7 Simple Rituals to Keep You Balanced

7 Simple Rituals to Keep You Balanced

13.09.2022 Off By manager_1

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Everybody’s “balance” is unique. Everybody has different priorities and lives. Balance is something I consider a constant process. It’s not linear or finished. However, we all can agree that there are certain activities that can help us keep our happiness. We had many discussions about this topic and all of us had different answers to what makes us feel complete. We decided to share our favorite rituals with you in the hope that at least one will be helpful for your particular needs.

Find below the best practices that help us feel balanced, along with the reasons why we believe they work and the products that we find to be particularly helpful. Keep reading for our best-kept secrets.

The Ritual: Maintaining an organized morning

I’ve never been a morning person. I’ve always been more of a wake-up-at-the-very-last-second-and-rush-while-sweating-out-the-door person. When I noticed the immediate benefits of ease into my day, all that changed was for the better. I now make sure that I get through my morning ritual. This has helped me to feel calmer and more balanced. It also helps me show up on-time for work and social events. Two hours before I need to get anywhere or do anything, I wake up and change into a comfortable lounge suit. I use that time to take in the sunlight that shines through my living-room window. I like to sit quietly, have my coffee and drink a large glass of water. It helps me move more easily through the morning and throughout the day. I will read, check my emails, make the dishes or watch TV. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing. It’s about making time (and not feeling like a rushed morning maniac again).

The Ritual of Running

Running is something I am able to bring out of all the chaos, change, and transition of the past few decades. I returned to basics in my exercise routine in 2020 and I feel more balanced. Running can be done at any speed and anywhere you want it to. This flexibility and lack of pressure allowed me to build a daily routine. Running is my favorite way to get serotonin. It’s also my “go-to” ritual for feeling a little “off”.

Add anything from Girlfriend Collective (my obsession with athleisure) and a trusted SPF, and you’re ready to hit the streets.

The Ritual: Making Lists

My brain is constantly cluttered with 1000 tabs, which can lead to anxiety and overwhelm. There are many things that I do to self-care but writing lists has been the only thing that brings balance back into my daily life. I keep a list of everything, from daily tasks to things I am grateful for. I feel calmer and clearer of clutter when I can “brain dump”.

The Ritual: Applying Makeup

What I do first thing when I wake up sets the tone for my day. When I get up, I feed my cat. Yes, Feed my cat. Make a smoothie using Golde’s Shroom Shield. Apply an experimental, energizing face of makeup. I have so many products that I love, but not all of them are suitable for my everyday makeup. My makeup routine before work allows me to try new products, bright colors (shout out to Glisten Cosmetics Split Liners), or abstract patterns. This makes me feel confident and gives me the opportunity to use a skill I haven’t used since 2019.

The Ritual: Waking early to get to my favorite cardio dance class

Monday mornings are very important to me. This is when I set the tone and focus for the week. I want to start the week with a positive outlook and prioritize my mental health. A big part of this is making sure that I start my week with a high-end dance cardio class. On Mondays, I get up earlier to have quiet coffee and then I put on my favorite ankle weights with a matching set of workout clothes that I feel beautiful in before heading to class. It is so energizing to kick off the week with a dance party.

The Ritual: A morning stroll

My morning routine has become more important to my mental health over the past few years. It keeps me grounded, sane, and happy. My morning walk through Central Park, or as TikTok would call it, a Hot Girl Walk, is the subject of this ritual. After I get up, I drink a glass water and then slip on something comfortable (usually my Patagonia fleece and Hoka sneakers), grab my sunglasses, and grab a Nespresso to-go. It’s helped me organize my thoughts and reduce stress by making time in the morning. It’s also helpful to get some fresh air. It’s just as important to get some steps in.

The Ritual: A combination of movement, cupping, and treatment with acupuncture to relieve pain

My mental and physical health have suffered greatly over the past two years. After years of being a human folding chair for months, I decided to put my focus on self-care and mobility. It has made a huge difference in how I feel. Each morning, I complete an hour of movement with the Grow With Jo app. After that, I take a few minutes to reflect before getting on with my day. It has been a great idea to create a wellness area in my home. This space should not only contain weights and a yoga mat. I have made my sunniest nook my home for my plants, along with a few scenic touches such as candles. My two favorite recent additions to this space are Torn from Henry Rose (my second favorite) and Bath & Body Works White Tea & Sage. I also have weekly visits with Dr. Justin Lewis, my chiropractor. I was introduced to cupping and acupuncture. I do this weekly to relieve any physical pain or discomfort. However, focusing on me for a few hours has made a huge difference in my outlook, mood, and happiness. It has become a part of my daily life that is not only a routine, but an essential part. I feel so much happier for it.

The Ritual: Matcha

I admit that maintaining balance can be difficult for me. It’s easy to feel like I’m running at 100 mph. So it’s important that I take the time to do the small things that keep me in balance. Making matcha latte is one such ritual. To ensure the ceremonial-grade powder dissolves completely, I slow boil the water and use a bamboo matcha to whisk it before adding it to my cup of iced oatmeal milk. My latte is perfected, and I can enjoy it with my dog.