8 Top Swimwear Trends for Men

8 Top Swimwear Trends for Men

15.08.2022 Off By manager_1

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Trends are everywhere, whether you like it or not. They aren’t even safe underwater. Fashion changes from year to year in the pool just like it does on dry ground. If you don’t want to be seen in your last season’s shorts then now is the best time to learn about the hottest swimwear trends for the year.

You’ll see key themes emerge at any beach or pool this summer. The trend is northwards in hemlines, bolder colours, and more eye-catching prints are taking over the world’s beaches and pools.

You should get rid of the budgie smugglers. These are the only swimwear trends that you need to know right now.

Short shorts

Why are the shorts so long? It makes sense to let your pins breathe when the sun shines. This is just one reason why knee-grazing boards shorts are out, and inseams of five inches or less are in.

Shorter shorts are better for your skin, more comfortable, and superior to keeping cool. Be careful not to be too short. A beautiful look is a beautifully bronzed thighs. Not accidental public indecency.

Flower Power

Floral patterns? Swimwear: Keep it on the front page! Although it may not be newsworthy, flowery patterns are still big and popular. There are many eye-catching options.

For those looking for something more subtle, there are plenty of dark-floral options available. For something more affordable, check out Vilebrequin or Jacquemus.

Beach To Bar

The first time that tailored swim shorts were created, they changed the game and are still very much in fashion today. People have spent the majority of the past two years sitting in joggers or baggy T-shirts. It’s no surprise that many people are now hesitant to wear them.

Although there are many brands that champion this style, Orlebar Brown is the best. You have many options for floral choices if you want two birds with one, but it is best to stick to a single block colour to maximize beach-to-bar potential.

Jazz it up

This summer, swimwear is dominated by intricate, jazzy, and abstract patterns. All-over prints are great for bringing colour and vibrancy to your holiday wardrobe. This is the perfect time to experiment with patterns if you are shy. Swim shorts are one rare garment that can be worn with almost any style.

Stripes? Sure. Are polka dots possible? Definitely. All-over palm-tree print? Why not?

Bold and Bright

We think that understated swim pants are a waste of time. That’s why we fully support the current trend toward bolder and brighter colors. This year’s swimwear trend is punchy block colours. Summery shades of orange and yellow are two of the most in-demand.

This trend requires that you pay attention to your skin tone. You don’t want bright colours to wash out pale complexions. Before you decide to go for it, check your skin tone and find the right shades.

Retro Runners

Menswear has been seeing a revival in seventies silhouettes, such as flared jeans and cardigans, as well as roll necks and cardigans. The 1970s revival is not only resurfacing at the poolside but also in the swimwear industry. Side stripes are a good idea. You get bonus points for using contrast piping.

Geometric Patterns

You are looking for something different than the standard floral and tropical prints? The latest crop of swim briefs features mind-bending, all over geometric prints.

Frescobol Carioca brands like Vilebrequin and Lacoste, as well as Valentino, have great options for this season.

It’s better to have less than more

You don’t need to look great on the beach in shorts with bizarre and wonderful patterns. For guys who prefer to keep it simple, a stripped-back swimsuit with minimal branding and subtle colours is still a great choice.

Patagonia’s Baggies swimming shorts are as iconic as they get. They have a comfortable cut and a simple look that looks great in the pool. To get the best use out of your Baggies, stick to versatile colours such as navy, black, and green.