7 Tips to Make Your Old Scars Less Visible

7 Tips to Make Your Old Scars Less Visible

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Nearly everyone has a scar that they wish could disappear forever. Sometimes people don’t want to hear the stories that scars tell. Scars can result from injuries, surgery, or rashes. If you have a scar that is very visible, read on to learn more about your options.

What is Scar Tissue?

The body attempts to repair damage caused by skin injuries. The appearance of the areas that are being repaired changes from normal skin as new cells grow. The areas that have been repaired will appear thicker and more glossy. The tissue could also be a different colour.

Without treatment by the cosmetologist, scar tissue can be difficult to remove. There are a few methods that can help you fade scar tissue and make them less visible. This guide provides detailed information about the available options.

Top Tips to Make Older Scars Less Noticeable

There are many options to improve scar tissue appearance. Individuals should be familiar with the top seven options to help them choose the best one for their scar requirements.

  1. Scars that are too large or thick often require surgical revision. This procedure removes scarring and rejoins the skin. The rejoining will leave a small scar, but it will be smaller and less prominent than the scar previously left.
  2. Scarring can be reduced by laser treatments. High-energy light pulses are delivered to the skin. Different types of scar tissue can be treated with different lasers.
  3. The appearance of scar tissue can also be reduced by using dermabrasion. To remove the skin’s top layers, a surgeon can use a dermabrasion tool. Dermabrasion smoothens the skin and makes scarring less visible.
  4. For sunken scars, tissue fillers can be used. Tissue filler is injected into scarred areas to plump up sunken scars and make them less obvious.
  5. For smaller scars, punch grafts can be very beneficial. The punch tool is used to remove a small amount of scar tissue. The surgeon replaces the damaged tissue with healthy skin. The graft grows with the skin and becomes seamless.
  6. Some scars can be removed with chemical peels. The chemical peels can be used to dissolve the skin’s upper layers so that new skin can grow. This treatment can often reduce minor scarring. Although it doesn’t offer the same results as scar revision surgery, there are some benefits.
  7. Another procedure that promises to remove certain scarring is cryosurgery. The treatment freezes the top layers of the skin. Similar to other treatments, the new skin will replace the damaged tissue. This makes the scar less visible.
What is the best option for scarring?

Although scarring is difficult to erase, it can be fading. A consultation with a plastic surgeon will help an individual determine if surgery is possible. Cosmetic surgery can remove scar tissue from the skin and make it beautiful. Individuals need to be realistic about their expectations. The surgeon will inform their patients about the expected outcomes of the procedure. The scars will gradually fade as the surgery site heals.