9 Tips to Make Expensive Looks + What to Avoid

9 Tips to Make Expensive Looks + What to Avoid

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You can still look stylish and expensive without owning Chanel, Gucci, or Yves Saint Laurent. These brands make excellent classic pieces and are great investments. However, there are many other ways to look expensive without having to spend a lot of money. These simple tips will make it seem like you spent a lot of money on your outfit.

9 Tips to Make Your Look More Expensive

1. Wear a long coat

The easiest way to achieve a luxurious look is to add a long coat to your ensemble. Each coat has its place, but if you want to appear expensive, choose a long coat instead of a shorter and puffy coat.

Although a longer coat is better, ideally it should reach your knees. Quality is key when shopping for coats. Spend more on wool fabric and similar items if you can. Sometimes, a coat is all that someone sees. This could be your first impression.

If you don’t have the funds for an investment piece and are looking to buy fast fashion, consider a camel or neutral coat. Even if it costs less, it will instantly enhance your outfit and make it look more luxurious and elegant.

Attention to details on the coat is also important. It doesn’t take much to look great and you don’t necessarily need to have many buttons. However, quality buttons and a simple tie or drape can make a coat stand out.

2. Wear tailored pieces

You will look polished and well-fitted if everything fits you. Even if your corporate wardrobe doesn’t include tailored pantsuits and white button downs, a white button-down or blazer can be worn almost anywhere.

Coco Chanel is well-known for her tailored tweed jackets. Coco Chanel’s clothing designs are a great example of how to look rich. Are you a fan of quilted bags and pearls? Yes, please!

A blazer won’t steer you wrong, and it looks great with skinny jeans, a little-black dress or a simple white tee.

These tailored pieces can be found in neutral colors if possible. They are a great way to make your whole look seem designer, even if you purchased everything at H&M.

3. Purchase a structured bag

Let me tell you some styling secrets. A classic, well-structured bag is a must for every stylish outfit. This bag can elevate your look in a simple way.

Avoid slouchy backpacks and slouchy bags if you want to appear expensive. Focus on black handbags that have minimal hardware. Your bag and your entire outfit can look sloppy if you have too much hardware. The most expensive bags are minimalist in terms of color, style and design, even the very costly ones. The luxurious material and the structured shape are the main focus!

4. Pointy shoes are best

It is amazing how a simple change from a pointed shoe to a rounded one can make a whole outfit different. This is the next level. Pointy toes are a sign of business acumen and add a touch of class to any outfit.

Pointed toe shoes will allow you to go further, literally and metaphorically. Your shoes should be comfortable, but that is assuming they are. Your choice of footwear is one of the first things people will notice about you. Even if your shoes don’t have high heels, you should pay attention to how they feel. Are they well-made? Are they in harmony with your outfit? Are they too expensive and falling apart?

It is worth noting that pointed toes can be worn without heels. This style is available in many flats. This style is great for those who aren’t confident with their heel walking, need something more comfortable or don’t want to wear heels every day.

5. It can be tucked in

Tucking your top in will add structure to your outfit. You can add a belt to your white shirt. You can make your shirt look even more polished with a belt, but you shouldn’t do too much. It is best to choose something simple and elegant, in leather or leather-looking.

We want to appear expensive but we should minimize the impact of statement pieces and stick with classic looks. The same goes for your color scheme! Even if your tee is simple and in a neutral hue, it can still look chic when tucked into your trousers.

6. Accessorize with stylish jewelry

When dressing up high-end, accessories are essential. Avoid costume jewelry and plastic jewels, and focus instead on classic pieces like a watch, pearl earrings or simple hoops. Gold jewelry instantly makes you feel luxurious and expensive. It doesn’t have to look fake or plastic.

A silk scarf can be used as jewelry. It can be tied around your neck, hair, and purse to create an elegant look that will complement your entire outfit.

7. Put on sunglasses

You can make your entire outfit more attractive by adding sunglasses to it. You’ll feel confident shading your eyes with this simple but important piece.

To look rich and expensive, a black frame in a classic style is a good choice. You can wear sunglasses that look good on the beach, but they won’t elevate your entire outfit.

8. Do not forget about skincare and beauty

Are you ready to book a appointment at the nail salon. Remember that your skin is your canvas, and every detail will affect the final result. If your nails are cracked or your hair is damaged, it’s difficult to make an outfit work.

It doesn’t mean that you should not love yourself as you are. Nor does it mean that you need to look flawless. It’s never wrong to have a bold, tasteful red lip!

9. Keep it simple

They’re elegant and simple, but they don’t look boring. You don’t have to be boring!

Exaggerated styles, bold colors and exaggerated designs are fine. However, you can feel confident that simple will create the look you want. The French are a great source of inspiration. They have a reputation for wearing timeless, classic pieces in muted colors and look elegant.

What to avoid

1. It is obvious that pieces with holes, stains or rips won’t make you appear more expensive. Instead, they will make your outfit look careless and forgetful. Or worse, tacky!

Before you leave the house, make sure to check your outfit in a full-length mirror. Check for missing buttons, loose threads, pilling, or deodorant marks.

2. Avoid non-classic prints. Stripes, dots and leopard print are fine. However, prints like Aztec, some florals and chevron will be in decline. When it comes to printed items, you should also be careful about quality. A cheap fabric may cause florals to stretch. This is a sign that the item is not of high quality and won’t look great.

3. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t fit, especially if it is too small. It is obvious when something doesn’t fit right. It’s almost as if you don’t know your body! Be aware of bra straps and visible pantylines.

Maybe you don’t have the money or you are at a point in your life when you can afford only cheap clothes. Although I value quality, it is important to remember that there are simple tips and tricks that can help you look like the fashionable women you admire.

Even if your clothes are old, you can still use these tips to make it appear like you spent a lot on your outfit. You can make some tweaks and still look confident.