7 New Sex Positions to Try Today

7 New Sex Positions to Try Today

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You can either have your partner lay flat on the mattress or on the edge. For support, place your hands on your partner’s knees and straddle them.

This is a great sex position for everyone, but it’s especially beneficial for pregnant women. During pregnancy, there are many changes that can be made to what is possible. For some people, being on top can give them more control over the penetration depth and speed.

You might also find that you get tired faster in this position, so be sure to mix things up. You can change to the snow angel position if the reverse cowgirl position is too difficult. This position is great for anyone, not just pregnant women.

Moyle recommends that you prop a chair in front of yourself if you are sticking with reverse cowgirl. This will provide additional support while you work on it.


You can do this by laying down with your partner, keeping them in line behind you. You can experiment with different leg positions to find the right spot for you.

Spooning allows for clitoral stimulation and is a great way to navigate around bumps. This position is great for sex during pregnancy, especially in the last trimester. It doesn’t require much movement, and your partner does most of the work. You can then reposition yourself to a spot that’s comfortable.

For extra stimulation, add a vibrator to the mix. Although you can begin your spooning session at any time, the vibrator is better to have in stock. Moyle says that it’s more sexy to have the vibrator at your fingertips so you don’t have interruptions in your enjoyment. Blindfolds can increase pleasure and lubrication can make it more enjoyable. Moyle says that a finger vibrator is a great tool if you have the best lube. “There’s nothing more distracting then someone losing their grip, or slipping right as you are about to go for orgasm.”


This is the speed bump, but it’s for solo action. You will need somewhere soft and comfy that allows you to lay down comfortably and you can still move your hands underneath. Place your sextoy between two pillows. Then, place your head on top of the pillows.

It’s amazing because it doesn’t always need to be a partner. This position is ideal for female masturbation. Your clitoris, and G-Spot are easily accessible by lying on your back. It’s not a position that is often depicted in porn, but it’s one that women rarely see. The pillows can be used to prop up the toy, so that you don’t have to hold it. They can also give you the feeling of having a partner, which can increase your imagination, and help you orgasm.

Being on your own does not mean you should miss out on having fun with other people. Moyle says that a Lelo Smart Wand, one of the most effective body wand massagers, will give you a full-body massage. This will help you relax, but it can also build desire and arousal through teasing. The best natural aphrodisiac is to run along your inner thighs, lower back, and buttocks. When it comes to imagination, keeping your eyes closed can be a great help. You’ll feel a lot more relaxed when you roll into The Solo Facer position.


First, make sure your sex toys are waterproof. Then, get in the shower and turn the water on. Mix it up by using the sensation of water. Moyle suggests that you can use the showerhead to target your clitoris or your sextoy simultaneously.

Think about the most sexy scenes in movies. The steam and heat can make you feel more sexually stimulated. However, you can also relax in a private shower to reduce inhibitions.

It’s possible to play with temperature settings and increase sensations. You can increase your sense of touch by spraying cold water on your clitoris and nipples. For some watery fun, you can invite your partner along. It could be very fun to explore their erogenous areas with the bullet vibrator and the showerhead simultaneously while they are looking away. It can be slippery to use lube.


Place your partner on your back and place you on the top, facing away. Grab a vibrator to make it “vibrating”. A vibrator is a great toy to pass on to your partner. It can be used to stimulate your clitoris or massage your back.

A vibrator can be used to stimulate the riding partner with clitoris, but it can also be used on the bottom partner for sensation, such as a testicles or perineum. It’s a great way to allow couples to experiment with giving control to each other. It can add to the suspense of not being able to see the time the sex toys will be used.

The more sex toys you have, the better. A cock ring can make the session even more sexy. Moyle says that a cock ring that wraps around the penis, or dildo, is great. It can also provide great clitoral stimulation, especially when worn during sex. You can touch your partner while using it, but you won’t need to worry about setting the settings. Just enjoy!


Don’t just lie on your back while you masturbating. Instead, get up on your knees and place your G-spot vibrator/dildo on top of you. If you are looking for deep penetration, this is the perfect sex position to try. Make sure you use lots of lube.

The Sitting Up Sizzler has the best G-spot for feeling in control and hitting the G-spot. Moyle says that sitting on your knees and lowering oneself onto a sextoy can help vulva and vaginal owners mix it up at home. It can be helpful to use a sextoy that has a suction base such as your vibrator or dildo to secure it to a surface. If you aren’t using your bed, it can be useful to place the toy between two pillows.

Use The Sitting Up Sizzler to look in the mirror. Sitting up on your knees will allow you to see directly in front. Imagine yourself being watched, or even starring in a movie. This will make you more interested. Sometimes, even looking at the expressions of masturbating women can drive them to orgasm.


You can do it the same way as the Reverse Cowgirl: Have your partner place themselves on the edge of the bed, or on a chair. With you facing away, they will be seated on top.

Moyle says it’s great because “not everyone wants to have sexual sex while they’re on their period, and that’s more then okay.” It can be a great way to relieve cramps, increase sensitivity, and lubricate the skin. Moyle believes that there is no right or wrong way to have sex during your period. However, the Chairman position is our favorite for comfort, intimacy and pleasure.

Lay a towel underneath your partner to make it more sexy. Moyle suggests that you place a mirror in front of your partner so you can see how things unfold and make it even more sexier.