8 French lingerie brands that you should know

8 French lingerie brands that you should know

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To help you achieve effortless style, we’ve compiled a list of the top French lingerie brands. They are both comfortable and chic. Great foundations are the key to great outfits.

It is no secret that French women are fashion-conscious. People are trying to achieve that effortless chic look by dressing in ‘French girl fashion’. It’s mostly due to them buying the best French clothing brands. However, it all comes down to the pieces they choose to invest in. French style is a master of the capsule wardrobe. They only choose top-quality pieces that will last. From the finest blazers to the most luxurious cashmere sweaters. High-quality cuts and luxurious fabrications are the key to their lingerie.

France is well-known for its luxury lingerie industry. Many brands launched in the 1950s and 1960s, making their mark in corsets. These same brands have created everything from the finest bras in silk and lacing to the most luxurious underwear and shapewear. No matter what bra style you are looking for, the top French lingerie brands will have a piece you want to grab right away. There are many styles to choose from, including the most popular push-up bras and bralettes. Although lingerie can be costly, it is worth investing in the right fit. It will make your clothes more comfortable and fit better.



You are looking for lingerie that has a premium feel? Aubade was established in Paris in 1958. Since then, it has created its most popular bra styles and started lingerie trends that will never go out-of-style. Each bra must have at least 24 pieces in order to be made. You can be sure that you are in the best hands and that your fit will be perfect.


Chantelle is part of Groupe Chantelle, a company that was founded in 1876. It started out making corsets. Later, it expanded into lingerie, including briefs and bras. The French lingerie brand is now a favorite for everyday underwear that fits like an angel. The brand is also available in an A-I size, so it’s a great option for plus-size women.


This French lingerie brand is perfect for those who want something simple, but still special. The swimwear brand was founded by Irene Leroux in 1968. The swimwear brand was able to offer swimwear for all seasons. Chanel bought the label in 1996. The brand retains its luxurious feel, with the black swimsuit being the most popular. It also offers activewear and lingerie. All bras and briefs can be worn without fuss and are timeless, making them ideal for minimalists.


The ready-to wear brand was founded in 1916 and began as corsets. Later, it expanded into clothing and lingerie. The brand is well-known for its extensive range of lingerie, including some of the most durable styles. It also has the best period pants.


Simone Perele, a corset designer, founded the label in 1948. The brand is known for creating beautiful lingerie that is carefully selected. The brand’s aesthetic is all about finding the perfect bras that make you feel and look great.

6. YSE

Yse began its journey in 2012 and bridges the gap between luxury French lingerie brands and direct-to-market brands. Although Yse is not the most inclusive brand in terms of size, it creates beautiful styles that fit up to 16-inch women.


Maison Lejaby has been creating high-quality lingerie for over 30 years, using its knowledge of corsetry and lingerie. Maison Lejaby combines Parisian elegance and a bold, modern aesthetic to create lingerie that you will love for everyday wear and special occasions.


Chantal Thomass has been designing lingerie since 1970. She is well-known for her daring, sometimes risque and burlesque-inspiring designs. The current collection is inspired by Chantal Thomass’s experience as a fashion designer. It has sexy, but carefully cut details that reflect the fashion trends of 2022.