7 Spa and Wellness Treatments You Should Try in Asia

7 Spa and Wellness Treatments You Should Try in Asia

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Imagine yourself sitting in peace and harmony with the surrounding environment. Isn’t it relaxing to be in a calm place? Aromatic wellness spa treatments can help you relax and create a heavenly experience.

Although it is common to visit the spa or retreat on a regular basis, the most unique and luxurious aspect of these spa treatments is what makes them so special. These are now more common than ever.

Many are searching for a wellness sanctuary that promotes healthy living and sets customized wellness goals. Modern-day luxury spas offer luxurious massages by holistic therapists who provide treatments that not only treat the skin but also help to restore emotional balance and appeal to all senses.

There are many services available in international markets. However, the unique spa and rejuvenation treatments found in Asia are very popular. Some of these services may be new while others are old.

The endless possibilities are as exotic and luxurious as they come, with everything from authentic hammams, Onsen, and crystal massages, to floating and chocolate therapies.

 7 spa treatments you should try in Asia

  • Onsen

Toji bathing, or the ancient Japanese practice onsen, is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in hot springs. Onsen literally means “hot water cure” and refers to the therapeutic benefits of this balneotherapy.

A prolonged stay at a ryokan (or Japanese inn) in a hot spring allows the body to absorb the healing benefits of the mineral-rich waters. The medicinal benefits include the relief of joint pains, relaxation of tired muscles, improved skin quality, blood circulation, and better sleep.

Today, a ryokan is a combination of onsen and rooms that allow guests to relax for a few days.

  • Sound bathing

Urban dwellers are increasingly embracing sound baths. These sound baths use your auditory senses to relax and stimulate your mind. Although it may seem like a modern therapy method, reports indicate that it has been around for over 2,000 years.

Instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls and gongs, windchimes, windchimes, and crystal bowls produce soothing vibrations that will calm your mind and help you manage stress better.

You will feel calm and relaxed as the vibrations and sound waves pass through your body. Sound bathing can also be considered a relaxing and rejuvenating experience that brings about a lighter state of mind.

Relax your eyes, close your eyes and let the soothing vibrations of the studio relax your mind. You will become one with the environment and yourself.

You can take a sound bath either individually or with a group. But, you should be conscious of all the benefits. A typical session lasts approximately an hour depending on which routine or session you choose.

This treatment has many medicinal benefits, including reducing stress and anxiety. A 2014 American Journal of Health Promotion study found that regular sound bathing can reduce systolic blood pressure.

  • Floatation therapy

This therapy consists of a sound- and lightproof pod that allows you to float without feeling your body weight. You can also relax in silence and very little light. This may sound like something out of a sci-fi film, but floatation therapy can be one of the most luxurious body treatments.

You can relax on your back on Epsom salt-saturated water about 12 inches high. The pod is set at a skin temperature. Feel the surrounding world disappear. This new-age wellness therapy leaves you feeling light and focused on your heartbeat and breathing.

You can relax your mind and stress with the sauna-like experience of floatation therapy. It can also be used to stimulate the nervous system, enhance brain synchronisation, and many other benefits.

Experts believe that this heightened state can last for up to a day. However, it doesn’t happen within the first 30 minutes. This is why Dr Justin Feinstein (clinical neuropsychologist and director at the LaureateInstitute for Brain Research’s Float Clinic and Research Center) suggests it as a short-term remedy for anxiety and depression.

  • Hammam

A typical Hammam bath consists of traditional Arabian methods of cleansing the body, deep tissue massages, and relaxing in a sauna room. This spa therapy originated in the Middle East. Its roots can be traced back to Turkey and Morocco, where people regularly cleanse their bodies at local hammams.

A tellak or attendant will pour water on your skin in the steam sauna or Hammam before applying a black soap to your skin and exfoliating it with a kessa gloves.

The treatment will exfoliate your skin and open up pores to release accumulated dirt. To give your skin a healthy glow, the massage removes dead cells.

Combining a mud bath and exfoliator can enrich the body with minerals. The massage also relieves stress and joint pains.

  • Chocolate therapy

Are you unable to resist the rich and decadent scent of cocoa? This spa and wellness treatment will delight you. A spa treatment that involves spreading cocoa butter and chocolate on your body is simply delicious.

Enjoy the soothing effects of chocolate therapy on your body and mind. Chocolate and products infused in chocolate are a popular choice for body massages, pedicures, manicures, facials, and hair removal.

This popular spa treatment is one the most exclusive and luxurious of all wellness programs.

  • Crystal healing

Crystals and precious and semi-precious gemstones can help you achieve inner balance and reduce stress.

Even though crystal use has been practiced for centuries, celebrities like Kate Hudson and Victoria Beckham are now speaking out about it.

Crystals and gemstones are not only beneficial for mental well-being, but also provide tranquility and healing energies. They can be used to align different aspects of your life. Applying pressure points with crystals and receiving a deep massage can help relieve stress and reduce joint pains.

Different types of crystals play different roles. Rose quartz, for example, promotes self-love and benevolence. Lapis Lazuli, on the other hand, is helpful in understanding yourself and feeling free.

Crystal healing is a holistic approach to mental and physical well-being that can be used by those who are looking for a holistic approach to their health and wellbeing.

  • Acupuncture

The roots of this therapy can be traced back to ancient Chinese medicine. A medical alternative, acupuncture is a method of treating cranial pain and wounds with thin needles.

Acupuncture specialists examine the area and place tiny needles in the skin. The number depends on how severe the pain is and what body part it is. The body will respond to these pricked needles by triggering its immune system.

Many people suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, and migraine have found the wellness treatment to be beneficial.

It is advisable to speak with a licensed practitioner before you decide to try this treatment.