How to Flirt ‘Classy’ With a Girl over Text

How to Flirt ‘Classy’ With a Girl over Text

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What image do you have when you hear “class”? What would you imagine a man looking like if he was described as “classy”?

Most often, we think of gentlemen with long hair and suits worth a thousand dollars from old Hollywood movies. What makes these men so elegant?

It’s all about poise. How you treat others and how you hold yourself up to them will determine your class.

Are you looking to seduce that special woman? Are you ready to charm her with your elegance and sweep her off her feet? It all starts with some well-planned texts.

8 Tips for Flirting With a Girl over Text (with Class)

These 8 tips will help you keep your text conversations cool, classy, and calm. In no time, you’ll win her heart.

1. Confidence is key

This is no surprise! In romantic relationships, confidence is key. Although you may have a beautiful face, confidence is key to attracting women.

Text flirting is all about desperation. It’s tempting to give everything when you text an amazing woman. It’s exciting to text someone you love. Sometimes it can be difficult to remember to set boundaries and not scare her away.

Confidence is the key to success. Text messages are a great way to show your confidence. Just act naturally. Text her as if she were speaking to you face-to-face. To lighten the mood, joke around with her, ask her thoughtful and interesting questions, and, if you have the chance, tell her some things about yourself.

Texting allows you to think before you speak. Don’t hesitate to put your best foot forward and never look back.

2. Show your intelligence with well-planned texts

Women love intelligent men. It’s simple to display your intelligence through text.

It’s great to chat with her about your interests, talents, and passions. However, intelligence also means you can listen well. When she tells you something personal about herself, be sure to keep it in mind. To let her know you are paying attention to everything she says, you can call back to something she said about yourself earlier.

Display intelligence through well-planned texts. You can also show your intelligence by using text. Also, send messages with meaning. Ask questions, share something about yourself, make her laugh. Send a text and know what type of response you want.

3. Keep your composure in order to exhibit maturity

Joking and playing with text is a great way for confidence and charm. But don’t do it too often and she will think you are immature.

Women like men who are able to have fun once in a while but remain mature and well-organized the majority of the time. Keep the humor in the bathroom to a minimum. This includes being sexually explicit. (Leave some room for imagination!)

Be open to all types of text conversations, both the light and heavy, to be truly mature in text. You can also keep your cool if things don’t go your way.

Two surefire ways to end a text conversation is to lash out or laugh at a woman are laughing off and joking around.

4. Engage in deep conversation to show her you’re serious

Flirting with text should be lighthearted and fun. You might also want to ask personal questions every now and again. If you only send silly text messages, a woman will not believe you are serious about building a relationship.

Ask her questions about herself and remind her of what you shared. Asking too many questions can lead to her feeling irritated and unwelcome. Let her take the lead and have the conversation.

You can start a conversation by asking questions like “What’s on you bucket list?” and “Where’s the one place that you have always longed to visit?” Ask her questions after she replies to keep the conversation going. Follow her example and follow the text messages to see where they lead you.

Even if she doesn’t ask, make sure you answer the questions. It’s not a good idea to make her feel like you are asking her questions!

5. Send her thoughtful compliments

People love to be complimented. It’s a fact of everyday life. It doesn’t matter who you might be, the simple fact that someone likes you and notices it is enough to lift your spirits and brighten your day.

It is important to compliment a woman when you speak with her. What should you compliment her on?

Women are often complimented, so make sure your compliments stand out. Don’t compliment her obvious features like her hair, eyes, smile, or taste in clothes. Instead, compliment something she doesn’t know about you.

The more specific you are, the better. Perhaps you enjoy the use of emojis within her texts. Perhaps you find her hobby to be very interesting. Perhaps you admire her work ethic. Perhaps she is a unique fashionista that stands out from the rest. She might just radiate positivity and kindness. Let her know what you see that makes her different.

While compliments are wonderful, they shouldn’t be given out constantly. Your compliments should be meaningful. It is best to compliment someone from the heart.

6. In a text, include her name

You can tell if someone is interested in you by how often they use your name when speaking to you. You are more likely to fall in love with someone who uses your name often when you talk to them. This can be used to your advantage, whether you’re speaking in person or via text.

Simple “Hey (name), how’re you?” or “That’s such a great point, (name),” will grab her attention and keep it subtle.

Incorporating a woman’s name into a text can transform a message from being dull to sophisticated and eye-catching. It can be jarring to use a woman’s name too often in a text conversation.

If you include her name in a few texts, it will let her know that you are interested in her romantically. It will also show that you actually know her name (trust us, that’s better than many men she has spoken to).

7. Do not be afraid to have a sense of humor

A good sense of humor is a key aspect of flirting. It’s a great way for a relationship to feel more relaxed and to let the other person know you are confident enough to crack a good joke.

A great way to flirt is to playfully tease a woman. You can give her a funny nickname or make a joke about her uniqueness. You should keep your jokes lighthearted and use emojis when you are joking with her.

8. Be polite – Show her that chivalry isn’t dead

Remember to be polite. Classy means to act like a gentleman. Take a look at the Hollywood movie stars of old. What was their approach to women?

Let me tell you, they wouldn’t send any string of one-word messages. Consider her schedule, too. Do not text her if she’s busy. The holy grail is to be patient with her if she doesn’t reply immediately.

Classy means being mature, sophisticated, and well-mannered. You will have the best chance of starting a meaningful relationship if you are your best self in your texts. Follow these tips to transform your boring texts into flirty messages that lead to love.