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Many women believe, or maybe they hope, that once their style is found and they put the effort into creating their capsule wardrobe, they will be satisfied with it for all their life. We were drawn to the curated simplicity of a capsule wardrobe because it was so easy and timeless. Although most of the work can be done once your capsule wardrobe is assembled, each season will require some review to determine what is still working and what needs to go.

Your style can change over the years. I was able to identify my preferred styles for quite some time. My personal billboard suddenly felt different. My style has changed over the past year. This is because I have grown as a person and am now searching for the best me. They have been asking for my attention in all aspects as I heal and discover hidden parts of me that I had not felt comfortable revealing for most of the rest of my life. It began with my thoughts, then it moved to my behaviors, and now it is in my style.

I tried to ignore the changes but I finally accepted them. I am slowly incorporating new elements into my wardrobe and removing old pieces that I no longer love. Guess what? It’s normal. We all experience this at one time or another as we grow, change, and develop. We all experience changes in our lives and situations. The perfect thing is no longer the best. Many of you found me because you were going through a life change or major crisis. This is a great opportunity to share your experience with me.

These are my top 8 tips to help you update your capsule wardrobe from year to year, whether you have an existing capsule closet or are creating it for the first-time. You’ll need to update your capsule wardrobe season to season in order to keep it current, stylish, and pristine. You’ll probably want to keep the majority of your last year’s pieces but you can swap out some pieces for new pieces that will bring last year’s classic wardrobe into the present.


For classic-style women, capsule wardrobes are the perfect choice. These capsule wardrobes are a carefully curated selection of quality, beautiful pieces that can be combined perfectly. Simplicity at its best.

My wardrobe is mostly made up of timeless pieces. Classic-style women prefer clothes that are stylish, flattering and fashionable, instead of trendy clothes that get old after a few seasons. Although I love to add my personal style to my wardrobe, I prefer timeless and classic clothing for the majority.

Your wardrobe’s foundation is built on your basics. Make sure you ask yourself whether you have all the essentials you need, regardless of where you are transitioning to a new phase of your life. No matter what stage of your life your wardrobe is in, it is important to ensure that you have everything you need.


Examine each item to determine if it is still in great shape. Are the items wrinkled, pilling or stretched? It’s amazing how many times I have pulled out clothes from last year only to discover that someone had shortened them! Maybe I indulged more than I thought during the holidays. Sometimes, I realize that what fit like gloves last year is more like a sausage casing.

Even the most high-quality items eventually become worn out. Last winter, I had to give up a favorite sweater. It had rubbed my jeans and left a small hole at the hem. I was able to find a similar color replacement and grabbed it!

Are you still in love with every item? You may find that the items you once loved are no longer appropriate for your tastes. My capsule wardrobe is not always the most current. While it is mostly classic, I incorporate modern trends and details into it because they are my own. Is it still a favorite top from two years ago that you loved so much? If you do, keep it! It should not feel dated. Your wardrobe should be a collection that you enjoy wearing and that reflects your style. It’s possible that what you loved last year may not be as appealing this year. That’s OK!

You must get rid of everything you don’t love

They are there, I’m sure. These are the sad clothes you have in your closet, unworn, and unloved. Some of these clothes still have their tags after all these years. Some were impulse purchases. Others were clearance rack bargains that were too good not to grab. These could have been gifts. There are also the items that you admire on someone else but don’t suit you.

You might see them occasionally leaving the hanger to give it a try, then quickly take them off. You don’t like something about them. I don’t know what it is. You could blame the color, style, or fit. But there’s something wrong with them. It is time to let go. Don’t hold on to the musts. If you keep them because you feel you should, you have my permission to give up. They are not going to be worn. It is hard to let go of your clothes, but it can be so liberating when you do.

Make a list

I don’t know if you are like me, but I find that I end up with a lot of ice cream and a large bill at the grocery store, not many meals, when I leave without a shopping list. The same applies to clothes shopping. Once you have decided what will stay and what will go, you can start to make a list of all the other items you need to complete your capsule wardrobe. These are my top capsule wardrobe essentials that every woman should have.


Next, go shopping for the rest of your clothes. You never know what you might find! You might find something that you used for your winter capsule will be suitable for your fall capsule. Maybe you are looking for a new color. You’ll be surprised at how many clothes you find that you haven’t even thought of! It’s possible to find new ways to use them in your wardrobe. My tops are more versatile from spring to autumn, while my bottoms can cross from winter to spring much more easily. Layering could bring out even more crossover.

You might be surprised at the things you already own when you shop your closet outside of the seasons.


You don’t want to have to replace every piece of your capsule wardrobe year after year. Instead, look for timeless, classic, and high-quality foundational items that you truly love. They’ll be worth it. You should look for durable, long-lasting pieces if you have to replace a valuable piece of clothing such as a coat or great jeans. It’s more expensive to buy a $50 coat every year than a $200 coat that is timeless and long-lasting. It will last for a lifetime.

Shoes, bags, and outerwear are my top choices when shopping. These items are of high quality and elevate every outfit. These items are also made from more durable materials so they last longer. No matter how good the quality of clothing, they are more likely than others to become brittle or fade over time. A great pair of jeans is the only clothing item worth spending money on. Worth. Every. Penny.

I tend to spend less on trendy items. They are only good for a few seasons, then they become outdated.


Look at trendier pieces as what they are. Be open to the possibility that they will only be fashionable for a short time and budget accordingly. Online shopping is a great way to find deals. You can find trendy pieces at a lower price, such as a necklace or tshirt, rather than a coat and a designer bag. Visit your local thrift shop (some women from the Stunning Style Society swear to that!). I thrift online and love that I can find exactly what I need on Poshmark and Ebay at a fraction of the retail price.

It’s all about the details when it comes to updating your classic wardrobe. A classic shirt dress can be paired with trendy shoes to make it look as if you’ve just walked out of a magazine. A simple update can make a classic outfit look modern.


If we make the same shopping mistakes again and again, they will be our mistakes. You can identify what you don’t like about each item and avoid spending money on items with the same characteristics. Although a capsule wardrobe does not mean that all of your purchases will be perfect, it can make it easier to identify where you made mistakes from year to year. A seasonal review can help you to refine your style. Here are my closet purges, and the reasons I got rid of certain pieces.

Your capsule wardrobe doesn’t need to be updated every year. You can keep your capsule wardrobe fresh by sticking to your classic style and shopping your closet for quality pieces. Also, look out for bargains on trendy pieces to help you save money. (And you won’t even go broke doing it!)