. Here are some good practices that will keep their skin glowing.

  • Get your Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an excellent collagen booster. It also brightens the skin and reduces pores. These are the things that women in their 40s and 50s most complain about. Cantaloupes, mangoes, grapefruits and berries all contain this antioxidant, which when consumed regularly can help maintain a youthful glow.

  • Sunblock every day

A daily moisturizer that has a minimum of 30 SPF is the best way to protect your skin from the sun. Creams can be applied to the neck and chest to prevent wrinkles and sagging. In your 40’s, the sun protection you have been practicing daily in your 20s will be a huge asset.

  • Get More Fish

You can’t avoid the late-night partying pizza and fries. Perhaps your metabolism can handle it, for now. It might be time to eat less fast food and more fish. You can offset these weekend indulgences with fish throughout the week. The fatty acids in fish oil can help erase wrinkles that you might have noticed. It reduces inflammation, which can make wrinkles appear more obvious and deeper over time. Omega-3’s can be obtained via supplements for millennials who avoid seafood, but it is better to get it from fish.

  • Stop Smoking

This is a common one and not one of the best habits to have. Smoking is the fastest way to age. A 25-year old can look between 8 and 5 years younger after quitting smoking. After age 30, this number goes up. Women who quit smoking after age 40 are often a decade younger that their counterparts who smoke. There are many reasons to quit smoking. It is very motivating to link it with vanity.

  • Reduce Your Sugar Consumption

For many reasons, you should be more mindful of your sugar intake in your 20s. Sugars and carbohydrate are known to be a beauty killer as they can cause inflammation. For those below 30, pasta, ketchup and candy are all staples. Adult acne, sagging, and wrinkles are all signs of inflammation.

  • Keep Your Skin Radiant With Facials and Peels

Many millennials are using “Baby Botox”, which can delay wrinkles, but it’s not cheap. It can also be used as a gateway treatment to other treatments such as lip injections or fillers. This often makes younger women look older. These are good ways to get started with lasers and peels. They are a great solution to sun damage, skin texture and pores, acne scarring, cell turnover, and stimulate collagen growth.

  • Choose Your Products Carefully

According to projections, the organic beauty industry will reach $25.11 trillion by 2025. Although ingredients often take center stage, consumers also consider everything, from packaging to production and the environmental impact of a brand before they buy. Natural products are generally more eco-friendly, but we know from research that consumers have new beliefs about what is important to them.

Choose products wisely:

  • provide environmentally-friendly packaging
  • don’t test animals
  • include all-natural ingredients

It has become more common to choose personal care products that are not tested on animals, vegan and non-toxic to the environment. There are many great brands that offer products.

Although we love the natural product effect, organic does not always mean better. They have a shorter shelf life. You will need to purchase more regularly, which can negate any reductions in carbon footprint. Buying more means that you have to pay for additional manufacturing, shipping, and disposal. Despite all efforts, some packaging can allow ingredients to be broken down by repeated exposure to light and air. Natural does not necessarily mean safe or free from chemical hazards.

It is important to choose products that are suitable for your skin, whether natural or synthetic, in order to ensure lasting and beneficial results.

A lifestyle that is healthy and well-maintained will ensure longevity for millennials. Many mothers may believe that it is acceptable to get things done, even if they have had botox or breast implants. There are alternatives to these trends, including choosing healthier options that will keep you looking your best.